When should you take baby on vacation?

Its something I think every parent needs or at least me time
Don’t forget abt yourself or you may lose yourself along the ways and wonder what happened to yourself
You to always re-energize
Look after yourself before you can look after your household

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mines a year and he hasn’t been away from me for more than 12 hours :sweat_smile:

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Omg I would love to leave me kids for that long. I need the break but my kids are a handful, no one would watch them

You leave your kids for a vacation??? I thought a vactaion is a FAMILY thing or is it just me?. 💁

Never​:smiley:but just do your own thing​:grin::grin::grin::ok_hand:

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never lmao i wish id get a day. :joy:

My kids go with us everywhere regardless if it is for vacation or not.

15 & 12 and it was only 1 time for a weekend

I left mine for the 1st time October 2018. My children were 3, 5 & 11 at the time

It wasn’t a vacation! We loved 3 hours away from my family and sometimes they would take my daughter with them for a week to spend time with her but she was one and a half when she would go with them for a week! She would stay with her Grammy and pappy and loved it!

I’ve never been without either kid for more than 12 hours. Their dad is a trucker and has been with his company long enough to allow his significant other to ride with him. I’ve been back and forth with myself all week because my kids are attached at the hip but I will be going out on the road with him for a week while their grandparents spend some quality time with them and have a lot planned together. It’s good for your mental health to spend time away from your children. It doesn’t make you a bad parent. Having kids is HARD and even harder but it’s 95% doing it in your own.


Oldest is 16 youngest is 9 never been on vacation without them

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Oldest is 5 and we’ve only done a long weekend once :woman_shrugging:

I have a 5 year old and 5 month old and I’ve never left them lol

Hubby and I will be going on a 5 day vacation at the end of July. Our son will be almost 2 and he’s staying with Grandma.
We are going to a convention that is 6 hours away from home, which is a lot of walking and sitting in panels. Kiddo would be bored out of his mind and wouldn’t be able to sit still in a stroller all day…plus Grandma loves time with him, so he’ll have a blast.
Normally I’d pass on such a long vacation without him, but this is the LAST time they’re ever doing this convention and I’ve been telling hubby for years we would go.

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Never left her, but she left me when she was four. She took a lot of pictures and she still talks about her first trip on the train. She’s 30 now and we enjoy road trips with her girls.

7 for my older 2 never for my 7 4 and 2 year olds. They both went to visit my sister with my mom. I have never left them and went anywhere

Havent yet… dont plan to really … My oldest is 6 :blush:

Never ever! I wouldn’t even want to vacation with out my kids. I love having them with us.


I couldn’t go without

Because of medical issues with one of my babies I had to leave 4 others for about 4 weeks. They got to make the trip to see me and their little brother maybe 3 times the whole time we were there but we video chatted daily. And ever since then i havent been away from my children longer then 2 maybe 3 days.

Never have… Theyre 7,6 and 6mos

Never.Mama did not leave her babies.

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I could barely handle having my second baby and leaving my first to stay with my mother in law and they visited daily. I don’t plan on ever going that long until my kids decide to leave me!

My girls were 2 and 3

Never in a million years

Don’t guilt her🙄 everyone needs a break every now and then

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If you can afford it, why not🤷🏽‍♀️ as long as babies are with someone you know and trust

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I have never left them and went away for a week. I’ve gone for a weekend while they are at their dad’s. My oldest has left me for a week with his aunt’s and grandma on vacation.

Everyone talking about “a mom never leaves her babies” stfu.
My baby is 2 weeks old,
I already left her overnight with my
Mom due to needing a break. I personally would wait till about a year to leave them for a week tho!

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My oldest is almost 16 and i havent vacationed without them ever. I would say if you trust who they are with, at 5, they are at a good age.

My mom started sending my sister and I on a plane to my grandma’s for the summer when I was 4 and she was 6.

We turned out just fine. It doesn’t make you a bad parent, calm down :joy:

I personally wouldn’t within the first 6 months but after that it’s up to the grandparents or whoever will be babysitting how long is acceptable (how long that is convenient) at the current age they are otherwise fuck the kids they get week long school trips so parents should be aloud to take a week long vacation every couple of years without the children.

Never years old.

My sons 2 1/2 and I’ve only done a few overnights.

7 and 6, and it was only for 4 days while my Husband had a medical procedure done out of town. Their Grandparents came to stay with them. Never done it other than that… and they’re 15 and 14.

My 3 were 8 5 and 2 just a long weekend. X

What’s a vacation without the kids?

My son was 3 and stayed with my parents while his dad & I went away on our wedding/honeymoon in the Maldives (we eloped so it was just him & I). 1 week was too long for me, he is 6 now and hasn’t been gone but once overnight when I had his brother.

Are you breastfeeding? Do you know your child will be safe and loved by the person/ people taking care of them? Have you been away from your child for any period of time before - if so how did you feel about that?

Still haven’t done it lol ,

My girls were 6 and 8 when their dad and I got married. They stayed with their grandparents that night and me and my husband went two hours away for one night. That’s the only vacation him and I have ever had with just the two of us. The kids and I have vacationed and left my husband home but my kids have always vacationed with us. They are now 16 and 18.

Lmfao I took a weekend trip to the beach when my second son was 3 weeks old , y’all people saying never sound very condescending like the people saying never are better then the rest of us I’m glad you’ve never need a break but some of us do so hop of your high horse y’all are acting like a bunch of Karen’s

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My oldest is 19, still haven’t gone lol

Never yet and she’s 5. Its tempting but im a big kid and couldnt justify doing the fun things without her. I’d feel mean :joy:

My eldest is 9 and I have never left for more than 3 days. Was planning a 5 day trip this summer with no kids, but it didn’t work out, next year hopefully!

Never years old :face_with_head_bandage::sneezing_face: lol

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Hasn’t happened yet. He’s three.

Ha ha! I thought you meant left them ALONE while you went on vacation!

My son went to Disney World with his aunt just before he turned two & had a blast, no problem. Not sure if it was nature or nurture, but my kids were always really independent. We had lots of trusted friends and family who would spend time with them though the kids were taught about stranger danger & bad touch from early on.

Just a thought for all you moms who never leave your kids: what happens if something happens to you? Be sure you have your own identity apart from being “Mom.” You need to give them wings to fly too. They will need to go to preschool, school, activities/sports, field trips and leave you, so get them used to it now & avoid meltdowns later. Or is it you who needs the practice time away so you don’t melt down? It’s good to have them spend time with other people to widen their horizons.

And one day they will leave the nest to go to college or to their own place, move for a job or marriage or whatever. Be prepared to have your own life & identity & don’t live through your kids. Be able to be happy with just your spouse and just yourself. It’s a great skill to have.

I think they were like forty years old and married!