When should I announce my pregnancy?

I was wondering how soon I should announce my pregnancy to the rest of my family and friends? This is my first pregnancy, and I’m really scared. I’m not sure if the baby is okay because I haven’t been to the doctor yet, I got it at the end of this month, but I really wanted to know if I could announce it now and wait until I get pics so say anything else?


I was told tell your news when you are 12 weeks along.

I personally waited until my first ultrasound with the exception of a few people who I told earlier. But some of my friends did it when they had a positive test. Just depends on You really


But I’d wait at least til you go to the MD to find out how far along you are.

I’d wait until your 12 weeks to tell your family. Then wait a little bit longer and announce it to friends or facebook.


Congrats :smiley: I would Wait until you have your first scan, and appointment to make sure everything is okay with baby, and then tell close friends and family.


I waited until I was at or after 12weeks w both of mine as the risk of miscarriage drops significantly at that point

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I’ve always heard right after first trimester also

Announce whenever you feel like!! A lot of people wait until 12 weeks but you can tell whoever, whenever. Congratulations


Basic rule of thumb I have heard and I adhered too was not until after the 1st trimester. The chance of something happening is higher in the first trimester and the fewer people you tell the fewer people who need to know if the worst happens.

Now that being said both my pregnancies I told obviously my partner and my closest closest inner circle who I knew would support me most if the worst happened (and who I knew could keep their secrets)

Then we announced big once we were in the clear.

Ultimately it comes down to what you feel most comfortable with!

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I waited until different times with our kids during the 2nd trimester. However you can announce whenever you are comfortable doing so.

First congratulations! Second. Tell who you want when you want. I’ve lost 3 and always told people right away. It was easier when we did loss baby ( mine were second trimester) because you have a support system.

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We didn’t announce past imediate family n close friends n our jobs knew but they were all sworn to secrecy. My family did great his mom was a loud mouth about it as usual. N for that she gets the grey rock treatment.

But I would say say something when you feel ready everyone is different

With our first we waited until the 1st trimester was over. With our second (we struggled with fertility) I realized I didnt want to walk the journey alone, no matter what happened, good or bad, so we announced a few weeks after finding out. We will just update with ultrasounds as we get them.


I was always told to tell your news after 8 weeks. But it is all up to what you want to do. I would wait until at least your first app. Or once you have an ultrasound

For my first two pregnancies I waited until my first ultrasounds but with my 3rd I waited until my 2nd ultrasound at 13 weeks because I’ve had a harder time keeping my previous and current pregnancy. Whenever it feels right for you though, what I’ve learned from pregnancy is there’s no safe time. Just enjoy it! Congratulations :tada:

I waited until I was 3 months because the chance of miscarriage is a lot lower then. At that point we told our immediately family and 4 months we told everyone else


I told when I peed on the stick and it said I was pregnant.

Totally a person decision!! Some said wait until 12 weeks…I never did…I’ve had 3 mc and would and will still tell early. But that’s my personal opinion. For me I would hate (and did hate the 1 time I didn’t say anything early)to go through mc alone. For me I want people to know my happy news, but also not feel alone if I have sad news. You do whatever makes you most comfortable

Depending who. With both of my pregnancies I told my husband,mom, and closet friend because I have bad anxiety and overthink everything. They helped me through it all. Told everyone else halfway through my second trimester

Whenever it feels right to you! I called close family and friends the night I had my first positive test with both of my pregnancies. We waited for a public announcement until artery the 1st trimester with my first, but told everyone as soon as the doctor confirmed it with my second. It’s personal preference.

I never really officially announced anything, we told family as soon as we found out and then from there I kinda just started talking/ posting about pregnancy related things lol

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I waited until i was 14 weeks.

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Personally i would tell my mom and MIL and probably my siblings bur wait for everyone else

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After the first trimester, so around 13/14 weeks

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I’d say 24 weeks, that’s when the baby is viable

I told my immediate family at 10 weeks when I first heard her heartbeat and then I told my friends and everyone else after my first ultrasound when my doctor said everything looked great, but it’s really up to you when you feel comfortable with it.

Immediate family always knew pretty much right away and my best friends of course lol. But others I always waited till 13 weeks and update with ultrasound pics.

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I told my immediate family right away everyone else I told at 12 weeks

I just always waited til after the 1st trimester
Definitely do what feels best for you

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I waited to tell my family until after my first drs visit and announced it to everyone else after 12 weeks.

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With my first, I announced literally almost right away. I was only about 6 weeks, but I was so thrilled, I couldn’t hold it in. With my second, I announced just about the same time. I’m expecting my third now, and I waited until last week (week 10) because I wanted to confirm viability with ultrasound. The other two I saw at 6 weeks, but my doctor couldn’t get me in this time until week 10.

I waited until 12 weeks to announce. The only people who knew beforehand were my husband and our immediate family

I would at least wait until you go to the doctor!

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We waited til 2nd trimester

Once u reach 12-14 weeks

Announce your pregnancy when you’re ready to announce it. Be that the day you find out or the day it’s born or any day in-between. Don’t let anyone tell you right or wrong. It’s your news.


It is totally up to you, but just so you know it is absolutely crushing to have to explain over and over again to everyone that you’ve had miscarriage. It is absolutely excruciating. Because anyone and everyone will hear that you are expecting and people will ask you about your pregnancy for months.

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I told one person very close to me just so i could have someone to talk to. My mom knew first with all 4 of my babies. This is an enjoyable time in your life. Don’t be scared. Normally you don’t see an ob till you are at least 8 weeks. My advice tell someone you are close to and trust so you can have someone to lean on. Best wishes and congratulations mama to be!!!

I was told to wait until 12 weeks before announcing anything just to be on the safe side. I told family and close friends at 8 weeks (couldn’t wait any longer) and announced it on Facebook at 12 weeks

My husband was a bit impatient with our first we told early and then at our 12 week we found out we lost baby. It helped having a support system. Second pregnancy we told a few people until we passed the 12 week mark.

I’d wait until 3months because you’re still in the danger zone. It’s hard enough to go through losing a baby, but to have everyone know is so much worse.


I waited until after my first trimester and then told everyone

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I always waited until 12 weeks…

Wait until the second trimester at least

I waited till I was further along with my daughter cause I kinda felt the same. Once I was 4 months I told more people. It’s up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

With our first we told parents and sibling when we found out took us 7 years of trying with our second and third we did the same both ended in a loss our forth and fifth we told parents then waited a little to tell sibling but didn’t announce any to anyone else until 12 weeks except our losses we never made it to have been able to announce


I told my mum and the father everyone else found out when his photo appeared in the paper

I told everyone early on. I regret it because honestly people with pregnancy are so ANNOYING. I ate a candy bar & some one was like “thats bad for the baby” anytime I did anything everyone had to say something. It irritated me to no ends. Its personally up to you but with my experience next time im waiting til I can no longer hide it. My partner is the only one I care about knowing.

If I could do it all over again? I’d wait at least 12 weeks or I’d wait until I knew the gender.

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We waited until our first trimester was over.

A lot of people wait until the second trimester BUT, if you miscarry you could have a great support system if you tell them early on your expecting. It’s up to you when you tell them. It’s your pregnancy, no one else’s.

This is totally up to you. There is no law. We told both our parents immediately. But we waited for the public announcement until later on, its hard enough losing a child let alone having to explain it to the world.
But 8 weeks after I announced (20 weeks) I ended up with major complications and could have lost my daughter any moment after that anyways. Surgery strict bedrest the whole nine. Every day was touch and go. So there really isn’t a safe zone with pregnancy I’ve learned.
If I were to have another, im not sure I would announce at all.
It was added stress for me trying to address questions I didnt have the answers to, and dealing with not only my worry but every one else’s.
However pregnancy is usually so exciting, and I understand that my situation doesn’t commonly apply to others. And I wouldn’t blame a soul for announcing at any point.

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I announced at 15 weeks. On Christmas. I wanted to wait until 12 weeks though to make sure I didn’t have a miscarriage.

I told my mom as soon as I found out, but waited to post on social media until 12 weeks, that’s when the greatest risk for miscarriage is passed. It can still happen, but way less of a chance.

I waited till 2nd trimester

Mine was leaked and I was upset. I was going to wait until I hit my 13 week mark since that is the second trimester and your chances of a miscarriage go down.

Every baby deserves to be celebrated and known even those who don’t make it past the first trimester. Plus it’s good to have support if something does happen, going through a miscarriage while no one knows would be incredibly difficult in my opinion. I was glad I had the support when I went through mine. With my current pregnancy we announced to our parents around 6 weeks and everyone else after our 8 week ultrasound.

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You can tell whenever you want

Do it whenever you want to. I announced as soon as I got two positive results. I was 4 weeks along.

A lot of people wait until the second trimester because your risk of miscarriage goes down substantially after 12 weeks, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait. Do what feels right for you.

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First time I told everyone right away. Was so excited. Pregnant with twins. To miscarry a couple weeks later. Then had to face everyone asking how it was going. Experience taught me to wait. May you have a safe and happy pregnancy.

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Your call, there is no right or wrong but we waited until we hit 2nd trimester :relaxed:

I told close family as soon as I found out by positive pregnancy test. I waited to make it Facebook official one I got to the 12 week mark

Maybe at the end of your first semester. That way your about of of the high risk zone and it would be less stressful. Enjoy, and Congratulations!!

Id wait until first trimester is over but I waited until about 16-18 weeks to tell anyone

I announced mine at like 8-10 weeks. I won’t announced the next one until I know what the baby is

Confirm with the doctor first cas sometime home pregnancy test can gives U false , then after it would be yo choice to tell .but , I told mine family after 3 months and when I was from the doctor to confirm via the heartbeat .which excited me even now

With my first pregnancy I found out when I was 5 weeks, I told my mum, dad and my siblings and my partner told his mum and dad. Then we told everyone else when we had scan pics x

Do what feels right! It’s your life n your baby! :heart: congrats!

I didn’t until I had my first ultra sound. I told my best friend before then though. But i was considered high risk so I wanted to make sure the first trimester went well

I always waited till I was at least 12 weeks. If there was no problems then I announced it.

Announce whenever you want, really!

We personally waited til the 2nd trimester just because my family has a bad history with pregnancy so we wanted to be safe, and the likelihood of miscarriage goes down drastically by that point. Not deal with the “condolences” while mourning if something did happen. But, that’s just us personally.

Make sure you’re BOTH on board though before announcing, if the father is part of things. That can cause a lot of trouble if you announce before he is ready/vice versa, and they’re his child too, he should definitely be a part of the announcement :slight_smile:

My Dad realized a week after conception(!?). I had to tell work at nine weeks because I had to have a scan due to spotting, and the gym. Otherwise only husband until 12 weeks. (I got back from holiday to find my line manager had told everyone at 12 weeks!)

Go to the doctor first. Then announce. :slightly_smiling_face:

I told a few close family and friends that I could trust but my husband and I waited to make sure that everything went smoothly. We didnt want to announce it early and end up having a miscarriage then re telling people the news.

Id wait till the second trimester