When should you take baby on vacation?

How old was your child the first time you left them for a weeks vacation?


My son will be 6 months and I’m dreading it x

My child is 6 and I havent left her yet. Not sure when I will to be honest. But everyone is different.

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My first, 12. My fifth will be almost 2. Leaving the first time in July.

My are 4 and 2.5 and I still haven’t done that.

14, I went on a Mommy vacation.

I have two kids 13 and 3 and I’ve never left them to go on a vacation for myself. We go in family vacations every year. I don’t think I would leave them to go on one with just my spouse and I :joy: maybe when they both grow up I suppose.


My oldest is 8 and never left them don’t think I could either :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I’ve never left my kids for a week vacation, my kids come with me.


Never have. My kids are 5 and 3. Don’t plan on it either. If I’m going to go on vacation, I’m taking my little guys with me.


My daughter is almost 4 and I’ve never left her. Yet. Not sure when I’ll be ready to do so.

6- i was required to fly out of state for work, she stayed with her grandparents (we split time with both sets)

Never went away for a week without my kids
They are now 35,30,25,24

My kids are 3, 4, 15, and 17 and unless you count hospitalization never lol

What’s the point of going on vacation if you can’t enjoy it with your kids?

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Never. My family and my husband’s family don’t ever wanna watch my kids even for a day for me to do anything. Y’all are lucky.

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Everywhere i go my kids go. I wouldn’t feel right doing that.


Mine is 5 and I would never leave him for that long

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My daughter is 33yrs old and have never left her for a weeks vacation, we go on FAMILY VACATION every year with her and her husband

My oldest is almost 3. The longest we have been apart is when he spends 2 nights at his grandma’s house. I don’t think I could be on a vacation without my baby 🤷


My oldest will be 8 in August and I’ve yet to leave her for more than an overnight at grandma’s.

I never have and they are 14 & 12. They are my kids, my responsibility, nobody else’s. They have spent nights out, but never more than 2 in a row because they don’t want to be away that long.

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Uh 1 maybe 1 and a half. My mother in law took him for a week since we lived about 2 hours away and couldn’t go over there alot. Now he’s 3 and we see them almost everyday due to living 5 minutes away.

Don’t understand it why have kids if you wanna leave them for a holiday


But when it comes to vacation I wouldn’t leave them because I wouldn’t feel right that they don’t get to enjoy it and have fun with us. Vacations are meant to enjoy and make memories with your kids.

Never left my kids for a holiday

My son was 10 and I cried the first 2 nites on a freaking cruise🤣

Never, we vacation together

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I didn’t know that was an option lol

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5.4.and 1! Go have some fun girl

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Dont listen to these women! All parents need a vacation with their significant other. It doesn’t mean you dont love your children! My goodness. This is why the “stigma” of millennials exist!


3 months and he stayed with grandma and grandpa

My daughter was a little over a year old when my husband and I went on a trip for a few days. I didn’t feel like she would enjoy the heat and we hadn’t spent any alone time together since she had been born. That is the only vacation we have taken without the kids.

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Never. I always take them with me. I’ve only been without them overnight. I would LOVE to have a vacation alone lol enjoy yourself!

We have never been a full week anywhere without our kids. They are 13 and 15 now. We have taken a few 2-3 day trips. The kids stayed with my mom or my mother in law while we were gone. I think my oldest was about 1 the first time we went to the beach for 2 days.

I think my youngest was 3? So probably 3, 4, 7, and 8. Hubster and I went to Mexico.

Never left my kid for a vacation, he and i went to ky, while my husband stayed home. My son was 2 the first time we traveled 7 hours together. He was great in the car

22 months… my husband and I recently went to the Dominican Republic for a week and our daughter stayed with her grandparents and had a blast. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with moms and dads taking some time for themselves to recharge… it gives us an opportunity to reconnect which I think is important considering having a healthy relationship with your spouse creates a healthy environment for your children… It also allows you to get some rest, and sometimes you need that to be the best parents you can be! Also don’t think there’s anything wrong with children spending one on one time with their grandparents and being spoiled for a week… I think it’s healthy for both parties!


My daughter was about 1 year old when we left for a week. My, now fiancé, took me on a motorcycle trip to propose to me.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it, you mom shamers!

The question was “how old was your child the first time you left them for a weeks vacation”

Not “do you find it morally acceptable”

So, good for you nose in the air ladies who have never left your kids once because you’re perfect.


My oldest is soon to be 8 but I have 3 children younger than her and one due any day. I’ve never left any of them that long. The longest was for 1 day while my husband & I went an hour away for our 1st wedding anniversary and spent the night. We plan to TRY and do that every year on our anniversary so that’ll be the most we’re away from them

Never did that, I was lucky to have a weekend

A week :joy::joy: Try 3 days with my mom and her bff… 3.5yrs old

Leaving mine with my mama just before his 3rd bday for 4 days…

Never. I wouldn’t enjoy my vacation because I’d be worrying the whole time. :woman_facepalming:


My oldest is 2.5 I’ve never left him that long. Only for 3 nights when I was in the hospital having my second child and I still made his grandparents bring him to the hospital during the day

3 … I went to my now fiancées cabin with him for a week to see if it would be a good kid place … and it was we took him the following year!

My oldest is ten and it hasn’t happened yet. We went for a weekend once when they were 6 and 3, we were only a 2 hour drive away. Then a 5 day hospital stay when they were 7 and 4 but hubby was home to check on them a few times.

My son is 6 and I’ve never been away from him more than 2 days. :woman_shrugging:t2:
My daughter is two and just in the last year started staying over night with my mom. She’s only stayed 1 night at a time.

1 and 3 to myrtle beach

I’ve never left my children

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First time I left my daughter was for a 5 day cruise she was 4 and then my husband and I went on our honeymoon which was 8 days in Cancun, it was awesome she was 7 and my step daugher was 6. We both enjoyed the time apart and both times my daughter stayed with grandparents and my stepdaughter did as well on our honeymoon. We usually take one or two just him and I trips a year without the kids those aren’t very long though usually 4 days we enjoy that time and so do the kids because they get to be with their grandparents

My baby is 4 and that has never happened…yet😂

Never my kids always came with thats family i had kids i made commitment for 18yrs and stood by it all 4 of my kids always was involved in every vacation

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I’m about to leave my 2 and 4 year olds to go on vacation but that’s not the first time we’ve left them while going on vacations. I think u deserve a little alone time away while there little next year were going to start taking them with us bc they will be a little older And ready hopefully lol


My oldest of 4 is 25. And I’ve never had a kidless week long vacation. Lmao. But there’s no rule about age. Whatever age you and your child are comfortable with a lengthy separation. I know parents who’ve done it before the 1st year, and parents like myself who have never taken that much time.

5months left her with the best two Mom’s mine and aunt BoBo! thanks 2 them! Love you booth!

When ever you feel comfortable

It was our honeymoon!

My son was 3. We live in north east England. We went to South East England for a week’s honeymoon. In July well be leaving our sons 7 and almost 2 while we go to Ireland (30th birthday present for the husband).

My son is 6 and a half and IT NEVER HAPPENED. I’m just not ready yet 🤷😂

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Never. I believe my children deserve vacation too.


What ?? When do I get a vacation? I am a grandmother now still have never gotten a vacation.

Never . I didn’t trust anyone.

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She asked if you have, and what age. Y’all don’t need to say “never.” Or “never will.” Parents deserve breaks too.


4 and 2 and never left them for a week. 2 yr old hasn’t been without us and my 4 yr old stayed with my mom for 3 days at 18 mnths old when I went on my honeymoon. We came home early.

7&4 years still havent

Just over 9 months. Wasn’t a vacation as such but had to leave them for a week and travel inter state. Left them with the mother in law.

Lmao these comments are ridiculous. “I’ll never go on vacay without my kids.” :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t2: Shoot, my husband and I are gonna bounce and leave our babies with my parents as soon as we have enough saved! :tipping_hand_woman:t2:


13 and 5 right now and still havent had a vacation :laughing:

My kids are 5 and 1. And I’ve never left them. If we go somewhere, they go too.

23 months. Just for a week. N it was with your dad n grandparents

Never…and our oldest will be 5 this year.

Before his dad and I split when he was four I’d only ever been away from him overnight once. I’ve never been on holiday without him.
If he’s not home with mummy he’s sleeping at the house daddy lives in

I have a 4, 3 and 1 year old nd a 2 month old. Longest I’ve been away from them is a day.

I will never leave my child when shes here. People arent trustworthy anymore

My oldest is 22 my youngest 12.i havent we went on vacation together

My oldest was 3 or 4 he’s now going to be 9 in July and now that we started over my husband and I have a 2 month old and a 20 month old, it won’t be anytime soon haha not because I don’t want too it’s just expensive to travel after having a baby… vacations with your hubby are a good and health break to spend time together

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When my daughter was 4 she stayed with my parents while we went on vaca for 4 nights. If I have the opportunity this year we’ll go for a week. She is 6. We take family vacations also.

Currently they are 15 and a few weeks from 13. Hasn’t happened yet. Lol.


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My first born was like 15 mths and that’s the only time I left him and it was not to go on a holiday it was to go into hospital and stay their until I had my second child was the hardest thing I had to do

A year and a half. We went on our honey moon

My oldest is 5, about to be 6 and I still have yet to take a week’s vacation. I just had my first night away this past weekend since my soon to be 4 year old was born! 🤦🏻

Vacation wise never🤦and I need one my kids and going on 5&4 years old. They are always with me cause I can’t get no one to really watch them

No years old because we haven’t yet! She’s 17 months old. I can’t imagine a week without her.

Never did why would you leave your kids if it was a vacation your family should be included

Never left my kids for vacation they always went with us! Why would you?

:rofl::joy: :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:
Wait, you’re serious? People have this opportunity?!

I’ve got 3 kids… Ages 9,5,and 1. I went on a date with the hubby once for an hour, does that count? :rofl:

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OP here: Was feeling super guilty about leaving my 6 month old ( shell be a year then) until I read all of the “ I’ve never been away from my 5/12/25/150 year old kid for one second” now I’m like, yeah, she’s staying with Grammy. :joy::joy::joy: To be fair: we’re blessed enough to take multiple vacations. We’re going to the beach WITH her for 10 days. And then taking a couples trip for 4 nights.


When could we take a wks vacation I’m 70 and haven’t had a wks vac

Hopefully we can afford one before he turns 50yr :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:, fingers crossed here. Hes 2

Never lol…I trust noone with my children.

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Never & never will. If my kids can’t go on vacation with me I’m not going.

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I’ve only ever been on a full weeks holiday 3 time and that was before I had kids, I’ve been away on holiday for 4 days but the kids where with their dad :sweat_smile:

The first weeks vacation I went on was last year and I took my daughter with me. She was 5 and we went to Florida. This year we’re going to be spending a week in Arkansas visiting family.

2 I was breaking her from breast feeding.

The first time I left my baby was with nana for 3 days. I saw baby monkeys in diaper and had a melt down on day one because I miss him lol

It’s really sad how many moms are on here shaming someone for wanting to take a vacation without their child. Family vacations are great, but sometimes parents need to get away without their kids and that’s fine. My hubby and I spent a 3 day weekend in Chicago this February and our daughter who is 3 stayed with my mom and sister. As long as you have someone you trust with your child, it’s fine.


My son is 3 and I’ve never left him for a vacation

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Always take them with us! They deserve a nice, funfilled vacation also. Plus I want them to see what all is out there, other than the areas where we live


My son stayed with his papa for 2.5 weeks when he was 4. It was only supposed to be 1 week. It took a lot of talking to me to get me to do it. I dont regret it. He had so much fun!! And his dad and I went to WEfest, and then got school in order for him while he was gone. :slight_smile: