When should I move my 15 month old to a toddler bed?

When should you move your 15 month old to a toddler bed? What are the signs that they are ready?

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I moved each of my kids to a toddler bed when they were able to walk, climb up and down on the couch and they started standing up and jumping in their cribs. also one they are able to pretty much sleep through the night.

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When they start climbing out of their crib.


When they can get down safely :two_hearts:

When my kids started to climb out of their crib (even with it on its lowest mattress setting) I started the transition to a toddler bed.

Most crib safety guides suggest that the child should be 35" tall and that the top rail of the crib is level with the child’s nipples/armpits. If they haven’t maxed out in their height and they aren’t climbing out there’s no reason to move them.

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I take them out of the crib when they try to climb out. For my kids, it’s about 3 years old.

When they start climbing out of the crib the crib is useless at that point :rofl:

I moved my toddler to a floor bed at 18 months