When should I start buying things for baby?

What point in your pregnancy do you start buying things for the baby’s arrival?


I would but little small things here and there that I seen that I liked… but I generally save the big items around 28 weeks ish… I’m almost 38 weeks with my last baby and have everything ready to go.

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I started around 14 weeks. My last pregnancy was my rainbow and I waited until 24 weeks.
This time I got everything done by 20. It’s nice to just be able to chill until delivery. Nursery is already set

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Whenever I see something I like as soon as I’m out of the first trimester but my Amazon list for baby grows as soon as I learn I’m pregnant. Doing the same with baby #3 it’s whatever your preference is

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I waited until after my baby shower so I didn’t have a bunch of the same things but aside from that I’d say buy stuff whenever you want🤷🏼‍♀️

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I bought things I liked once I found out gender . I waited for my baby shower to pass and get what I didn’t receive after that .

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I bought things right away. We had been trying for 4 yrs. As soon as I found out it was a boy, I started buying boy clothes.

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Be careful buying clothes/diapers… we had a bunch of newborn size but he was bigger than that already when he was born.

I would start with small items after 13 Weeks (like clothes) then get the bigger items around 20-22 Weeks (like cot, change table etc).

I bought the first item the day I found out.

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I started buying things once I got to the 2nd trimester and found out the sex of the baby

The day after I found out my daughter’s gender toys are us had a huge clearance sale. I guess I started then :joy:. Seriously though as soon as you find out you’re pregnant buy a pack of diapers, wipes & few other things. That way it won’t feel like a lot when baby gets here. Don’t stick to new either. Accept used items. Babies don’t use things long. Something used for 1 or even 3 babies didn’t get much use.