When should kids nap?

1 nap Sleep schedule for 13month old if anyone is on 1 nap as well . Since turning 1 my son completely refused 1st nap and sometimes 2nd so the 1 nap seems to be working As he is sleeping thru most nights now. He will only sleep 1 hour during this 1 nap ( he has never been a big day sleeper)I’m just struggling to find the right time to put him down during the day for this nap so keen to see others schedules that are in the same position


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Honestly when my 16month old acts sleepy I lower the lights and let him play quietly. Usually he’ll lay himself down shortly after.

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My kiddo still took 3 at that point. My nephew stopped napping entirely around then. Go with what he seems to need. Watch for eye rubbing and getting cranky.

Kids typically drop two naps around a year I recommend the one nap be after lunch on a full tummy . They typically sleep better at this time and it’s honestly the most convenient. Also if your child goes to daycare this is when they would nap.

Really depends on the day but most days my almost 2 year old takes a nap from like 1230 to 230-3

If he were in a daycare his 1 Nap would 12-2 at most places.

It seems like after 1 year mine all went to 1 nap in the afternoon after lunch.

my son is about to turn 2. He has one nap a day. He goes down at 930-10 and usually sleeps for about 2-3 hours and then he goes to bed for the night at 8-830pm and wakes up arount 6:30-7:30am

After lunch on a full tummy worked best for us. We usually eat lunch at 1 so nap time was between 1:30/2 until about 3:30/4 sometimes a little longer but almost always at least 2 hours

After lunch time… I like to do lunch at 12 or just before 12… nap time Is around 12:30… (so they nap with a full belly) nap time is usually about 2 hours - sometimes it maybe shorter, or sometimes closer to 3hrs…

If I leave it to late then takes longer to settle at night. But i always try routine so around the same nap time and same bed time.
Bed time is 7:15-7:30 (usually depends on what’s for dinner, bath and bed routine).

My son will be 1 in a couple weeks. He used to have a 30-45min nap between 9-10am then a 1-2hr nap after lunch time arpund 1pm, but lately he’s not been taking his morning nap and just having his after lunch nap. He also sleeps a solid 11-12hrs at night and doesn’t wake up until 8am. So nap time is around 1-2pm for an hour or two. He is just very curious and wants to always be part of the action, especially since he loves playing with his his sister who is 10yo and does not need naps.

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12:30-3pm the latest

My grandson’s a year old he gets up at like 10 every morning and usually naps between 4 and 6pm. We usually eat dinner around 7 then bath play etc and off to bed after usually about 10pm. But for most people I would imagine 10:00 p.m. seems like a really late hour to put a small child to bed but he’s very active and high energy so the 10pm bedtime ensures he is wore out for the day and ready to sleep. everybody lives life different tho and this is just what works for us and we rarely have issues with naps or bedtime.

I always put mine down for a nap after lunch. They would sleep for an hour or two. Sometimes longer. Edit to add: make the room he naps in a little dark. When I worked 3rd shift I’d have to put up room darkening curtains to sleep during the day. You can buy them at Walmart, Target or somewhere like that. And maybe add a white noise machine.

After lunch mine lays down sometimes at 1 and gets a one or two hour nap in

My 14 month old grandson sleeps from 5:30pm until around 5am, takes one nap around 9am until about 10:15/10:30am.

My 3 year old takes one nap during the day still. It usually lands anywhere between 11am and 1pm for 45min-1hour, sometimes more depending on our activities of the day. The latest he’s gone down for a nap is 4pm with a 8/9pm bedtime.

Every kid is different. It depends on the child, but also on how active he is, time he wakes up etc. If he wakes up @ 7am, I’d do lunch at noon and nap right after.

Put him down when he’s tired? I always followed my kids. Just like us some days we are more tired than others and some days not at all. Some children stop napping by 1 years old. My eldest was 4 when he stopped napping, middle child was just over 1 and youngest was after she was 2

Normally after lunch, mostly nap between 1-2 hours .
Depending on their bed time is the time for the last nap .
Usually 1-3, pm nap and 9 pm bed time