When should kids go in a high back booster?

Hi kinda curious if my son is ready for a high back booster, everything I’m reading is confusing me. He’s 4, exactly 40 pounds and 3’7. I’m pretty sure he’s right on the line but not sure if I feel comfortable with him not having the 5 point harness


Check your state laws and what the booster seat says. Plus go with your gut. Even if your child meets the requirements for a booster, if your child isn’t able to sit properly with a seatbelt, leave them with the five point. Do what is safest! :blush:

My son is 6 and a half and still in a 5 point Graco extend to fit and will be until he reaches the weight limit. He still has 20lbs to go.


Any point from when the new seat says he is big enough and when he outgrows the weight/height limit of the old. My son was about 7 when he went to the high back booster. He hadn’t exceeded the weight limit for the 5 point but he couldn’t buckle himself and sometimes could unbuckle either which made school pick up/drop off difficult lol.

Skip the seat altogether, he’s big enough for a Ridesafer Vest. https://shop.saferide4kids.com/products/ridesafer-travel-vest

He needs to be in a 5 point harness still. My son is 8, & right before his 8th birthday is when he finally got to be in a high back booster.

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4 yrs and 40 lbs is the min. There’s no rush! My 7 yo is still in a 5 pt harness.


Definitely wait until he is closer to the max weight. You can never be to save wen it comes to our babies

5 and 40 lbs is the minimum

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Car Seats for the Littles will have all the information you need.

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We just put our 6 1/2 year old in a high back booster. If your little barely meets the minimum, I would wait. Especially if you don’t feel comfortable with him not having the harness


Depends on the seat too. I have two car seats for my daughter. One in my car one in my husbands. The one in my husbands she hits height and weight at min 40lbs. The one in my car she hits height but weight is min 44lbs. My daughters 42lbs. We are waiting a bit, maybe by her birthday we’ll check again but you can’t wait much longer than the minimums

Go with what your car seat and your state law says. My 7 year old is in a booster(not high back), she is 4’ and almost 60 pounds. I followed everything in my state and what my car seat says.

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When he meets the seat requirements and is mature enough to sit properly in the seatbelt/booster. They have to be able to sit upright, tall with tush/back firmly against seat back, feet down to floor and sit still for required time. Mine all met those requirements early like 5 but each child is different.

When they have maxed out either the height or weight, whatever comes first. Check your manual.
My 7yo, almost 8o, is still in a 5 pt harness.

I believe it would depend on where you live… like in Canada… Children must ride in a car seat until they are a minimum of 40 pounds (18 kg). Children must ride in a booster seat until they are a minimum of 4 feet, 9 inches (145 cm) tall and 80 pounds (36 kg), or a minimum of 7 years old.
They only have to meet one of the requirements to ride in an adult seat belt only… This law states that a child can start using an adult seat belt once they meet any one of the following: Child turns eight years old. Child weighs 36kg (80lbs) Child is 145 cm (4 feet, 9 inches) tall.

I’ve just switched at 6.5, 4 is too young x

Rear face as long as you can!

That would be an absolutely not if it were my kid