When should I tell my kids about their grandpa?

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You just be honest with them if they ask or if you choose to tell them.

Wait until they ask , right now they are too young and will not care

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Tell them now. Idk why people keep paternity and maternity secrets…

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Hw will questions come out if they don’t know? If you want to reconnect with your bio dad do it, but don’t say it’s really for your kids if that’s why you’re doing it. I didn’t know my dad, reconnected, then decided he wasn’t worthy of being in my kids lives🤷‍♀️ My stepdaughter is their grandparent. Actually, now I remember that my daughter heard me talking about it with my partner and all she did was ask if I missed my dad, I said no, I didn’t make it into a big issue and she moved on. If your dad is unreliable why would you want to put your kids through it? If my daughter asks again ill tell her who he is, bur it wouldn’t change anything. Don’t bring it up until they’re older and can better understand.

Wait until they ask, then tell them the truth in simple terms.

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You don’t have to be blood to be family. If you haven’t spoke to your dad is many years, there’s reasons behind it. I wouldn’t sweat over it, they may ask questions that you’re not willing to answer because of their ages. I’d wait until they are able to understand the truth behind not knowing their other grandparent. My children are 11,12,14. My husband has been in their life for 5 1/2 years, he’s dad, their bio dad is his first name. We never pressured my kids titles as it’s their choice but they know the hurt their bio dad has caused them since we’ve divorced. They still visit “dad” and not once do they call him dad anymore. :heart:

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No need to tell them anything

My grandpa was not my biological grandpa. I told my kids when they were young and wanted to know why they had so many grandparents. My kids are ages 24,16,7. They were around 3/4 when they found out but it didn’t bother them. They were both grandpa to them. My kids were treated equal by them both. All that mattered is that they had two great grandpas that loved them and their worlds came crashing down when we loss them. They both passed away 7 months ago .15 days apart. My children’s grief for them is far worse then knowing who was blood and who wasn’t. Blood don’t make you family and since you haven’t spoken to ur dad in 14 years and your kids don’t know him and with there only grandpa passing away almost 4 months ago I wouldn’t tell them just yet. Give them time to get past his death . Unless you think they can handle the truth but then they will ask questions and want to meet the grandpa. So he is and you willing to let them meet and be apart of each other’s lives? The last thing you want to do is tell them the grandpa they just loss isn’t there actual grandpa. That someone else is and get them anxious to meet him and then that not happen. That will just bring more questions and maybe more sad feelings for them.

Should have started from the beginning. I didn’t know my great-grandfather that I spent every Christmas with WASN’T my great-grandfather until my LATE teens. Someone mentioned it in passing then just acted like I was suppose to know it even though NO ONE ever talked about it. It was CONFUSING. I still don’t really know who my actual great-grandfather is or anything about him except his name. At this point I’m using Ancestry to try to piece things together if possible. I know very little about my father’s side of the family in general because no one ever talked about those missing pieces. My biological grandfather, great-grandfather, an aunt that was adopted out, an uncle that passed away before I was thought of. Whole damn family is a mess. And it rocks our world when we find out our truths were not really truths at all.

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