When should you take baby to the hospital with RSV?

Anyone’s one year old had RSV?? How did you know and know when to take them to the doctors?


Man if you have to be asking the internet when you need to take your baby to the doctor then it’s obviously time to take the baby into their doctors office for a checkup


If they have more then 25 breathes in a minute they should be in hospital.

I think if I was concerned enough to ask I’d probably already be on my way.

Just went through this with an almost 9 month old. The nurses told me if he was struggling breathing, wheezing, of had a temp of I believe over 102, got dehydrated, not getting at least 4 wet diapers, it was time to go to the ER. Otherwise there wasn’t much they can do for it.

Fever wouldn’t go down after an hour giving medicine, obvious trouble breathing, and didn’t really want dinner. Rushed to the er and made them do tests to find out rsv and a week stint in the hospital. It’s no joke and nothing to wait on. Get your kid to a doctor Pronto even if you just think it might be.