When to give babies whole milk?

Hi there I’m switching my baby to whole milk
just wondering how I prepare it for her forgot to ask her pedi do I warm it for servings or serve it cool also in a dr browns bottle should be fine ?


Sippy. As long as the baby is over 1 year old


Idk if your child was breastfed or not but when I weaned from breast milk I used almond milk instead of cows. Was the closest mimic of my breast milk and a lot healthier too! But if not, and you choose to do cows milk, a lot of children are different and you can try either way. Just make sure if you do heat it up, it’s not too hot because milk gets hot fast!

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My mother doesn’t warm the milk and depending on how old she uses a sippy.

I warm my babies milk but he will drink it cold for emergency’s :slightly_smiling_face:

You may have to warm it at first and then gradually warm it less and less as they get used to it. That’s what I did bc at first my kid’s wouldn’t drink it cold… especially at beddy bye time💗


My 11 month old will drink it cold throughout the day but likes it a little warm when going to bed!

Not ice cold. My sis made “moo juice” at first. Half formula half milk. Than just milk, with a moo juice here and there

Sippy (360) and we always did cold. We never warmed anything up.

Add a little at a time to the formula so their stomach can get adjusted to it. And you can make it same temp as they’re used to. Nuk sippy are good transition from bottle as well.

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I usually warm my sons for bed/nap time only.

Please use hemp milk. It’s 1000 times better for her🤗

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Usually 40 seconds in the microwave, and its perf. Temp! Be sure to test it out on your wrist to make sure its not too hot! Id do a sippy cup for day time, but bottle for nap time til you get the baby weaned off of nipples.

I still nock the chill for my grandson he’s 19months old except for his chocolate milk I think he’s spoiled a little though

For the transition we did half what he was used to half milk, and warmed it. After 2 weeks just milk warmed. And a week later he was fine with milk cold!

I didnt warm mine babys when she turned 1. She is perfectly fine.

My kiddo hasn’t liked milk since she was 1 she drinks mostly water, doesn’t do juice either

Depends on how old is your baby.

Nuk sippy cup and warm before bed

Cool is fine you should be weening it off the bottle.

You can warm it up if they prefer, we just shake it after to make sure it’s warm all throughout. My daughter won’t take hers if it’s not warm. We transitioned slowly adding a little more whole milk every couple days and less formula then I gave it about a week or two and took the bottles with hardly any trouble at all! We switched to the nuk soft nipple sippys for her milk. Then She has a hard sippy or straw sippy for other drinks throughout the day

Do not microwave a bottle, the plastic could melt . Also the glass bottle will get too hot. I usually just put some milk in a bowl and microwave it and then pour it into the bottle

I warm half whole and half formula/Breastmilk for the first month or so. I gradually take it down to just whole

I just gave it cold to my daughter. And if the child is 1, you should be weaning off of a bottle, so I would go ahead and give it in a sippy cup.

It all depends on how your baby prefers to drink it. Using a microwave isn’t suggested so perhaps try a bottle warmer in the beginning until your baby accepts it cold. You can also try changing the nipple from a regular nipple to a spout. I used Nuk to transition my eldest and she took to cold milk immediately. I plan to try the same with my second one in a few months, hoping it goes just as easy. :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4:

You can serve warm it’s fun and a bottle then slowly move to sippy