When should you talk to your daughter about her period?

Moms of girls what’s the best age to start talking to your daughters about their period?


I did about 6 years old so there was no surprises

I was seven when I learned about it. Didn’t get mine till I was about 12 but learning is important. 

My son is 5 and started asking a few questions so ive just explained that for a few days/week every month women have something called a period and thats why i need those nappy things under my cupboard :rofl::sweat_smile: and that why certain days hes not aloud in the bathroom with me and why i might be more tired or cranky as well :sweat_smile: and as he gets older i will keep up with age appropriate answers and will be doing the same as my daughter gets older (shes only 2.5 years old)


When you notice the telling changes in her for what is coming.

Well I have boys and my five year old has known what they are for at least a year.


The earlier the better
Started teaching mine young when they started asking about the pads and tampons I’d buy or they saw in the bathroom, and told my girls and boys about why sometimes mommy needs private bathroom trips
I started at 8 so always wanted them to be prepared

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My child’s doctor offered to make an appointment (she’s 8) to talk to her. Her doctor said that some girls start their period as early as 9 years old.


Our daughters see us, see our experience and the garbage can in the bathroom. I think they WANT us to be honest ad share. The question is tampon or pad. And are U going to go to school with cramps? My neighbor told me her daughter got hers now…and is only 8! WTF.

I’ve always talked about it with my daughter. Very generic to start then as she’s gotten older more detailed. She’s almost 11 and I expect it to come any time now. I didn’t want her blindsided by it so it’s always been an open discussion.

I just had this very chat with my 8 years old daughter the other day as I thought its probably the best time to tell her as she is getting close to that age and I also didn’t want her to be somewhere without me and not know what is happening to her body when the time comes.

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Their whole life. It should be normal conversation and to help understand life. My daughter got hers at 9 years olds. If we didn’t take about what our bodies do she would of never knew what was happening, especially since I wouldn’t think a 9 year old would get it

I haven’t had a proper talk but she knows about it she’s seen my towels and asked what are they and I explained her to briefly she was like"ew" haha I told her jrs completely normal it’s what the human body dies and every girl goes through it at the right age. She’s 7 but we haven’t spoke properly, I still think she’s too young she’s still my baby

Hopefully before they start, I found out about them when I found evidence in my underwear, I was traumatized for awhile…

From the very beginning. We’ve never not talked about it. My son is 7. My daughter is 3. They don’t know all of the details, but they know it’s a thing I sometimes have to deal with.

When I was in 6th grade, the school had a assembly for the girls and health department had a presentation about menstrual periods and gave out a brochure.
Then the boys had a presentation and given a different brochure.
And on the bus ride home, we compared brochures​:joy::joy:.
So when my mom brought up that subject, I’d already learned.

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My daughter is 10 and I’ve had the talk with her about 3 months ago. Girls these days start between age 8/9 to 12. Per her nurse at school even 3rd graders are getting it. Luckily she’s in 5th and we aren’t there just yet. But better to be prepared then little one having not a clue in the world and being embarrassed. Goodluck mama

I’ve done it openly her whole life