When should you plan a baby shower?

At what stage should I have a baby shower? Do’s and don’t? Am I allowed to plan it?


Are you taking about throwing yourself one? Or with someone. I did mine at 32 weeks but started planning weeks before. My sisters threw my party

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mine was thrown a month before i was due. some due closer or earlier

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I did mine at 30 weeks.

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I did mine at 32 weeks, my sister in kaw planned mine but yes u can throw ur own or sometimes others offer to throw it for u

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I did mine at 7 months

My kids Godmother threw me one a month before I was due. It was a nice backyard shower with games and food.

I had mine at 22 weeks

People will tell you how ‘rude’ it is to throw your own. You do you. I threw my own for all my kids, because I like the fun it brings by planning decorations and games and food. And it brought my family together a whole bunch too. We are doing ours in the beginning of January. We are due February. “Help us Ring in the New Year with Baby (insert name we haven’t picked yet here)”


Earlier the better (i had 1 planned almost 2 months b4 my due date n baby came 2 days b4 the party my oldest was planned at 34 weeks and he came 3 days shy of 38 weeks) plus having 1 early gives u time to buy what u didnt get, a chance to nest, and a chance to relax

I never had baby showers. I was a single mom I did it all myself… But I’d say after the 6th month

I’d do it anywhere from 28-32 weeks. I helped plan mine but someone else hosted. But if you’re talking about throwing yourself one, that’s fine too.

My son was a couple months old when he had a shower. In my culture we don’t celebrate life before their born

To help better prepare for your bundle of joy I’d say do the shower between 28 wks to 32 wks. The reason I say no later than 32 wks is that the baby may come early and you want time to prepare for your new bundle. Also having it early like that gives you time to go get things needed that you didn’t receive at baby shower.

I threw my own baby shower at 20 weeks was easier for me but it’s up to you I did mine while I was still comfortable and not too big hahaha

I did mine at 36 weeks, but I didn’t do a baby shower in the traditional sense. I did more of a diaper party. Family showed up, played games, ate food, and socialized. Instead of gifts they brought diapers and wipes which got them raffle tickets for prizes. I already had everything I needed for baby so I didn’t want a bunch of gifts.

Of course, this was pre-covid and before the restrictions on gathering. So most people I know who had have babies since covid have been doing virtual showers with Zoom or drive by showers. A few of them set up a table at the edge of their yard with favors and something to write a note on or sign. Then another table for gifts. Mom stood near the door so people could take pictures from a distance. They have been really cute and much safer.

Your allowed to do whatever you want.
I planned both mine. It would have been nice if family or friends had stepped up more though.
Its best to have it as close to your due date as possible. I think i did both mine about 3 weeks before i was due.

I had mine at 30 weeks. You do you, that’s it

In my circles it’s still considered tacky to throw your own baby shower. No one around here would throw their own. Friends and family do it. My sisters threw mine. But you do you. If no one will throw one for you-take matters into your own hands and do what you’re comfortable with! Mine was at 30 weeks, thankfully since I was forced to go on bedrest the next week! I’ve seen them anywhere from 7 months to 8 and a half…

I did all 4 of mine at 25 to 30 weeks. But that’s only because I could actually get out of bed by then. You can throw your own or have a close friend or family member do it depends on your preference no wrong way to have a shower

I’m doing mine November 9th even though I’m due January 16. Only because with thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas we don’t want to overwhelm family with an extra event

I’m doing mine at 32 weeks but my first child came at 34 weeks so it makes me a little nervous doing it this late.

After baby is born. Trust me from a mama who lost a baby, dealing with all that stuff is something happens is the shits. I am a firm believer in after baby is born but it’s your choice. Also you know 100% the sex of the baby and what you will need

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With my son I had my baby shower october 7th and was due December 25th. I had it early because I wanted halloween themed clothes for the baby. For this one I am due November 11th, I’m having a gender reveal shower September 12th, and a regular shower October 3rd.

It all comes down to when you want to have one. Some want one very close to their due date. Others dont. I was scared of my baby coming early so I planned it for not as close, and this time around my son was born on his due date and I was told babies tend to follow a pattern so I am okay with it being a little closer.

My babies tend to come/try and come early like 9 weeks early so I have had my baby showers about two months before due date many will say thats too early but its whatever you want

It’s 20 20 do what you want and stop worrying what everybody else wants you to do

Shower etiquette really depends on how your family and friends operate. My mom, MIL, and I planned mine. Mostly because I was weird and didn’t want any games or anything weird because we were doing a co Ed shower. No biggie. It turned out great! :heart:


Usually you have a friend or relative plan your shower. Unless you want to do it yourself then by all means. I had mine 2 months before my due date. I know with COVID-19 some mothers are opting to do a baby shower by mail. That’s also something to think about.

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I had a friend who made her baby shower a drive by shower. Had a table set up by the gate and everyone got a thank you pakket who came by.


Due to COVID, I created a Walmart registry! You get a free box of stuff when you do it and I know other sites like amazon/target do it as well​:blush:I have been slowly adding stuff to it over time, that I know I’ll need. Once I found out the gender, I added even more because I knew I’d need boy stuff. I posted mine a week or so ago and I’m due in December. I’ve been told it’s too “early,” but honestly to me it doesn’t hurt to post it now because it gives people plenty of time to know what you need. But you do what you feel is best and don’t let anyone tell you when or how you should do a baby shower!:heart:

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Theres no rules to it.
Do it whenever you want most people do it around 32-34 weeks.
Alot of times a friend or relative plans it.
I planned all 3 of mine with friends/relatives :woman_shrugging:
Theres no one set way to do things


I am having mine during week 25 that way I can avoid the holidays and have plenty of time to get the stuff I need for my little one. And I am planning my own but my Aunt did offer to help. So we are both planning it.


My family waits to have the shower after the baby is born. We’ve only bought the necessary things.

I didn’t plan mine, my family did when I was 35 weeks. I thought that was perfect

I had mine in Oct (due January) but I wanted to avoid all the holidays. Most people do it closer to their due date. I started to plan mine but my sis in law took over and did it

I had mine about 6 months in my pregnancy. I planned it myself and my mom and aunt helped me with everything. It’s your day, you do what you want! :blush:

Do whatever you want if your baby shower I waited personally to figure out if it was a girl or boy before I threw mine actually I did not even want one… my dad insisted and surprised me

I’m doing mine when I’m 29 weeks but that’s because that fits everyone’s schedule

A virtual baby shower is also a great idea during this crazy Covid time!! I had mine about a month before my due date!!

I’m having mine a little over a month early. I know a girl who had hers a little over a month early and the next day her water broke.

I started planning mine at 10 weeks, sent out invites at 14 weeks & had it when I was 20 weeks.

I had mine between 25 and 30 weeks. You can definitely plan your own!

Wait till after the baby is born. Then you can get stuff you need plus a few mummy gifts

You normally have a friend or family member do it. I did mine at 7 months

No Sherrill at least third trimester of pregnancy.no u do not plan ur own baby shower .

I would say 6 months or more. And of course you can plan it! Especially if you have no one else to plan it for you! Best wishes girly and congratulations!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I did mine 1 month before I was due my mom and I planned it we’re huge Halloween fans and I was due in November so it was the perfect opportunity to do a Halloween themed shower

Anytime I personally think it’s nice to have it a little early so you have an idea of what you still need to get Congradulations

i had mine when i was 6months.

I planned mine with my sister. I know someone else is supposed to plan it but who cares. I had mine at the beginning of my third trimester

When the baby is dirty. Oh wait…

I’m having mine roughly a month before I’m due.

You can plan your own shower, although usually is the family who plans it.

There is never a right or wrong time to plan one, although most usually plan it at the beginning to middle of the third trimester.

If you want games, find some you like that you might also be able to participate in and let your planning party know.

Invite people who are going to give you a supportive, fun environment and try not to go overboard. Also make sure there is plenty of food or finger foods to snack on.

I usually have mine a couple months before I am due. And I have planned and also have had someone throw me one. Its whatever you want. I always included my other kids, so my friends always bought their kids.

I planned my own baby shower and it came out great. I had it a month before my due date