When should I start buying baby stuff?

When do you guys start buying things for a baby
I’m 18 weeks along
We found out the gender a week ago and we’re really excited
But not sure where to start
Thank you!!

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Am 11 weeks tomorrow and iv done stairted we buying stuff that would work for both sex

I’m 30 weeks I just started buying this week

Stockpile on wipes and diapers lol. Bottles pacifiers (if you plan to use them) nursing pads for your bra even if you arent going to breastfeed because you will leak. You can start looking at bathtubs, carseats, strollers, bassinets, cribs. Clothes. You’ll need them. Socks. Hats. Mittens. Nail Clippers. Tylenol and gripe water just in case. Blankets.


I was constantly buying things the sec I found out I was pregnant with my son (he’s 10 months now) but I was so excited lol impatient… So u got dipars bottles green and yellow blankets receiving blankets ect… Then when I found out he was a he I started buying clothes. And socks. I bought mostly off garage sale sits in big lots. By time he was born I needed nothing. Still dont… besides dipars. I have 18 gallon size tubs til size 4t and I’m pregnant with another boy and need to buy nothing but dipars good luck​:green_heart::purple_heart:

Start buying things slowly over the 9 months. Everything adds up quickly. Having a baby shower helps. When you register at target they will give you a 15%off coupon for stuff left on you registry after your shower. I started buying stuff once I found out the gender. Definitely start stocking up on diapers. If your going to have a shower do a diaper raffle it really helps.

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I would wait …with my first I ended up with like 5 strollers because I seen it and liked it so much…and then found another that I liked better. (Which might happen anyway)

I’m 23 weeks and I stockpiled diapers and wipes from when I found out … I also just ordered my travel system my pack and play and my high chair and my bouncer all I need is a swing … when we found out the sex we went crazy baby shopping and we got some stuff for Xmas as well… I personally just like to be prepared… with my last two I was put on bed rest around 32 weeks so I just like to have the basics done so I can actually relax and not stress about it…

I would buy a few things here and there that I liked. I didn’t buy necessities until after the baby shower because I got so many gift cards and I knew what else I still needed

Unless you’re positive you’ll be getting any big items at the baby shower i.e crib/bassinet carseat, stroller, etc then I’d definitely get ahead on buying those. Most people wait til the end of their pregnancy to have baby showers and you don’t want to end up stuck without vital things. Definitely stock up on diapers/wipes, bottles and binkies, you’ll probably get a lot of clothes at your baby shower.

I started buying before I conceived. We were trying to get pregnant and I wanted to have all of my major purchases out of the way so that I didn’t have to stress about them when I was pregnant. So we had our nursery furniture, travel system and diaper bag purchased shortly before I found out I was pregnant. I bought a few small things like the bottles and a few gender neutral pacifiers I knew I wanted to use, started stockpiling diapers, bath stuff and wipes. I did a lot of research on what I wanted to use so I bought everything pretty early. I didn’t buy clothes or anything until I found out that I was having a girl at 14 weeks though. It was torture having to wait lol. Save yourself and don’t buy any blankets unless you’re just absolutely in love with a specific one. I swear I received at least 20 blankets between my 3 baby showers. Not that I wasn’t grateful- it’s just there’s no way you’ll use 20 infant sized blankets.

I started buying stuff when I found out and started buying gender specific stuff when I found out the sex.

I’m almost 22 weeks and have been buying some used items. It’s so different now because I’m having a girl and I have 2 boys already. Girls have the cutest stuff!


Slowly start buying stuff now.
Im 23 weeks and im buying my bigger stuff in a few weeks then im waiting until after my shower to buy the rest.

We started buying diapers and wipes immediately. Every time we go to the store we buy a case of each. We have NB, 1’s, 2’s and 3’s. Target and walmart have super cheap onesies. I figured around 10 each of long sleeve onesies, short sleeve onesies, sleepers/sleep sacks, a ten pack of socks, 5 hats, 5 pants, two towels, 5 washcloths, 4 sheets, 2 mattress protectors, bibs, and burb cloths. I made a registry for myself to remember the big ticket items I liked, like travel system, swing, pack n play, bassinet, and rocker. If anything it gives me a peace of mind because my daughter is 12 and I’m starting over again. With her I was on bedrest at 22 weeks. I’m currently 21 weeks with another girl and can order everything online that I still need/want like the big ticket items. If I have a baby shower then cool, if not then we are still prepared early :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you are having a baby shower or multiple DO NOT BUY ANYTHING- even diapers. I got so many diapers that after 6 months of 2 babies, I’ve only bought 3 boxes! Wait until you see what you have and the gift cards and money people give. My cousin got nearly a year’s supply of laundry detergent and I have yet to buy baby soap or lotion. It SUCKS waiting but if you are having a baby shower it saves a lot of money.

If you are not having a baby shower or you don’t think your friends and family will be excited to buy stuff, I say no time like the present! Babies are expensive so spacing it out makes it seem better.

I bought boy clothes the second i found out i was pregnant cause i knew he was a boy (i was right) but then stopped cause everyone scared me. After that, the first thing i bought was at 14 weeks and it was a gender neutral diaper bag. And then every OB appointment i went to afterward i bought gender neutral clothing until 20 weeks when i found out the gender and then i went ham lol

I would say buy a small pack of diapers each paycheck, but if I did that I would have a lot to exchange because of the baby shower!! I would put maybe a $20 back each check for diapers and wipes!! Make sure the clothing you buy is appropriate for the weather! Honestly I would hit up any consignment shops, they have huge sales and restock all the time!! Watch yard sale sites as well, people will post brand new clothes and things with tags still attached!! Never buy anything full priced unless you have to!

Buy the big things (crib, car seat, changing table, dresser for baby’s room) and then get things as you find things you love. Garage sales and clearance items are a good way to find nice things and save money. Stock up on diapers and wipes over the 9 months ( they go through a lot more than you think, especially in the beginning) Congrats on you little one!

Everything I saw I bought I was out of control my boyfriend had to keep me away from the baby sections

I started buying the big items right away. Crib carseat highchair swing etc. Id wait til after the baby shower if ur having 1 to buy other stuff

After the baby shower(s). Lol

We started buying diapers and wipes when we found out at 5 weeks. I had my crib and changing table still from my first child. So when we found out the gender (at 16 weeks) then we did clothes shopping :grin:

As soon as i find out the gender, i start shopping. Lol.

Go ahead and treat yourself and baby to something maybe each paycheck? I’m due feb 4th and we just got his monitor and travel system and have completed his list!

I waited until after my baby shower with my first. That way you get an idea of what you really need. :blush:

Find a consignment shop near you!!! Just go on once a week or month, it’ll always be changing. Buy in small batches until you’re comfortable with what you have in the babies room.

Have a baby shower 1 month before . Why now just decorate baby room with crib

Do not stock up on diapers and wipes… you don’t know what baby will be able to use… I made that mistake with my second she couldnt use the same diapers as her sister did and you can’t always exchange. Buy giftcards from places you’d get diapers from if you wanna do that… buy clothes and blankets and wash cloths ypu really can’t have too many of those.

Open a savings account and them every week add to it instead of buying a bunch right now. However, I would buy bigger clothes ahead on clearance right now. For example if you know you’re having a baby in May and then roughly he would be 9012 months this time next year by the long sleeve shirts now and the sweatshirts and the sweat pants that are on clearance at Walmart for like 2 bucks so that you have them when you need them

You can start buying now if you’re excited :blush:. Why not and it’s fun to look. A pregnancy is so exciting and the last thing you need or want is to stress about what you don’t have yet especially closer to the end of your pregnancy. What ever you buy you can start letting people know you already have it. Most of the time you will get gift cards at your baby shower and that will help with any last minute things you forgot. You can never have enough wipes and diapers, but that’s when the hubby has a diaper party with all his buddies. Each buddy brings a package of diapers.

As soon as i made it past the 1st trimester i started getting little things here n there, diapers whenever i had a lil extra cash, bottles, towels washcloths ect. And once i found out the gender i starting getting bigger things, crib, travel system stuff like that. If u are having a big baby shower though you may want to hold off and see what you get from that. Save money along the way so u are preparedto get whatever wasn’t given to you at the baby shower. Congrats!

I started when I found out

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I started buying diapers and wipes when I found out I was pregnant. I’m now 27 weeks and have everything I need for him :joy: I absolutely love buying baby stuff!

I usually start after my first appointment just to make sure it’s a good pregnancy. I start with buying the basics and gender neutral stuff.

Honestly 35 weeks due Feb 12th but he’s coming sooner. and we have yet to buy anything besodes the car seats and strollers which were given to us new. My boyfriend refuses to buy anything until he’s here, yes Including clothes and diapers.