When should I send my child to preschool?

My daughter just turned 3. I’m a stay at home mom, so she’s not really around other people or kid’s especially with COVID …so I was thinking of sending her to preschool in the fall for 3 yr olds…they do three days a week or five days a week full days (830-230)the school I want to send her to is Catholic n it’s expensive but if I wait until next year to send her at 4 yrs old …all 4 yr olds must go five days a week full day, so I want to send her this year to get used to school, or I could wait until next year when hopefully we’re more finically stable, and maybe COVID will be better…what do you guys think? I just worry if I wait until next year when is shes4 n starting off going five days a week will b harder than getting her used to it this year…any advice?


Maybe see if there are other preschool programs where you are located so that she can learn a routine and become used to the classroom setting. We only did one year of preschool for both of our children and they adjusted really well. Also, if she seems to be doing just fine with learning and understanding new material (like the alphabet, colors, shapes, etc.), she may be just fine with only one year of preschool. Best of luck with your decision!


I’m going to send my 3 year old this year to a local preschool and then in first grade a private school because for now they all do the same, coloring and playdough.

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I sent my daughter as well before school . If you can do it . It’s good for them especially after Covid . When I sent my daughter it was 3 years ago now . Really helps .

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St. Peter chanel offers 4s at 4 days or 5 days, my daughter is currently in the 4 day program.

I think preschool has helped acclimate my kids especially socially so I’m an advocate for preschool for sure


Kids here start real school by 3-4 years old. Not pre-school. And most do just fine with the 5 days a week. My oldest was 3 years old in JK.

We sent my daughter at 2. I’m a SAHM too so it purely for socialization. We have an older sibling so it think that made it easier… we started out at 2 half days and moved to 5 half days because she loved it. She kept asking to go on her days off so we transitioned. We kept her out this year because of covid and welcoming our third baby, every morning she asks to go to school and see her teacher. We didn’t start her older sister until PreK and it was a little hard for her to adjust. I think the sooner the better, us Moms get some time to ourselves and our babies get a chance to get some independence and make friends.


my daughters started preschool at age 3 went four days a week. started kindergarten at ages 6 and 5 3 daughters

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you can try applying for childcare assistance at your local DES and look at their options for daycare that have a preschool program. it’s a lot cheaper and it’s a good way to start to socialize your toddler while also getting them used to a structured day like they have in schools. the earlier you start them, the easier the transition to school should be. best of luck!

I would wait! COVID will be better understood. U only have so much time when they are little! But u can do some type of classroom structure at home. My little one does online classes through a program where I live and it’s free. She takes music and art and she is 3. It’s to get her used to instruction from a teacher, listening, sitting in one place for a while.


My oldest is 5 (4 when he started preschool) goes half days, 3 days a week. I definitely think it helps his social and listening skills. He could have went 5 but I felt more comfortable slowly transitioning him into school. We also switched child care back in October. She’s a licensed daycare and preschool as well and my 3 year old LOVES IT!

Find a head start program in your area it’s free

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My daughter is in a small daycare and 18 months n these kids are gross if they can keep mine n her peers safe then I think you guys will be fine. She’s gonna be our only child n was starting to bully kids so we felt it was best but I am also a working mom.

Her skills have grown a ton n she’s becoming so independent

I say start with 3 days this year. It will help her be on her own somewhere. My son is 4 and is in a pre-k program. He goes back to in person next week. But I also started him at a sitter bc he needs the social interaction before kindergarten. With covid they are missing out

I personally am not sending my little one to preschool. I find she is far more advanced then other kids her age and have been told this by several people (starting to learn her A B Cs at only 18 months). She gets socialization thru her play dates and by this time next year I’m hoping to have her in sports. So I’m not really worried about the social aspect either. I personally see no benefits for my little family by putting my little one in preschool. I’m also supper paranoid who watches my kid because I had some VERY traumatizing things happen to me as kid while I was being babysat. Do whatever works for your family. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We sent my daughter this year, she was 2 and then turned 3 a couple weeks after school started. She goes 5 days a week 8-2 and then takes a bus to an after care program and we pick her up around 3:30 due to our work schedules. She loves it and has thrived there this year. They have covid rules in place, wear masks and there has been illness (viruses) that comes home, but never covid. I’m pleased with her progress and thankful our school district has this program.

I’m gonna (hopefully!) Be doing the same with my 3 year old. She definitely needs something to do with her time :sweat_smile: also, my older brother did not go to preschool, and did struggle im school quite a bit. But me and my other 3 brother went and we all had basically straight A’s all through school. I think preschool makes a big difference, especially learning how to interact with other kids

I’m also a SAHM and have a three year old daughter who’s not around other kids, and I will be sending her to preschool in the fall. I feel that she’s ready to be around other people and experience more than just our little world, and while I’m sad for myself (I’m going to miss her!) I’m happy that she’s excited about it. Talk to your child maybe and see what she wants to do, If she thinks it would be a fun idea and is wanting to try it.

I would send her now, if possible. I have 4 children. My two oldest (twins) did pre-school from 3-4, part time before Kindergarten. It not only helped transition them from part day school to full day school, but they learned so much. They’re seniors in high school now and have been honors students (up until the COVID lock down and distance learning). I think pre-school not only benefits the child, but the parent also. It’s a couple hours of down time for you and it gets an early start on education for the little ones… it socializes them as well.

We sent our daughter at 3 (private pay) in 2019-2020 and it was worth it until the pandemic hit early March and they’ve been basically all online since. She’s been to maybe 10 in person classes this year as a 4 year old (2nd year of preschool). It’s not worth it if it’s mostly online in my opinion. Yes my daughter has progressed by doing online but overall I could teach her just as well and I’m her teacher for NTI anyways. My daughter starts Kindergarten in August and I’m worried about her being there all day, 5 days a week though! It’s a tough choice!

I sent mine 2 days a week at 3 to get used to it and have some social interaction. She loved it.

Phasing in with 3 days go start is an excellent idea, in my opinion. I did the same with my son and it worked out very well. He wasn’t scared when it was time to go to “big school”. Rode the bus just fine by himself and everything! Social development is extremely important to a child’s overall academic success and success in life in general. Now is a great time to let her spread her wings a little. Best of luck to you and the little one!

We sent my daughter at 4 and she went 4 days a week 9:30-3:00 and she did really good by Thursday she was whooped. She had to go for 2 years though because where we live she had to be 6 by December 5th at the latest and her birthday was December 6th and they wouldn’t waive that one day for her but it made her going into kindergarten that much easier I believe

I have one child and I put her in pre-3 because she needed the socialization. It did a world of good for her.

My 3 year old is in preschool 3 days a week but hes also been going to daycare since he was 11 weeks. I love it he can read and write his name plus hes so polite around other kids and adults. I cant worry about covid since I work in a nursing home and have to work daily. But we dont even catch colds anymore he is probably immune since hes always around other kids.

Mine did three days from aged three. They loved it and we were starting to annoy each other. If you’re enjoying each other’s company keep her at home and use the time to learn through play together and read stories etc.

,3 days a week would be good for now to get her used to it for full time next yr.

My 2 littles who are 2 and 3 go to daycare 4 days a week and they love it. The daycare also has a pre-K program that my 3 year old is in and she loves it. Send them now if u can

I’d wait until she’s four