When should we switch to a toddler bed?

Hey, mama’s, I was wondering when it’s time, or would you normally prefer, switch from a crib to a normal toddler bed? He’s 10months old now and will be 1yr on May 23rd, I myself was thinking of waiting till after he turned 1, but was just wanting further perspective or information on this, as I am a first-time mommy. Thank you again and will gladly take any advice given


My son never slept in a crib. He absolutely hated it and would cry continuously. I put my son in a full size bed at 8 months old. That’s when he finally slept through the night.

I switched my first a couple months after she turned 2.

remember you lose all control when you do this. looking back I would wait until they climb out frequently. mine climbed out once and didn’t do it again bc she got hurt. I eventually did it but then regretted it bc she became a terrible sleeper

Mine is still in a crib at 2. He will stay until he tries to climb out!


when either they are able to climb out, or you have to lower the mattress too far to easily be able to lay them down without waking them up…

I waited until mine were 2, they understand things better and are more likely to stay in bed and sleep…with fewer redirects

Oldest was at 2 yrs, youngest was at 18 months

My first was 3. But I planned to wait until my youngest could climb out of the crib, or listen when mommy says stay in bed. Whichever comes first. lol

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They say it’s usually better to wait until they independently mobile. So like they don’t need help getting down off the couch kinda deal.

Unless the kid is climbing out of it, dont switch it!

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Once my daughter could walk good on her own I put her in a toddler bed. Then started trying to potty train…

When he can get out of the crib by himself.

My daughter had a convertible crib that turned into a toddler bed & we switched it after she was one. I had to lower it to it’s lowest setting prior bc when she stood up she was tall enough. Except if I tried to put her in the crib while she was already asleep I was too short to reach the matress so had to drop her in :joy::joy::joy: (the sides were too high for me). So we switched her. It had the guardrail on the side so she didn’t roll out, but it was kind of short so we also put a pool noodle under her sheet to make sure she didn’t.
Otherwise the switch went smoothly enough.

I couldn’t imagine letting my 17 month old sleep in a toddler bed. She would be all over the place :laughing:

I’ll keep her in a crib until it turns into a problem. Right now we’re good

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My son was about 1½ and does well. He doesn’t stay in it at first he’ll get up and complain about not wanting to go to bed but he eventually lays down and goes to sleep.

My oldest was 19 months, my youngest was 17 months and both went right into twin beds

My son will be 3 next month and still sleeps comfortably in his crib. Im in no rush to move him personally.

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I did when my son was a year old his crib was recalled . I was not about to buy another crib.

When they climb out of the crib is a good clue

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Most people wait until closer to 2, typically. My daughter got swapped early (before a year) because she broke a rail off her crib and I couldn’t afford a new crib, so we got the conversion kit for $20 but it was really stressful cause she was sooooo little. My son’s still good in his crib for the moment, but he’s only 14 months old. He’ll likely be about 2 when we transition him.

I switched my daughter at 18 months because she liked to stick her little arms in between the bars and would wake up with bruises 🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼

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I left mine in the crib till they started climbing out.

My daughter is 2 (since January) and she’s still in her crib. Will be until she starts trying to climb out

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Usually when they can get out of the crib on their own. If I can remember correctly I think we switched to a toddler bed when he was maybe 19 months give or take. I can’t remember with our daughter I think she was about 2

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Depends on child does baby walk? Can they get off by themselves safely? Each is unique to themselves mamas know best I found I rushed things a little as a first time mom

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wait until they start to climb out the crib the first time they do that is when you are ready to go to a toddler bed as long as the crib is all the way down as far as it can go. I have even seen people take the bottom off and lay the mattress on the floor some cribs permit that and some don’t it just all depends on how high it is off the ground

I waited until my son could climb out of his crib, a little shy of 2 y/o, if o remember correctly

I switched around the second birthday.

I have a one year old and he would roll out of a bed. I heard once they can get themselves out of their crib :grinning:

My 2 year old still rolls out of bed and falls on the floor when we lay him in a toddler bed.

Usually it’s closer to age 2 but every child is different :slightly_smiling_face:

We switched my older kids when they were able to climb out of their cribs by themselves, and we’ll do the same when my 18 month old can.

When your child sleeps through the night and you can trust that he/she will stay in the bed until the morning without messing with things they aren’t suppose to mess with

I put mine right after his 2nd bday.

Keep him in the crib until he can climb out… It’s safer that way

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All mine have stayed in cribs and play pens til 2… my daughter just turned 1 last month. Zero interest in switching lol crib is safer as long as they can’t climb out

My boy is on the tall side. So he has been in a toddler bed since he was about 17 months. We’ve had no problems.

I’d wait til he’s closer to two. Until his understanding is better. Remember they can get out of a bed easier than a crib and perhaps get into harmful things at nite

I switched when my son started climbing out of his crib

Everyone is different! My kids were climbing, flipping out of there cribs around 9-10mns. I didn’t want them hurt so I switched them.
I have friends that did switch till almost 3yrs. Her kiddo didn’t climb out. She switched straight to a twin bed.


I switched my son on his second birthday

switch when he learns how to climb out of the crib.

When they can climb out by themselves usually around 18 months or so. Depends on your kid as well. Everyone is different

My children were 3 years old

Mine was 16 months when we transferred to toddler bed

Our son is still in his crib he hasn’t gotten out of it i think we are looking at getting him a big bed around 2 if he stays in his crib ok tell then.

My son was 19 months

My daughter was 18 months but she could climb out and get down off the couch with no problem.

My son is 16 months now and I think he’ll be closer to 2- 2 1/2 before I switch his.

I switched as soon as my kids started climbing out. I wasn’t taking any chances.

I did at 1 she was already busting out of her crib.