When to cut your sons hair?

How many of you mama got your sons hair cut before he was a year old? I can put a pony tail in my sons hair. His hair is down to his nose and past his ears! Lol


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When to cut your sons hair?

There’s no right or wrong. You cut it when you feel it should be. My boys didn’t get hair cuts until around 2yo. My oldest didn’t have much hair. My youngest could’ve gotten a hair cut at birth. The only reason I waited so long was that I had to get rid of his father first :joy:. He didn’t allow me to get his hair cut. His hair covered his face. I wasn’t allowed to do anything about it. Once I cut it he was much happier.

I just cut mine when he needs it. I don’t go by a certain age

My son is almost 5 and never had a hair cut. He will get it cut when he wants to.

Whenever you are comfortable & ready to do so!