When should I have my baby shower?

When is a good time to have your baby shower?


I’m having mine a month before my due date.

I’m due May 21st and I had my baby shower March 23rd.

I read somewhere about 6 weeks before your due date is the sweet spot.

4-8 weeks before you’re due just in case baby comes early :slight_smile:

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A month for most people but to be safe maybe a month and a half before if you’re worried about baby coming early

Im having mine a month before my due date

Old wives tale - never before your 7th month.

I had mine 1 month to my due date

Id say about 2 months b4 your due date

I had mine 2 months before my due date.

I decided to have mine early because I was due in February and wanted to do it before people might have to travel in bad weather. I also wanted to do it before I was too uncomfortable so I had it in November when I was 28 weeks. Which worked out well as I got Bell’s palsy at 32 weeks and then my water broke at 35 weeks and 5 days lol.

I had mine 1 month before

I’m having mine on April 6th and my due date is May 27.

I’m due July 8th and I’m having mine May 5th.

I think I was around 30 u want time to buy things u don’t get and return things set up the nursery etc

Usually about a month before you’re due.

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I had mine in August. I was due in Jan. Im 100% glad i had it so early. Why? Because once October hit i was in and out of the hospital until he was born dec 8

Im having mine may 4 and my due date is may 26

i had mine early. i was due in mid Jan, had it beginning of october. its the only time i had to do it. 🤷🏼
really, its whenever is the best time for you.

I’m due at the end of july and having my shower in june

I say a month before you have the baby. That’s how we planned ours. Had it on February 3rd my due date being March 2nd enend uo having baby on Feb 22nd

I had mine in March, due in July. Most family felt it was too early and suggested we waited until June or early July to have. Really it’s up to what works best for you.

I did mine 1 month before my due date… just whenever. Not a specific time it has to been done just when you feel like it I guess

I had both mine when baby was 1 mo old :slightly_smiling_face:

I had mine the week before Thanksgiving I was due the end of January but had him in early January

I had mine about 30 weeks? I would say have it no later than like 37 weeks just in case

I’m due July 4 and having my baby shower April 14 but might have her in june

Mine was at 34 weeks. Still semi comfortable, enough time to still get anything needed and situated.

I’m due July 29th and mine is planned for May 18th. That way whatever I dont get, I still have time to purchase and organize, etc. Not to mention do all the wash and put everything away before I’m too pregnant to want to do anything.

I had mine at 24 weeks after I found out what I was having so I knew what all I would have to get still

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Not trying to scare you but I would do it around 7 months of pregnancy. You don’t want to deliver early and have nothing or wait to late.

I’m due in September I want my shower in July to have to get whatever else we need

I had mine when I was 7 months pregnant

We had mine about 1 month or 1.5 months before my due date

Most of the women in my family and friends circle all had them between weeks 32-36.

I had mine 3 weeks before my due date but since I gave birth so early baby was already born and he came to his own baby shower

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I had all of mine after they were born, sort of a meet and greet

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I had my first one about a month before I had Levi and this one is gonna be on sun and I’m due in July

End of pregnancy, but leave enough time to get anything you may need after the shower. 7 or 8 months.

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I had my yesterday and i am due in April

1-2 months before due date

I had mine when I was 38 weeks and my water broke during it. So. Don’t wait that long!

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I was 36 weeks when I had mine

6 weeks before due date, you look really pregnant but are not too uncomfortable yet!

I did it when I was 7 months. Mainly because I wanted halloween themed baby clothes. But I think that is a good time to have it anyway. You aren’t done enjoying pregnancy, but you’re far enough along that people will be excited to see the bump and do the bump themed games if you want to do those.

My son was 3 months old. But we had to. His dads side of the family lives 15 hours away.

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7 months was good for me.

I had mine a month before I had my baby, kinda day wanted it sooner so I would know what I needed ahead of time but I guess pretty close to birth is the norm.

I had mine 2 months before I gave birth.

7-8 months!! Because ones you have all of the new baby stuff you’re gonna wanna hold your little one so much more

I had mine about 2 months before my due date

I’ve always heard in your 8th month

I had mine at 28 weeks due to Christmas and everything being so close to my due date and I didn’t regret it at all bc I had lots of time to organize and set up :slight_smile:

29weeks then had my son 4 weeks after

Before the baby comes…lol had mine at 8 months prego

Probably in the mornings if they are tall enough to reach the knobs. Of course, always under adult supervision.


36 weeks. It was perfect for me

I read this and thought, why would someone be putting a baby in the shower?

Six weeks before due date!

I had mine a week before my baby was born :woman_shrugging: she came super early at 7 and 1/2 months

I had mine planned for me a couple weeks before my due date and I was so stressed out because I didnt want to buy everything until I had my baby shower but I was stressing because I didn’t have everything ready. I wished it would have been around 7 months before I got that stressed!

I had mine after the baby was born so everyone got to see the baby and leave me alone lol