When should you take your baby for an eye exam?

Moms when should you take your babies in for an eye exam? I saw a really cute baby today that looked to be about my son’s age and noticed he had glasses. Dad wears glasses and I’ve always wondered at what point should we test our sons eyes. I googled online and it says by 6 months and my baby is already almost 18 months. I’m worried I’m behind on checking his vision


I took my son at 18 months only for the simple reason of his older sisters having bad vision at 3yo so me and dr said 18 months and sure enough he’s blind as a bat! Thicker lenses then his sisters

My daughter is 18 months. She’s going in next month (took that long to get a pediatric appt) her doctor said take her in mainly cuz she was born at 32 weeks but I also have poor vision so just starting her off early

My pediatrician said at 1 year. We took him at 15 months because it was a little bit of a wait for appointment availability

I took all my kids at age 2. I have one kiddo that wears glasses.

I took my kids after they turned 2 that’s when I also started taking them to the dentist every 6 months.

Just because parents wear glasses doesn’t mean children do. Most children are far sighted until elementary school BUT don’t need corrective lenses. Children’s vision changes as they grow.
My two older kids went for check ups school aged. My third went before she was a year old bc we had concerns and she’s worn glasses since. My youngest hasn’t gone yet.

I didn’t take my oldest until he was 4 and he needed glasses. So I then took my daughter who was 3 and she needed glasses which made me take my baby at a year old and she didn’t need glasses. I didn’t know when to take them either but I’m glad I did before they all started school!

I took my son around 9 months. Some eye doctors have a program if they are under one they do a free exam. If that one comes out good they typically don’t need to come back until before they start school. I worked at a eye doctor for 8 years.