When should kids stop napping?

For the last couple or days, my daughter who is 2.5 keeps waking up, getting out of her bed threw out the night. Is this a sign that I shouldn’t nap her anymore and give her an earlier bed time?


I agree. Every kid is different. If she’s tired during the day, let her take a nap. If she doesn’t take one, an earlier bed time might work better. You try what works best for your child. I don’t think that there’s a specific age.

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My daughters 2.5 and she still naps and wakes in the night…
she’s always been a bad sleeper st night. The days she doesn’t have a nap she’s a lot worse through the night st waking up so I have to let her have an hour nap a day so she sleeps that but better through the night

I let my children sleep when they are tired. Some days my middle son will nap, other days he will not.

My son was 18 months  My daughter was a little over six years old when she start napping every day she’s now seven and will nap every once in a while. Her paediatrician said it’s not harming her if you don’t struggle  getting her to sleep at night let her nap

Maybe at the age where going potty gets them up. Kids really need a power nap every day till around 5 or 6. 20 minutes half hour, not to long. Wake them with a snack and a drink. They’ll look forward to it.