When should you introduce silverware?

Whats a good age to start introducing silverware? My youngest baby girl is 13 months. She’s a really good eater and eats just about everything but always with her hand which is fine. But not sure when to contemplate giving her silverware. I don’t want to distract her and not have her eat either. I gave her silverware a bit several.months ago and she just used it and banged on the tables and chairs, lol.


Hi!! As a toddler teacher, we tend to introduce silverware around 15mo. My classroom, 18m to 24m, introduces silverware and lidless cups.

Everything a baby/toddler gets it’s hands on is explored……we bang it and observe the sound….look at it turning it in all directions and feeling how it feels….put it in our mouths and see how it tastes……let your baby explore, show her how to use it correctly (she likely won’t at first and that’s ok), let her figure it out-it’s messy but she will get it!

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We started around 6 months.

My kids start the day the started eating. So about 4-5 months.

We did the baby silware at 6 month when kid started eating solids

Maybe let her investigate utensils after she has eaten enough and help and let her try it, ya know just feel it out and if it doesn’t take just yet try again another time or give utensils during snacks

I don’t remember when bc my daughter had some delays but our early intervention team recommended this spoon as it was the easiest to grasp.

I introduced a regular cup at seven months and plastic cutlery at about nine. No real self feeding until much later as I had a hand feeder. Chopsticks at about two or three.

I would always give it to her every single time, no matter what she does with it, you can show her and she will eventually pick up on it, they have training utensils for littles

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We did children’s utensils at 6 months


The sooner the better I feel! My 2nd is 12 months now and what I usually do is feed her like 2/3 of her meal so I know she’ll eat enough then let her play with the rest with her fork or spoon. She can eat yogurt herself now and can use a fork if the pieces are soft enough like chicken or cooked carrots. She also loves helping me cook though and I think that helps! I let her stir stuff, she can dump packets or seasonings I hand her in the bowl/stove and even tries using a plastic kid knife to chop stuff, it’s adorable :heart: she can also drink from normal cups. I think the biggest part is letting them explore without expectations, she surprises me everyday the stuff she can do herself. I’ll fully admit I babied my first lol

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Get kids eating utensils, plastic.

I would introduce now and hand her a spoon when she eats