When should I be concerned about my childs temperature?

Should I be concerned if my 4 year old has a temperature of 100? It has vary from 99.6 to 100 all day. He is getting over a cold, his temperature has been fine all weekend.


If he’s acting fine dont worry about it. I usually alternate meds when it goes over 102 and they are super tired and whiney. If it lasts longer than 2 days then trip to doctor cuz they prob have an infection of some sort.


give meds at 100 and over if stays over 100 get dr. watch so there is no convulsions and if have still dr.

No they say unless it’s at like 101-102 to just use fever reducer and Luke warm bath.

No 100 is a good thing, its the bodies defense. Let the fever ride with OUT dosing medicine. Q fever is the body way of telling you something is wrong and yet the immune system kicks in
…if the temp reaches closer to 102 to 103 then its time to call a doctor.
My opinion let the body do its job before intervention


See I have had a son go from absolutely normal to low fever to high fever in under 3 hours. So I gave him Tylenol to try and break the fever of 101 but when I gave him Motrin because it wasn’t breaking 3 hours later, he puked it up and had a febrile seizure because within that three hours he went from 101-103. Turns out even though we took him to urgent care twice he had pneumonia.

Getting over being sick and then developing a fever could mean that it caused an infection (ear or something else). Id probably get it checked.

You don’t worry about the temperature, but you worry about the way your childs acting

Usually anything under 101 is good the body is fighting off the infection.