When should kids start dating?

Hey ladies At what age do you all think is appropriate for your children to start dating my daughter is in the eighth grade she’ll be in high school next year and she has mentioned several times that her friends are already allowed to date and that she wants to date when she goes high school I honestly don’t think that will be a problem but I want to make sure that she stays focus on her schoolwork she’s in honors classes and I don’t want her to fall behind I know sometimes relationships can be difficult at a young age from experience please help me with this issue


My kids are/were allowed to date whenever they decide they want to. My job as a parent is to guide them in how to make safe smart decisions, how to have healthy happy relationships and keep our lines of communication open. When and who they choose are not up to me. If you start to dictate things like that, they’ll just do it anyways and lie to you about it.

Most of the time at that age they just call someone their boyfriend/girlfriend and they break up a week later or whatever. It’s all part of growing up, exploring and learning.


16 at youngest and only then if mature enough to not follow crowd but stay true to how you raised her. Also, only Fri or Sat because Sunday is the night before school.


I wouldn’t say dating I would say go out in a group until a bit older


If she’s in honors classes, it sounds like she’s a good kid. Kids have to be able to have experiences so they can learn lessons and learn who they are. I think 14/15 is definitely a fine age to have a boyfriend or girlfriend and she’s going to have one at some point probably anyway, either with or without your knowledge. My advice would be to talk to her about being safe and meet whoever she decides to date. Teach her what a healthy relationship is and what are red flags. Relationships are mostly light hearted at that age and I doubt it would really come between her and school work as long as there are some level of guidelines in place. Maybe just make sure she has homework done before going on a date and let her know you will allow dates and such as long as she keeps her grades up.


For me i’d let my kids start going on supervised dates starting in 7th grade up until 10th grade.
unsupervised 11th-12th grade.
An important thing you need to do is sit your daughter down and have a talk about healthy and unhealthy relationships, abuse, sex, peer pressure, consent/non consent, etc.
keep in mind that even if a kid is not allowed to officially date, that won’t really stop them from having a boyfriend/girlfriend, it’ll just stop them from telling you about them and going on outings together.

As far as going out on dates, 16. When it comes to having a school “girlfriend/boyfriend”, they’ll do that whether we allow it or not lol

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she will date with your approve or not lol but better to have her on your side and trust that she can be open and tell you things!!! trust her , when she is ready , she is ready, have the talk and prepare her for many many different scenarios… including not wanted sexual activities, how to say NO, when to leave a situation, all possible outcomes of dating, sex and similar. just prepare her and educate her that it’s always ok to say NO. I wish I knew all that as a teen. im making sure my 11 year old knows of man6 dangerous situation and knows how to avoid them

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As a parent myself, Gosh it’s so hard to accept it. But kids starts dating when they become teenagers. Pray for her so that she’ll make the right decisions and stay focus

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our elder daughter started at age 11…one trip to the movies with a boy from church…and one boat ride with a classmate… his father, her father, her lil sister and his lil brother…everybody got to drive the boat and there was peanut butter and jelly everywhere after the onboard picnic