When should I take another pregnancy test?

I had unprotected sex on the 2nd of the month. My ovulating began on the 3rd. I had one-time of blood from peeing four days before my periods. My periods are due on the 18th, and I’ve always had regular periods of 28 days cycle. I don’t take BC. I have headaches, cramps, heartburns, pain in my legs, shoulder pains for no reason, and I’m feeling tired and fatigued more than ever. Also, sometimes my symptoms go away for few hours. My pregnancy tests are still showing negatives. Does it sound like I’m pregnant? How long should I wait to take another pregnancy test?


Go to the doctor and have a blood test done. It does sound like it would be too early to pick up on a urine test but it could also be that you’re overthinking. I understand your concern but we can’t see inside your uterus and it’s hard to diagnose a pregnancy based on described symptoms.


Like at least 2-3 weeks. This is way too early.


Get a test from the dollar tree, take it first thing in the morning and you will have your answer

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Wait at least 15 days from when you had unprotected sex. If the urine test is negative twice already but still no period. I would call my doctor to get checked

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Go to doctor and get blood test!!!

Sounds like congratulations to me. Still have a blood test. Im sure your happy regardless since you dont take birth control. God bless

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I don’t to scare you but when you speak to a doctor please mention the pain in your shoulder… it can be transferred pain if possible ectopic pregnancy… I only know this as it happened to my sister a few years ago and it went unnoticed and ended up rupturing xx


4-6 weeks from ovulation.

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I have gotten early positives from First Response and Clearblue (the one with pink lines)
Wait until first morning urine and test with an “Early Result” test. Blood test from Dr would be the most accurate :blush:

Go and get a blood test done. Its most accurate

It sounds like your about to start your period.


It’s a little too early to test for the hormone in your urine but you can get a blood test at the doctors which is more accurate. Please go to your doctor and explain the pain in your shoulder, I don’t want to worry you but this could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy

Obviously everyone is different, but I knew the day I missed my period and took a test that day, it was positive and I now have a 7 month old. Over thinking/stressing about it can make your period act funny. But I would wait a few days and test again if you still haven’t started. If its still negative, see your Dr.

You need to wait a couple of weeks before taking one again. Just to make sure. If you are in fact pregnant, your body wouldn’t have had the time to produce the hormone needed for a at home test. The 100% way to know for sure sure, is get a blood test at OBGYN. Good luck

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I’d wait to test again. Since your period was supposed to start on the 18th and it’s only the 19th it’s likely your testing too early wait to test until a week from the 18th if there’s no period it’s likely the hgc is not strong enough yet and it’s giving you negative results. If still negative then I’d get blood work done because by then there should be a faint line

Go ahead and take a test. I got a positive 10 days before my missed period. I only tested bc I was spotting and I’m very regular. Plus this is my third pregnancy so yeah… I know how this goes lol. I had the nausea leading up to spotting. Had a period on the 4th of January that lasted four days then got a positive test on January 22. FYI I used the clearblue brand that tells you 6 days sooner. I usually use the dollar tree tests but I needed to know ASAP bc of my health. Also use the first pee of the morning bc it has the highest level of hcg hormones.


I took a test next day and it was positive … but I was throwing up the next morning as well.

Pregnancy tests are very accurate now days for the most part and can show positives all lost immediately now, well that was 22 years ago for me lol. Last test I ever took.

They say for a confirmation to wait until your period has actually fully passed …

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Supposed to wait until your period is late often won’t show up until 6 weeks pregnant.


Get one that’s a good amount accurate and take it first thing in the morning if itd negative again go to the doctor, go either way but still

I took one as soon as I realised I’d missed my period, which was like 8weeks :woman_facepalming:t3: there are loads of early pregnancy tests Available.

If those symptoms are not normal for you for a cycle then I would seek a GP’s advice they can normally do a quick test to advise your hormone levels.

I found out I was pregnant with my little boy 22/2/17 I conceived him 1/2/17 so I leave it a couple of days and try again. fingers crossed for you xxx

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I had 5 negatives before I went to the doctors for a test and it was positive xx


Id go nd speak to your docter as this could also be syne of low iran hun

The docter will do a blood test it will show up if your pregnant or not


And not all tests are the same. If you’ve been using the same test each time get a different brand.

I’d go to the dr. It doesn’t sound like you’re pregnant based on symptoms I’d be wondering more of a std or infection


Hi there ladies​:blush: I did the Dettol test with all 4 my kids (nr 4 due any time now)…:ok_woman:t2:…the earliest detection method I know about!
Urine sample in a ‘cup’ with half a cap of Dettol. If it turns milky it’s negative and if it turns thick & lumpy…like sour milk it’s positive!
Try it, you’ll be surprised…and it’s inexpensive


If you got more than one negative then you’re not pregnant, more than likely unless you want a baby then sorry but I don’t think you are.

I took a test on my period start date and it was negative waited a week and too another and it was positive.

I waited a full month with no period to take it. (Didn’t want to waste the money on a test until I was sure)

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I was 3 weeks late with my first child. Took about 6 tests at home during those three weeks all but the last were negative!

I had negative test 2 weeks ago and this past weekend I finally got a positive and a positive blood test a few days later so it always helps to take another one after awhile to make forsure

Sounds more like covid lol. Usually for an accurate test its best to wait until the day your cycle is due.


I would wait a little longer depending on where you are located could just be massive weather flux messing with your body

Pink dye tests are the best, pee in a cup and dip the test in the pee.

Take it first thing in the morning, and if still negative take one around say 5pm. I’ve always been told first thing in the morning is most effective but I’ve always got my positives in the evening

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I wait a week or so.

The doctors usually say to wait until 7 weeks from suspected conception date

Youd be 17 days…those are a lot of “pregnancy symptoms” for 17 days…


Get a clear blue test I did a cheap one it was negative 2 days later I did a clear blue one and it was positive

And my daughter in the '80s did not do a test after missing your second. You go to the doctors done be patient

I had 4 negatives leading up to my period and the day it was due. The next day, I had 2 positives.

Its just your mind .do u want to get pregnant?

See an OB for a blood test or transV. It’s more accurate than PT

Sound like COVID-19 ?

I didn’t get a positive result until I was about 15 days late

Save your $$$ – go to the dr

Do a blood test,more accurate

Sounds like stress and a UTI tbh

Didn’t you post this the other day???

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Ok not to gross you out, but tender nips are a good indication.

How bout Google this :poop:

Why didn’t you take the plan b?

Sounds like normal period symptoms to me

Go get blood work

Your symptoms sound more like you’re sick. You shouldn’t be peeing blood. Maybe your illness is messing up your cycle because uti or a sti? Doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant. It’s possible not only are you sick but pregnant as well. You need to go to a doctor asap.


No, it sounds like you had unprotected sex so only thing that could happen is having a refrigerator :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: these kinds of posts are annoying. If you had unprotected there is always a chance for pregnancy.


Honestly sounds like something other than being pregnant. Go to a dr


Take a blood pregnancy test. I took pregnancy test up til I was 6 months pregnant and it always showed negative the only way it was confirmed was through blood and obviously ultrasound

Use a first response early results tests and morning pee

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You wouldn’t be experiencing any of this yet even if you were pregnant. Too early. Any time there’s blood in your pee, I’m gonna say you should probably go to the doctor… Odd post


It doesn’t hurt to just take a test honestly. Once that’s ruled out go to the doctor and let them know you have had unprotected sex sometimes it shows on blood test and negative on pee tests then go on from there.

Why is this being posted on here?


Are you taking the test the FIRST time you use the restroom in the morning? If you need to, go to your dr and do a blood draw.

Your symptoms are common symptoms for a lot of things.


I would say next weekend but like others said if you are peeing blood sounds like a uti go see your dr

Sounds like a doctor situation for sure .

Ectopic pregnancy? Always best to see a doctor.

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I would wait about a week after your late then retest.

It’s probably negative if you don’t start your period by Monday take another

Go to urgent care and ask why you have blood in your urine and they can also check for pregnancy.

Don’t you have a Dr?


You need to see your doctor

If you are peeing blood then you might have a uti

It sounds like you have a kidney infection. You may also have stones. Go get checked immediately

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I had the same problem and I wasn’t pregnant.

I had multiple negative home tests even the ones that are supposed to tell you sooner. Ended up going to Dr and having a blood test. Thats how I found out I was pregnant.

I had negative pregnancy test all the way into the middle of the second trimester with my son. It didn’t help that it was my first pregnancy and my periods have always been erratic.

These do not sound like symptoms of pregnancy. I would get to a doctor to be checked for other things like std or other cause. In general, pregnancy tests don’t work until you actually miss your period.

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Think your very early to have any of the symtoms if you was pregnant, id defo be seeing your doctor… Good luck xx

Take another test after 18th. If you do not get your period.

Call your doc and take a blood test

I was extremely sick literally 1 week in :woman_shrugging: I didn’t know I was pregnant though until a month in, I thought it was just a bug I caught at first. I ended up having Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Why would u put this on here go see a doctor we dont care

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