When to feed baby finger foods?

So my son just turned 10 months… he’s still on purse with the VERY occasional “finger foods” I find he’s still not ready…how did you know they were ready and what should I even try him with all we tried is baby cookies, and toast with butter but they’re not very “healthier choices”
hes 9 months correctional age


I think he is ready my son was eating normal food at 6 months n he’s 14 months now. For sure by 9onths he should b having more finger food I used green beans mashed potatoes anything softer that is easy to chew

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Theres no reason for him to not have solids unless hes developmentally delayed.

As long as the food is pretty mushy and cut into very small pieces, they can eat it. (Mashed potatoes, oatmeal, etc) if he’s got teeth he has even more options! My son had 8 teeth by the time he was 8 months old so he started pretty early on the solid foods lol


Bananas, soft pears, Apple slices, cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, Avacado, cooked carrots, green beans, and the list is a mile long. My daughter is 9 months and eats basically whatever we eat, when we eat.


All kids are different, keep trying

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Start out with puffs and mum mums

Gerber has lots of great finger foods


Signs of readiness is being curious about what you’re eating (you should have baby around, watching you eat), mimicking eating/chewing, being able to hold their head up and sit up, and doesn’t push food out of their mouth with their tongue. Give finger size slices of fruit, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, basically whatever you eat minus a lot of salt, sugar and spice.

Mashed sweet potatoes, mashed or riced califlower. I don’t know if you are in the U.S. but birdseye or green giant makes those k8nds of veggies in the freezer section. You just pop em in the microwave and voila. I’ll stick a photo in the comments. But warning, once you start them on real food, they will get used to the flavors and there won’t be any going back to baby purees!

Hey my daughter will be a year old in 3 weeks. And my daughter only has two bottom teeth when we tried weaning her at 6 months onto our food she wouldn’t eat it so tried her on Ella’s kitchen and that what she has had only about a month ago I have started giving her finger food as I was concerned how she was going to chew it with only 2 bottom teeth. But she does really well she has a ham sandwich cut up with some crisps and a yogurt or jelly for afters. She will eat toast and occasional she will eat what me and my partner eat only if we are eating it. So it’s all about when you feel it is best. Try with something simple like a piece of fruit or some crisps or even chocolate buttons. I know a lot of people want to choose the healthy option but sometimes it’s about what your baby will eat rather then what you give them.

Fruits cut up real small. Some scrambled eggs, shredded cheese was always a hit for my kids even some soft pasta

Just keep offering him the food, he’ll get it:) every baby develops at different times


They’ll start trying to get at your food hardcore when they’re ready. Then Bring on the micro dicing! Softish fruit is great, my babes first was watermelon. Shred meat really tiny, baby food, purée whatever you’re eating.

Soft foods like mentioned above. If introducing eggs, just offer the yokes. Egg white allergy is common.

If he shows interest and at least tries to it eat it, he’s ready. They work at their own pace. By one, they should be solely on solid food for eating. For mine, I just offered it and let them pick at it. Pretty much anything softer that is mushy or can be cut into tiny pieces. Soft fruit, or cooked harder fruits (apples, pears, etc). Cooked vegetables. Chicken breast in very tiny bites. Cheese in tiny bites. Yogurt. “Chipped” lunchmeats. What you’re having for dinner! Literally anything cut up tiny! Just if it’s a new food, make sure you try one at a time so if he should have an allergy, you’ll know what was new and the culprit. Grapes or hot dogs must be cut and halved. Stay away from popcorn and whole nuts.

Serve him everything u eat just chop it fine and mash .u dont know bcuz u probably never tried. Totally norm

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1yr old is when you cut off baby food via WIC

Broccoli,but make sure is really soft, mashed potatoes , boiled eggs , shredded chicken , oranges , but make sure to try one at a time for 2 days for any allergies …at least that’s what I do ,

Is he not ready or are YOU not ready? He needs FOOD and he is going to develop really bad aversion if you don’t start. Also, he might end up lazy and refuse to feed himself because you do it for him. Bad habits! He’s 10 months! He has teeth! Teeth need the food for healthy enamel.

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He doesnt need that much finger foods till he is a yr old. How many teeth? Avacado, chicken nuggets cut very small, cheese cut super tiny…

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Bananas, eggs,pancakes, avocado, steamed veggies, beans, peanut butter toast or waffle, sweet potato nuggets.

Well, toast isn’t very exciting. Try giving him veggies and fruits. VEGGIES FIRST.
Honestly, be smart. You can give him anything he won’t choke on. Just do 1 item per week to make sure he doesn’t have a reaction.

My daughter LOVED avocado. Try that.

Every child is different, my first 3 kids were ready for babyfood/finger food before my last two kids were. My youngest just turned 1yr old and just started finger foods a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t even start baby food until 9mo old because her gag reflexes were so bad. She has a narrow throat so I have to be super careful she has small pieces and not much at once. If you are bfing your body adjusts your milk to your child’s needs so other foods are to just help the transition when weaning.