When should I introduce cows milk?

Has anyone introduced cow’s milk prior to 12 months but over 9 months? Formula would still be used. Milk would just be added into the rotation


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When should I introduce cows milk?

Honestly I did this with all 3 of my boys. I did it to help them from one to the other without putting them in shock lol and so their stomachs didn’t hurt.

My pediatrician had me start a little bit of whole milk at 9 months old for 3 out of 4 of my kids. The only reason she had me wait until my youngest was 1 year was because she was a preemie

Nope. 12 months. There is a reason there are recommended ages for things :blush:


With my son, we were staying at a friend’s house and I ran out of formula so I had to go from a bottle of formula to a bottle of whole milk and he took it better than the formula. So I did the same thing with my daughter and she never had any problems either. They were both around 10 months.

I mixed formula with milk and my son was 11 months drinking milk no formula…but he was also a good eater …

I did half formula half milk between 10 and 11 month with all four of my kids

Around 11 months we started taking a bottle away and did milk and a small meal

I feel like formula would have more nutrients than just milk alone. Since it’s supposed to be consumed by itself. And milk is usually consumed with a meal.
But I have no idea.
Just my uneducated opinion.

Talk to the doc, but typically introducing cows milk before 12 months is a no. It can cause digestive problems later.

I started on powdered milk when only four months during six month checkup dr said she was doing so well I could put her on advanced formula. That is when I said she had been getting powdered milk