When should you compliment a woman?

So a guy friend of mine ask me this question and I’d like y’all opinion on it."… I want to know when the right time is to give a woman a complement on her looks. I think most women like it but just as long as it’s not too early on. What do you think?"Personally… when is the best time and what do you like being complemented on?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When should you compliment a woman?

Never. Compliment her on something other than physical appearance


If you think I look nice, tell me anytime. But, don’t forget to recognize the things about me that have nothing to do with outward appearance more often.


Compliments are best delivered sincerely and not like a creeper. Instead of her body or face, maybe compliment the hairstyle or the outfit. A lot of us would rather be complimented on non physical attributes, simply because so many guys want to utilize cheap pick up lines shortly after complimenting the face or body.


I dont think there is a certain time, its just mostly the way you approach and what you say… women like compliments on physical stuff at times. But much rather be complimented on our internal aspects and things you like about us.

I like being complimented on things I have rather than myself. Comments on my looks almost always come off icky.
Like maybe if someone has a cool hair color and/or style, but otherwise it’s like “Oh you have a really cool Pokemon/geek shirt!” or “Holy frick your shoes’re so cool and sparkly!”
And I don’t mean like the time I wore a lace shirt over a tank top when I was only 16 and some old dude looked at me, looked me up and down and then in a strange tone said “nice shirt~”. Nope, that was creepy.
Basically, complement people on the stuff they have with them, and actually mean it. Don’t be a GD creepo.

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Do not (I REPEAT DO NOT) comment on her physique!

Instead of “You look good in that dress”.
USE → “That is a really pretty outfit, it’s so well coordinated with (insert accessory).”
“I think the colour of your (clothing item) really suits you.”

Compliment the choices of her outfit not her physical appearance.


I think it’s more of what you say and how you say it… ie …
If a guy says. Yo…mama body is banging in that fit…I’d be offended…
But if he says . You look really nice in that outfit…I’d appreciate it .


I’m not understanding, is it supposed to be a woman he’s dating?

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I feel like it depends on how he compliments her rather then when to do


When you think it? Go by instinct. If your instinct is to only comment on her looks then only comment on her looks. If she doesn’t like that she will say something or she’s not right for you. We all try to fit into these “rules” about the other gender and we arent honest about what we think or feel. If we are honest about what we think or feel and it doesn’t mesh with someone then it doesn’t mesh :woman_shrugging:


I teach my kids to compliment people on things they choose like accessories, outfits, nails. That’s it!

To me if it’s sincere anytime is a good time.


When we least expect it don’t wait for us to make an effort put loads of nice outfits and make up on tell us when we feel crap when we r in joggers and. Top and messy hair make it real say it when u feel it

It really depends on the presentation of the compliment. If you say “damn your fineeee af!” I don’t appreciate it. But if you walk up to me like “excuse me Miss, I just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful today.” I’d be way more receptive to talking to you.

Compliments should be sincere not forced or timed. They also shouldn’t always be about appearance.


This is CRAZY subjective because lots of women have trauma around being complimented.
Personally, I like being complimented and will take it as neutral. (I’m not super attractive, and I can handle myself in a fight…)
There are guys, though, that will become agressive if you don’t seem properly aroused by their attention, or worse (in my opinion) will take any positive response as a cue to begin courtship; getting agressive and upset if you correct the misapprehension…
Your fellow men have made it difficult not to respond with fear…


If hes asking hes never complemented a woman including his mother if shes around to do so or family member
He should practice on his mum and if she slaps him he will know
Better to be slapped by the mum rather than the date !

According to my 4 year old son it’s every time a woman passes him…


When they feel it honestly!

I mean I’ve had random men and women tell me my blue/ grey eyes are beautiful or amazing!

I always say thank you!

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There isn’t a certain time. Compliments of any nature are truly appreciated ANY time.


Compliments are always a good thing. You just have to be careful that it is actually a compliment, and not a cat call.


I receive compliments at any time from anyone that feels the urge & I’m always appreciative.


Hell a compliment today can get the man fired from his job. I say NEVER.


You shouldn’t make a schedule to compliment someone lol Id love it if a complete stranger complemented me! It can make someone’s day and it doesn’t necessarily have to be about looks. That being said, unfortunately men need to be careful with really anything they say because a lot of people take them the wrong way or are just offended in general…

There’s never a wrong time, but there is a wrong way.


Whenever you wanna. Just keep it smooth n casual :sunglasses:

Let’s just say that it’s typically easy to tell if the compliments are sincere or not. If they aren’t sincere then chances of getting another date are slim to none (with me anyway).
Tell him to make sure it’s sincere and if he DOES want another date, I would suggest doing it on the first date

Anytime you feel the need. It’s uplifting for any women at anytime.

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As long as the compliment doesn’t have to do with her boobs her butt or anything sexual I’d say they’re always appropriate. My husband can say thing like dat ass and smack it however if he’d have done that before we slept together that wouldn’t be appropriate lol. A long term boyfriend or husband can compliment every part whenever. Newly dating, stick to complimenting non private parts and you’ll be safe. If you’re a coworker in the work place you can compliment looks in general, hey you look nice today. Their clothing choices, nice dress, shoes, earrings etc. but never their legs, boobs, buttocks.

Anytime you can and truly believe it! Not just during certain times only such as intimate times but anytime the mood strikes you. It doesn’t always have to be about physical appearance either. You can compliment the woman or man in so many ways!


It depends on what the relationship is to the person.

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Anytime is good to throw out a compliment!! I usually say, "Oh my Goodness you are So Pretty Enjoy Your Look! :grin:

It’s not when you say it it’s how you say it.


Any time, as long as the compliment is actually a compliment with no expectations attached!

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Me personally, have issues taking a compliment at face value… guess to much crap in my past makes it hard for me to accept a simple compliment. So for me it’s really about making me feel like you mean it. Words are so easily said… making someone feel special and beautiful takes work…

I’d say when you feel the need to. If your questioning it you should have already done :ballot_box_with_check:

I am not single but anytime I’m dating I love compliments if it’s genuine. I want to feel sexy and smart. I don’t mind if he tells me I have a great booty or smile if we are dating. I’m not trying to find another female friend. I’m looking for chemistry but I would definitely not like it as a first attempt to date me. That’s awkward as hell.

Depends on how personal the compliment.

When she’s looking her best

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It’s never too early to tell a woman that she looks nice. It’s good to know if a common interest is shared in music, movies, books, or educational disciplines. Don’t gush, but honest respect for what a person knows and their experience is is always welcome. Keep crude remarks about a woman’s anatomical virtues to yourself. No woman wants to be viewed as a piece of meat or as if they are only being considered for sexual attributes.

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You’re asking the wrong question. It’s the way you compliment that matters… not how early on you do it.


It isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it.
But as a woman, if you see another woman and love her hair, outfit or whatever catches your eye, let her know! We are already being judged enough. It can make someone’s day.


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Anytime. Just don’t compliment anything about my body, unless it’s a feature on my head (eyes, hair, smile, etc).
Compliment how nice I look at a whole, clothes, hard work, etc.

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As long as you mean it, it’s never too early.

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Just tell them they look nice. Just don’t sound like a pervert right away.


Whenever they feel the need. Nothing wrong with compliments unless she’s THAT kind of person

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It seems to be completely dependent on the person and your relationship with them. There are women in my life who I can compliment at any time because we have that type of relationship. There are others where I would never think of doing something like that.

That depends on the woman

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If you gotta ask… maybe your just not ready for a relationship

100% if I’m talking to someone & they’re interested romantically in any way with me, they better give me that “good night beautiful” or make a comment on a photo that wasn’t on a dating app.
If you don’t show actual interest, I won’t back. I’ll assume there’s nothing there, and I will not want to take it a step further.

Because simply, being complimented is the easiest way to inform anyone you might be interested. While yes, some people use compliments to hype others up. You as a man should make it known.

Always. But it’s how it’s said.

any and all times, as long as you’re not being creepy about it - or if you’re not looking for her to ‘give’ you anything in return for your compliment

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When ever you feel like it.