When Should Kids Get Acrylic Nails?

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"My daughter has been wanting acrylics but she’s still kind of young. Can you post anonymously asking other mamas what age they think is appropriate? My mother was very strict and I wasn’t allowed anything to do with my nails until I was an adult."

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"My mom allowed my grandma to start taking me to get acrylics around age 13-14."

"16, or when they can pay for and take care of, their own nails."

"When they have a job and can pay to keep up the maintenance of having acrylics. It’s expensive for refills every 2-3 weeks."

"I had to have a job and pay for my own."

"In high school as a treat or gift but if they want to keep it up then they have to pay for it."

"When she has a job and can pay for them."

"If you can afford it. It’s your money"

"Never. I’m a beautician and it can cause life long problems as far as fungus and damage to the nail bed and matrix. The matrix is where our nails grow from. Damage it and they may never recover. I would suggest googling all info before you do it. Research a lot and discuss with a Dr as well. It is not something to just cast aside. This is her health and well being. Our hands get a lot of attention. If you allow them to become damaged she may never forgive you. As a professional I would greatly discourage it. She is growing and her hands are developing. Don’t mess with that."

"My daughter is 11 and her dad just paid to get hers done. She loves them. My nail lady told me that it’s usually around 13/14 the girls start wanting them. She said that a lot of kids around 8,9,10 usually end up crying the same night and end up coming back in the next day for removal because they are “heavy” and the kid isn’t use to that feeling. My daughter has had her full set for a week now and hasn’t complained about them. I tell ya there is a lot of nail tapping happening here tho LOL"

"Get her a bunch of nail stickers on eBay"

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Every child and every parents is different. You don’t say how old your daughter is. But, I say, from my own personal experience with my daughter, to wait until at least 16. They are then old enough to appreciate them, take care of them and possibly pay for her own in the future.