When should you let your daughters shave their legs?

Mom’s of preteen or teen girls! Have you let them start shaving their legs? If so, what age? My daughter is turning 13 in 2 months and she doesn’t want to wear shorts and I think it’s because her legs are hairy. I told her she could shave them if she wanted to. Is this too young? I can’t remember when I started shaving.


You let them shave when THEY are ready to shave. It’s not up to you to tell them when they are ready. If she is uncomfortable, she is ready.


I just went through this. My daughter is 10. She is going to the 6th grade. Kids these days are cruel. So she kept asking me to do it. She wore leggings to school everyday. Wouldn’t wear shorts around other kids. This Thursday I let her. Going to middle school, it’ll help her confidence. I didn’t want to, but I did. I bought her fochst crystal hair eraser. So we not messing with razors yet! But the crystal worked great! She was able to do it herself. Hope this helps!

I let my dark haired daughter start using Nair at 10, my blonde daughter start shaving at 11. Basically when they started getting self conscious about the hair on their legs I let them. I was made fun of a lot when I was younger because of the hair on my legs and I didn’t want that for them.


As soon as my daughter feels uncomfortable about it we will start with a guard razor. She’s currently 7. My mom allowed me to start shaving at 8-9 because my leg hair was very dark and very thick.

This is a very appropriate age if she wants to. I wouldn’t pressure her but let her know that if she wants to, you will show her how.

Not too young. Get her an electric razor. Depends on the individual. I shaved off my little blond fuzzy hair at 12 and did not really need to. Made me feel better. Wore a bra before I needed to also. That is when girls had to take showers at school with all the girls.

I was like 8. I hated the feeling of the hair against my clothes. I have a daughter but she’s only 3. My 14yo son has shaved his mustache a few months ago lol. But with an electric one so he didn’t cut himself.
If she’s uncomfortable with wearing shorts bc of the hair, let her remove it. Teach her how so she’s safe.


I think it varies. Everybody hormones are different. I was 8 I was very embarrassed & uncomfortable that I was growing hair earlier then everybody else.

I’m not sure when I started, I had 3 older sisters so the razor was always there! I always wanted to be like them maybe around 5, mind you I had no hair :rofl: I always ha e scars to prove it :rofl:

My oldest daughter was 12-her hair was very light and she never even asked, my middle daughter was 9/10- her hair was dark and thick, my youngest will shave hers somewhere between 10 and 12 I’m thinking- she has very light colored hair. I was 10 I think, I just did it and didn’t care what my mom said, she wanted me to wait until I was 13- I was embarrassed even though my hair was light

My parents made a big deal about it and I had to wait till like 1 but if somebody has lots of hair let them do it I say😃

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I let mine at 10. If the leg hair was bothering them, it’s time for them to learn to shave.


I believe there isn’t a age that is appropriate. When they start getting hair that’s noticable than they should start shaving. Now, depending on age and maturity, they made need supervision and/or help shaving, if nature hits them early. But I don’t think girls should have to walk around with hairy legs or underarms just cuz their parents deem them too young to shave. Kids would def start bullying them, esp if it’s hot outside and they are wearing tank tops and shorts. They will feel self-conscious. My daughter started to get hair around 10. Barley anything. Than not long before she turned 12 she began shaving cuz it was becoming more noticeable.


My daughter is only 3 but I know with my younger sister she was allowed once it started to become very noticeable that she had leg hair. She was also self conscious about it. I believe she was around 12 or 13.

Growing up I think most girls started shaving their legs around 12 or 13. These days I think girls mature quicker and are more self conscious about hair on their legs. I think it should be a whenever it becomes very obvious to them and it bothers them. It also depends, I have very dark hair on my legs, some girls its almost invisible and less noticable.

I don’t have a daughter, but I was 13 or 14, I think when I was allowed to, but i also had very light hair so it wasnt much of an issue. My step-mom showed me how, told me not to worry about my thighs, i still dont shave them at almost 30 years old. Lmao

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My youngest started at 9/10. I noticed she was using my shaver so I decided to get her one and teach her how to use it properly. She started much earlier than my oldest so it depends on the child.

I wanted to start shaving when I was about 11 or 12. I noticed the other girls talking about shaving their legs and I got super self conscious. I was raised by my grandmother and she didn’t want me to at all. I would sneak my uncle’s razor and shave anyways. Cut myself a bunch because I didn’t know what I was doing. Let her tell you when she’s ready.

My daughter is 11 I let her cause she was really hairy and very insecure about it …

My daughter is mixed and I started shaving her legs when she was seven. She was being made fun of because she was extremely hairy. She begged me for months to shave them. The whole situation was heartbreaking but in the end she was happy with my decision. I have learned after having three girls I have to pick and choose my battles. :heart:


I got bullied by some mean girls in school for not having shaved legs when I was 12…if it’s noticeable she would probably want to shave it before wearing shorts for the summer

My daughter is only 7 but as soon as she asks and feels uncomfortable I will let her :woman_shrugging: it’s her body she has every right to feel comfortable in it any way she chooses

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13 is the perfect age. Good job!!

My 8 year old was Deff feeling insecure about her arm pit hair so we got a electric shaver for now . Her legs are starting to grow quite a bit at first I was like oh no and then I thought if this is bugging her let’s fix it .

I think my daughter was around 10. She has very dark hair and was extremely self conscious of it. I bought her an electric shaver that she could use either wet or dry. It was also impossible for her to cut herself with it. She started shaving with a razor at about 12.

As soon as she decides its her body her choice I got bullied in middle school cuz my dad didn’t want to buy me razers he was a a single dad to him it was an unnecessary extra expense

My stepdaughters mom started letting her start to shave her bikini line when she was around 12 because it bothered her. I think it just depends on the girl and how they feel.

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Jeesh my daughter is 9 and she won’t wear shorts unless I let her shave. Wish she was a teen but she’s already started puberty n is self conscious so I’m gona try to find an electric razor or something for her!

My daughter started around 9 years old and I taught her how. She has the type of razor that comes with the soap bar already attached so no need for shaving cream.

I was around 11/12, but most importantly it’s about her self confidence. Teen years are hard enough, if it’s something that will benefit her then by all means yes. My daughter will be 11 in December but I’ve noticed she is starting to transition into a more mature self.

I plan to let my daughter shave when she either asks, or it becomes clear that she’s ready. It’s one of those things that doesn’t need to be sexualized; most of us start doing it for reasons that have nothing to do with dating.
For me, it was when I was 13 and my overly strict father thought my knees always looked dirty. He was convinced I shouldn’t start shaving til I was 16…apparently the embarrassment of looking like I had dirty knees was enough to change his mind. I’m not gonna try to place anything like that on my own kid.

When they are bothered (self conscious) by the hair on them. This is different for each child. mine started in 4th grade as she was self conscious even though she’s blonde and hair was almost not noticeable.

My daughter was 9 when I let her shave because she already started her period the week before.

My 14 year old never asked permission. There are razors in the bathroom that they can use when they want to. I am fine with it, her body. Her choice

I have 3 girls here and I they all started shaving between 9-10.

Nah, teach her how to do it properly. Proper equipment etc., the importance of a clean razor all that jazz.

I was 9 but I regreated it. My daughter Is 11 and she wants to cuz of her legs but I am waiting til she has her monlthy but 13 is a good age.

Let them shave their legs if their hairy. Putting a age on that is odd to me.

My daughter is 11 and I let her shave. She plays basketball so she’s in shorts a lot.

Right at that age 12-13. Middle school is so tough on body image as it is + going through puberty and bodily changes I think warrant the option to do what they feel is right as well as their maturity to make that first but somehow ‘ pivotal ‘ decision.

I let my girls shave at 12! I was not going to put my girls through that embarrassment. Their legs were super hairy!!!

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My oldest started in 5th grade and my second is almost done with 5th grade and she doesn’t care.
They both are on the swim team so shaving should be something they do often but they don’t seem to care.
I was in 5th grade when I started shaving.

13 I think so that’s when I shaved mine . My daughter is wanting to too but she was wanting to much younger I told her to young when she asked she just turned 12 now going in 7th grade.

My girls was around pre-teen years when they talked to me about shaving… my 11 year old started shaving about 6 months ago when she was 10. If they feel self conscious about having hair on their legs/armpits then they are allowed to shave them.

I taught both my girls how to shave just before their 11th birthday. So 13 is not too young imo. You’re her parent you do what you feel is best for her.

Once my daughter had hair and wanted to shave I let her

My daughter was 13 when she started shaving

When they get armpit hair.

My daughters are 13 and 11 they both shave

You can start with an electronic razor.

My daughter started at 11

As soon as she asked, she was 11

Please let her shave as soon as she wants to. I wasn’t allowed to until around the 7th grade and I was so embarrassed to wear shorts. Kids are mean.


As soon as she wanted to. Around 11.

My daughter was 6 when she first asked because some girls at school commented about her legs. I let her do it and she never asked again afterwards

I let my daughter at about 11. I bought her an electric razor

Let her if she wants. It’s not a big issue.

I let my daughter start shaving when she was 10

My daughter started doing it on her own, because I didn’t want her shaving her legs and people made fun of her. I feel silly for not wanting her to. That was my own issue I had eith not wanting her go grow up too fast. The fact is thoughts- they are growing up and shaving your legs is part of the process. :heart:

I’d honestly start her on waxing. Because the hair are still technically baby hairs, they will have more of a chance of not growing back. If you do waxing, she won’t have to worry about shaving every week, multiple days outta the week.

When they ask. Show them how to do it safely. That said, mine is almost 11 and her legs are still pretty much hairless and her arm hair is blonde.

When she asks. My daughter is 11. Weve been talking about body changes shell expirence, read books, watched videos. She knows it’s something SHE can choose to do when she wants to. I don’t pressure her or ask her. She knows to talk to me when she wants to.