When to go back to work after giving birth?

So Im a new mommy and I’m due in the beginning of July and wasn’t sure how long before and after I should be taking off work… how long have you guys taken off or how long before ? Any advise :slightly_smiling_face:


I would take time off after, that way you can heal and be with your baby more❤️

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Usually maternal leave is 6 weeks. I would utilize all your off time for after the baby gets here. If u can work up until birth then great might take off a couple days before if ur getting Induced etc to prepare and clean/organize and also rest lol


I was taken out of work when I was 4 months pregnant, and returned back to work the day after my 6 week apt

With my first I took off two weeks before I delivered due to being put on bed rest. I went back the day my son turned two months old. My second I took off two months exactly . I’m also due with my third in the beginning of July!! The 3rd!

Your entitled to 39 weeks in all. I’ve personally taken two months before due date and return just before Xmas.
I believe you have to be past 26 weeks for maternity. Unless for medical reasons.
Good luck working out what’s best for you :grinning:

i worked up until my water broke with first, up until induction with 2nd… 3rd I started 2 weeks before due to not being able to sit without pain— 6 weeks after for all 3 (dr refused to release and work would not allow back without a release)

I worked until the day I went into labor and returned 2 months later.

Before delivery I took 1 day off (it was a scheduled c-section)…& after delivery I took 3 months off

Work as long as you can physically work. I was lucky to have a desk job for both pregnancies, so I worked to the day I had them. Then after take as much time as you can to recover. With my son I was off 8 weeks. With my daughter I was home 12 weeks. 4 of those I was working, just at home. We did that to save money when she started daycare.

Check your employers FMLA policy. Everyone I know worked until the last Friday in the 39th week.

I took 5 weeks off after baby and a week before I was induced.

I worked up until the day before I had both my boys. And I had unpaid maternity leave after my first c section and was back to work within 5 days. My second baby I got 8 weeks and it wasn’t enough.

I worked all the way to my due date. I was off eights weeks bc I had a c-section and it was covered.

I’m working all the way up until they induce my labor on the 22nd of this month. Then back to work two weeks after she is here, or I’ll have to reapply at my job.

For me I’m working up to the day I go into labor. If I’m induced I’ll take the day before off. After baby my work gives moms 13 weeks and dads 4 weeks.

I toke up till 2 days before due date I wouldve worked longer but had to b put on bed rest due to preaclampisa had her 8 days later getting induced

I worked past my due date and was back to work in 5 weeks. I could have gone back after 3 weeks physically.

I worked up until four weeks before my due date. My daughter is 17 months and I am not going back.

I took a week off before I was to get induced that next Tuesday and it gave me time to clean and get ready for him to come home and I was on leave for 2 months the place you work at should work with you mine did they said come back when you’re ready

I worked up until delivery and then was back pretty much exactly at the 6 week mark

Due to my pregnancies I’m typically out of work about a month or so before baby comes. Then I return to work as soon as my doctor says it’s okay. She typically waits until about 8 weeks after.

I know a lot of women who have worked right up until delivery. It’s kind of up to your body.

Also if you have pto or any leave time saved up you might want to go by how much time you can take from your job.
(Advice from MN… No guaranteed maternity leave)

I took full leave, I left work 1 month b4 I was due with both my kids, time to get myself ready for new baby new routines and healing ext, went back just b4 they turn a year old.

I worked up until my water broke with both of them, first one took 4wks off 2nd one took 6wks off

Took a month off before she came and I have a year and a half before I have to go back to work!

I worked up to the day before I had my baby. It’s all up to you and how your body and baby are feeling. And went back after 8 weeks.

I’m having a scheduled C section, and i put in my notice for two weeks before, to also give me time to prepare for baby. Since it’s a c section I’ll also be out of work for 8-10 weeks after.

I worked up until I had all three of mine. But I took off for 6 weeks after I had them. My body took awhile to heal. It’s all up to you and how good your body heals

If you can, take a week off before you are due. Take it easy and get plenty of rest. Pamper yourself. Then after the baby, the least would be 6 weeks to 8 weeks depending on healing. But…if you can take an FMLA and take 12 weeks after the birth.

I’m a new Mom and had an emergency c- section at 30 weeks. I was cleared by my doctor after 8wks but didn’t return to work until 12wks. My job also requires all leave to be taken consecutively so I took the full amount allowed.

Good luck!

Stoped working at 35 weeks, my daughter is 3 never went back to work, now due with baby #2

Worked up until my water broke and took 12 weeks maternity leave. My suggestion is to work as long as your able bc time with the baby is the best use of maternity leave. And take at least six weeks maternity if you’re able. Good luck!

With my daughter I did not work at first, but got a job 4 weeks after she was born ( had no choice )

With my son I was able to take almost a whole year off working I did however babysit my nephew for a little money each week, but it was nice to be home I didnt have that luxury with my daughter :confused:

I worked up til i was 8 months pregnant, my bump got too heavy and i constantly got in the way of my coworkers and i didnt mean to

I worked up until my water broke and took a full 6 weeks off.

I’m in the same boat! 1st time mom due in August. I’ve been trying to decide how much time to take off before and after baby. I’m in nj and they give 6-8 for maternity and then an additional 6 for fmla if you qualify. I was thinking maybe 8 weeks after baby tho.

I was given 16 weeks of FMLA at my job. If you can afford it I would take it.

I was working up until 4 days before my son was born. And I was off a year before I decided to stay home for good.

Worked up until the day before and took off three months after.

I worked up until 3 weeks before i had my baby daughter. Was a good idea cause i was tired from waddling around lol. I was on employment insurance up to a full year and went back to work. Thankfully things worked out in the end, as i was able to put my baby girl in daycare so i can continue working :heart:

With my daughter, I worked up until I delivered and returned a month later. My son I again worked up until I went into labor the night after my shift and returned 2 weeks later.

My job is very physical (lots of heavy lifting, movement, standing for hours) so I took off work about 3 weeks before my due date. They also had to start my replacement at that time.
It was nice to have time before to prepare- set up the nursery, cook, do laundry, have some time to myself!:revolving_hearts:
Each mom is different, just do what you feel is best for you! Lots of moms work right up until they give birth which is awesome!

I worked up till I had my 2nd & went back to work when she was 6w

Depends on your work’s maternity policy, really.

I worked until the day I was in labor. Actually I worked half the day in labor and then was off 6 weeks with my baby boy

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2 weeks off back to work 3 weeks after c section. I’m a rehab therapist. I had no choice my estranged husband had/has a spending habit. I ended up suffering from spine fracture and body going septic. Please take as much time needed.

I was able to take off 2.5 years

I was off the last 3 months of my pregnancy due to heart palpitations. Then I got 12 weeks off from work, after she was born, and had to go back. Going back is definitely a struggle because I did not want to leave her. Luckily I have a great family support system. I hope you have an amazing pregnancy. :two_hearts:

I’ve been on leave for 3 years and 3 days

I worked up u till the night i was induced ! But my job was not high demand was hard on the feet and back as i was on my feet all day but i managed to work up until i was induced

I’m working until my doctor or boss makes me leave… or baby girl comes. I plan to be off for a month.

It depends on what your job is, what you’re comfortable with, and what your doctor says lol. I work as a preschool teacher and I worked up until a week before I had my son. My doctor had me stop when I did because of blood pressure issues.
After, same thing. I went back to work at 7 weeks because of financial reasons but if I could’ve stayed home longer I would have. My doctor released me to work at 6 weeks postpartum.

I worked at the warehouse up into my first day of contractions, after having my daughter my bosses decided to let me work from home,was working from home after 2 1/2 weeks

I work with my first until the day before our emergency induction. With my second I had a lot more problems and my doctor asked me if I could stop working a week before my induction date. I ended up emergency induced three days later.

First baby I could only afford 3 weeks off and second I was off for almost six weeks worked one day and then had winter break for two weeks.