When should you forward face your kid?

At what age did you put your little in a forward facing car seat


Once their legs start to creep up the backseat because they’re too long. This didn’t look comfortable, plus, I’d be upset if someone made me ride around like that. So, the decision was made and I turned them around. In my case, both times, the boys were around 9 months old.


When they max out the height or weight on rear facing. Not when they meet the minimum for forward facing. It’s best to rear face as long as possible. In most states the law is two years.


This is one of the most controversial subject’s ever. You forward face your child when you’re ready as long as it’s legal to do so


My son was 3 years old when I fwd faced him.
It’s the safest! Babies neck bones are soft when little and if someone rear ended you (God forbid) it would be easier for baby neck to snap vs if he was rear faced .


I would first look into the laws of your state. Secondly, I would really consider what is the safest on top of their car seat. For me, I will be keeping my kiddos rear facing as long as possible as it is the safest

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Minimum of two years. They may seem uncomfortable with their legs, but they are fine. You’d rather have a baby is broken legs than a dead one because you forward faced to early & get in an accident

Depends on the seat, but I don’t until they’re maxed on height and weight which is a long time. They are 500% safer rear facing and there’s no reason to do it early.

Talk to a car seat technician

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Your carseat manual will give you weight and height, it’s recommended to max those guidelines. I ended up foward facing at 2 years old, 36 pounds.

Go to your local fire station and they can help you

Not until they outgrow height and weight limits for rear facing. My daughter is two, still rear facing.

Lol I read this " when should u face your kid" like 3x… wth wrong with me. But Google that question bud.

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I turned them between 10 months and 1. Hate me 4 it

I’m sorry, guess I’m just old. But WHY would anyone put their child looking at the back of the seat for Any Time? They are missing out on the life thats going on inside the car! They are missing the beauty of the scenery! They are just looking at the back of the seat…

As my kids pediatrician told me : after a car crash, you’d rather have a kid with broken legs than a broken neck.

Keep them rear facing as long as possible.

There’s CarSeat Safety groups that are super helpful, highly recommend momma’s check it out. 2 years is the minimum for forward facing. Rear is best! Watch videos on why it’s safer to rear face than front face a toddler, and it’ll show what kind of damage an accident can do forward vs little to no damage rear
This group is great for all your carseat needs, I’m seriously a safety freak when I see people’s babies strapped in wrong, or forward facing to soon , thanks to them!

I think the legal age is 12 months or size of the bub

When I felt as a mother the moment was okay. My child exceeded height and weight requirements, and since women typically gripe over everything, I did what I felt was right as a mother and didn’t care what others said. :woman_shrugging:t3:

4 years old or 40lbs (whichever comes first)

My oldest at 1. My next two at 14 months. And my fourth I think around 15-16 months

As long as possible! Max out your carseat! Rear facing is always safest! Think about it this way, would you rather a broken leg in a casket or a funeral from internal decapitation?

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We went until 4, regardless of their legs being bunched up. Europe is far more advanced when it comes to carseat safety than NA.

Everyone is going to have their own opinion about this topic. But I think the law is the only thing that matters. My daughter was rear facing until 2 because that’s the law in my state. Many moons ago I was in an accident, my son was in a high back booster seat because he was of height and weight, but not of legal age. It was a pretty hefty fine.

Depends on the laws and car seat regulations. My son was near 3 when I turned him but he could’ve sat rear facing until he was like 5 because of his weight. He hated the car seat, especially being rear facing.

It is totally fine for their legs to creep up and between 2 to 4 depending on height and weight limits is preferred.

However, my first was 18 months. I did not make that decision lightly, but he vomited every single car ride. Forward facing he stopped vomiting.

My second was 3.

I know where I live the law is they have to face backwards until they are atleast 2. I kept mine facing backward a little longer than that though because they are safer facing backwards.

When they have exceeded all rear face limits.

I turned my daughter at 18 months. If I knew now what I know then she would have been rear facing till she was around 4.

yikes, some of the comments on this post! smh!
it is recommended and safest to rearface till atleast 2 or until they max out the weight or height of their carseat.
I would definitely look up a carseat safety page, they will give you CORRECT information!


18-24 months as long as they meet the weight and height requirements

I think its 50 lbs or 2 yrs old.

I would definitely look into the laws, carseat guidelines for the carseat you have and also what you feel comfortable with. You will get every answer under the sun with this question along with some mom shaming.

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Look up the requirements for your state

It’s best to keep them rear faced as long as possible

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Look into your state laws. My older boys I was allowed to turn them at 1 but that was over 10 years ago. They changed the laws here so now with my toddler he is technically supposed to be rear facing til 2. He is 21 months now and forward facing because he was miserable rear facing. There was no room for his poor legs.

Legally its different in each state
Here in PA its 2 years of age to forward face but he was almost 3 before I turned him around

My pediatrician told me to go off height and weight but mostly by their weight. My daughter is almost 3 and she is no where near the requirements to be front facing. She may be 4 and still be rear facing but if that’s what it takes to keep her safe then so be it. I would talk to your pediatrician and look up your states laws.