When should we stop bathing kids together?

My daughter is almost six, and my son just turned 2. Most times, they bathe together. My daughter always asks if he can take a bath with her. They have their toys in the tub, colorful water bombs, and of course, bubbles. They have a great time splashing around. But I just wanted to ask you guys about the age I should stop bathing both kids together.


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I think when they don’t want to anymore they normally say when they feel uncomfortable about it xx

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When either one doesn’t want to anymore.

When they don’t want to anymore.

My BG twins are almost seven and still regularly bath together.

I’d agree, when one of them isn’t comfortable any longer.

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Either when she gets uncomfortable with it or when she starts asking questions about their different parts


We’ve mostly stopped at 4 (boy) and 2 (girl)

Until someone is uncomfortable… Either you or one of them. Seeing their differences at such a young age is good because it makes those early conversations easy. “Mom, why does his bottom look different than mine?”, “that’s because he’s a boy and you’re a girl. Boys have penises, girls have vaginas. We pee differently.”


I would also agree that children will ask when they want to take a bath/ shower alone. My boys are 5 and 3 and bathe together but there are times when they ask for “personal space” and need that time to bathe alone, when either of them says they’d like to do that regularly is when it’ll happen.


When one wants to by themselves! Respect it. My son was 4 my daughter was 3.

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One of them will say they dont wanna have a bath with the other…and that’s when it will stop. Mine were…7 and 4, and they stopped wanting to share bathtime. And that was it.

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My older brother and I would bathe together until one day I pointed out changes in his body and he was like “mum that’s enough, she’s not coming in here anymore”

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My 4 yr old boy and 5 yr old girl still take baths together. Easier on me and they want too! So…

I have two girls (7 yrs and almost 2) they always bathe together lol. Easier for this mama and I’ll do it that way til I cant anymore

When one of them doesn’t want to.


I think when she starts to ask questions about why he looks different down there is when I would stop.

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They’ll usually let you know when they feel uncomfortable for my daughter it was 8 and her brother was 3. She just one day decided he couldn’t see her naked, when I asked she said he wasn’t a baby anymore and that he was a boy and boys and girls don’t look at each other naked unless they get married. It happened to be something they learned in school during sexual abuse awareness month probably a year before and we just finished potty training him and started calling him a big boy.
Also obviously if they get “too” curious about the other ones private parts, I’m not saying asking about them, but trying to touch them then it’s time to explain that’s not okay and have different bath times. I never experienced that, but a friend of mine did with her kids.

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I have an 8 yr old boy and 3 yr old twin girls, they still occasionally bath together.

My daughter just turned 10 and she’s stopped showering with her 3 year old brother. My 7 year old still does sometimes. We just go with what they’re comfortable with


I wanna say like the above when one which is usually the older one wants to bathe alone. But usually around like 6 or 7 is when they start to want more privacy or start asking questions.

I bathed with my little sister till I tjink I was like 7 or 8

It different more so when its opposite sex siblings vs same sex siblings. Cuz yu knw anatomy

When your son reaches school age I would say
That just me personally tho.

The older one will need more space or prefer a shower for her hair one day and you’ll know it’s time to separate.

I think that as long as they’re not interested in each other’s bodies they are fine to bathe together. Only you as there mom can decide that. Don’t ever let anyone shame you for it