When should I feel baby move?

I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant today and its my 3rd baby and I have yet to feel any movement but like rolling feeling every so often when did you feel movements?


I didn’t feel movement until 19 weeks

I’m pregnant with #3 and just now feeling strong kicks at 19 weeks. Which is crazy considering it’s #3. Lol.

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I’m 17 weeks with my 3rd right now and that’s the same for me! Sometimes I can feel little flutters but nothing really pronounced.

I’m pregnant with #3 and I didn’t feel movements until like 20-22 wks! Now all he does is move :heart:

I actually felt a little bit of movement around 16 weeks.

They don’t get concerned until 24 weeks. I wouldn’t worry if the doctors aren’t. I felt my daughter around 20 weeks. My son I felt much earlier… about 14 weeks for something that was definitely not gas. Lol.

I’m 25 weeks with my 3rd and I didn’t really feel movement until about 19-20 weeks but now it’s all day :heart:

21 weeks with my first

5 months with both of my boys.

First baby and I’m 28w pregnant right now & I first felt bby at 18 weeks

Just about 17 weeks with my 5th. I’ve been feeling movement (like the rolling feeling you refer to, I call them somersaults) for a good 4 weeks, but felt the first actual kick last week.

Have you heard the heart beat ?

Around 15 weeks, but went straight to rolling around. Ni little butterflies or anything this time

I’m almost 18 weeks and I can feel little movements

If you have questions see your dr

My daughter is 22 weeks Nd she’s just now feeling her baby girl

18 ish weeks with first and closer to 20+ weeks with second because I had an anterior placenta.

Im.pregnant with my 3rd and didnt start feeling til around 20 weeks.

I felt no movement until 26 weeks

I had a hard time really feeling my second until like 22 weeks. She ended up being breech

I was about 16 weeks with my second when I started feeling quickening. Is your placenta in the front? That could also be a reason why you don’t feel movements as strongly. I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow and feeling strong movements and some kicks for the last couple weeks.

My first I felt movement or little flutters around 16 weeks, with my second I didnt feel movements until 19 to 20 weeks

I’d give it til 24 wks

I’m 36 weeks with my third and didn’t feel much of anything until about 22 weeks. Now he hardly stops.

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Two pregnancies never felt them move other than the odd sweeping motion. I guess the moved when i was asleep. Lol very healthy babies

It should happen soon. Don’t worry.

I’m pregnant too with my 3rd this monkey just started moving at like 18-19 weeks

My daughter is 25 weeks with her first and felt movement around 17-18 weeks. She saud it was like a flutter.

I didn’t feel my 3rd baby until 21 weeks. It all depends on position of baby and placenta and how big baby is to.

18 weeks with my 2nd.

With my 1st I didn’t feel him move til around 20 weeks and we found out my placenta was on top so it was absorbing all the movement but with my 2nd and 3rd I was about 15 weeks I wanna say when I could start to feel the flutters

3 rd and around 18 weeks

With my first, it was the day I turned 5 months pregnant. With my second, it was about a full month sooner than that.

With my first it wasnt until about 20 weeks, with my second i started feeling him around 13. But they have really became more noticable and more often around 18 weeks.

I’m almost seven months pregnant with a baby girl and I’m just starting to feel her kick.