When should I tell family that I am pregnant?

When should I tell my family that I am pregnant? I am about to be 10 weeks and my husband wants to wait but I am excited and want to get the ball rolling and tell everyone now


Some wait until the first trimester is over and the risk of miscarriage decreases.

I sucked at waiting and told right away.


Tell your parents and siblings

I waited till I was almost 5 months just to be sure

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I told close friends and family the day I found out I can’t keep a secret like that way to exciting lol


Tell it when YOU want to!


I wait until 15 weeks when I’m clear of the 1st trimester.


Wait until you get out of your first trimester. And congratulations.

Tell them when you feel comfortable :heart:

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I have had 4 miscarriages and I felt at first wait because you don’t want to have to back track and tell people what happened but then I realized I am not celebrating life no matter how short the time and if you miscarry…lord praying you don’t ever but you are going to be sad anyway so your close family and friends will notice and then you won’t celebrate at all you’ll just mourn…so be happy for a life no matter what!


I didn’t tell my family till I was 6 weeks with my first. 5 weeks with my second. My first is now 4. I’m sure in 7weeks

I would wait until at least your 2nd trimester.

I told close family and friends when I went to the dr so 8 weeks, but just let others know today, at 10 weeks.

I waited. I lost one at 11 wks. I’m now 29wks and just told my mom and sister.
But I think you should share if you want to. Whatever works for you is best.


Some women wait because of miscarriage. I told everyone right away.

I told immediate family when we found out. Waited until I was in 2nd trimester to tell other people

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I’m on my 4th baby I told about a week after. I told my mom first I tell her everything (besides boyfriend first) im only going to be 8 weeks on Sunday. But I dont tell no one till I tell my big kids (they are 12 and 10) I did that with baby #3 also (I waited even longer to tell people like 10 weeks besides my two older kids.) Baby 1 almost right away I was already 6 weeks. Baby 2 almost right away I was also 6-8 weeks.


Baby #1 we told close family and friends around 6 weeks, coworkers around 8-10 weeks, and Facebook world around 11 weeks…
Baby #2 we told everyone around 5 weeks.

Everyone is different. My husband left it up to me and I felt 1) I can’t keep that a secret and 2) if something did happen to the baby I wouldn’t want to share the I’m pregnant news and people get excited just to turn around and share the loss. If that makes since.

You can only do what’s best for you


Wait plan something with you significant other. You made the baby together and it’s a special moment.

13 weeks, or in the second trimester :woman_shrugging:

The rule of thumb that iv always heard was after the first trimester. Just because of miscarriage.

I announced right away.

My first I just told my mom and sister and I told them when I was 13 weeks, my second I waited until I was 18 weeks, and with my twins I told just close family then I was posted it on Facebook that I was pregnant after I told my close family. I was 13 weeks when I told people.

I told mine at 8 weeks But MC’d at 9… haven’t been pregnant since but next time I’m totally waiting till 2nd trimester. I would suggest waiting like your husband said.


When you feel it’s right.

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Whenever you are comfortable! Let others be excited with you. It goes by so fast! Congratulations!

My daughter waited till after she heard the heartbeat, so it was after 12 weeks. She miscarried her first one . Found no heartbeat the day before her appointment to hear it. I know it’s ex
citing, but waiting is probably best.

I told immediate family right away (husband, parents, siblings). Then I told extended family when I started my 2nd trimester just in case I had a miscarriage or other complications

I told my boss and coworkers immediately because there were certain things I couldn’t do pregnant but everybody else I waited til my second trimester because I was high risk after multiple miscarriages. But I also come from a superstitious family that believed it was bad luck to tell anybody before then or buy anything before the third

Tell your family straight away, I miscarriaged at 10.5 weeks and couldn’t imagine doing that without telling my family. The more positive vibes out there the better :purple_heart:

I’d wait until after 12 weeks.

I think it should be up to your husband and you. Congratulations

12 weeks is usually the rule but family can be earlier

Yes at least 12 weeks