When to pack hospital bag?

Seeking advice on when to pack hospital bag & relieve hip pain.

I’m 34wks as of yesterday. This isn’t my first child, and I know every pregnancy is different, but this time has been extremely painful just about the entire time. Baby is cruahing my pelvic and sciatic nerves, sits super low, and I’m just all-around miserable. The doctor says he measures a whole month early. My due date is the end of October, but he’s been pushing down a lot lately and has already dropped. Should I go ahead and have my go-bag ready just in case? Also, does anyone know of any ways I can try and relieve the pain in my hips and pelvis? Everything that worked with my first two pregnancies is doing nothing this go around… Thank you in advance. It

I would definitely have a bag packed and ready to go. I had similar pain while pregnant with my son and the only thing that brought some relief was visits to the chiropractor. Good luck!

I have the same pains lol. I’ve found hot showers help at night, yes pack you hospital bag. This is my baby number 5 and once I 34wks I pack the baby bag just in case, even though I have csections doesn’t mean they still can’t come early. Good luck and hang in there your almost done

Currently in the exact same situation. I’m due in November but hes measuring bigger than normal so he may come early. I also have terrible sciatic nerve pain. The only thing that helps me is a hot bath and extra strength tylenol. I also think you should go ahead and pack a bag. Just in case. Cant hurt. Good luck to you!!

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I’m 38 weeks and I feel your pain! Feels like a bowling ball between the legs after getting kicked in the crotch by a horse :sob:.

Yes pack a bag, even if it’s not needed it’ll release some stress.

Pregnancy massage
Pregnancy massage

I would definitely get a bag ready. With my third I had a feeling I was going to have him early, I looked in the mirror one night and noticed it looked like he had dropped, couple days later my water broke, 6 weeks early! Good luck and hang in there momma :blush:

A yoga ball ( the big ones)

Always good to be ready.
See a great prenatal massage therapist

I had a bag packed a month prior to my due date! It’s better to be prepared because like you said, every one is different and it can happen any day any time. I imagine it would suck packing post contractions/water breaking! Be safe not sorry

Pack your bag, doing it early never hurt anyone!
Absolutely nothing helped my hip and pelvic pain other than delivering. My hips were pushed out of place and my pelvis felt broken. Good luck to you!

Unfortunately my sweets I have no advice just sending hugs because I can relate, I say my chassis is bent outta shape, alot of pain and discomfort down under and lower back. Pack the bag… You never know.

34 weeks pregnant too and I’ve had my bag packed for awhile now only because ya never really know when they are going to make an appearance! For hip pain. Heating pads girl!!! That and a hot bath are the only things that help me!

Ask your ob for a pt referral. They will be able to help you with positions and stretches that may help.

I was in so much pain I was in bed crying for 2 days went to work nd i couldn’t move sent home 3 days past till I could get to the docs nd she gave me a girdle nd I would take a tylonal every 6 hours

But that girdle saved me.

Rub tennis balls on your lower back. That worked wonders for me and definitely had some relief.

If you can get a bouncy ball. And bounce away and do hip circles. Lol

Yes! I was going to pack it at my 34 week mark sometime … next thing you know my daughter just showed up and that was my last check up appt and never left the hospital by myself lol

Yes definitely pack your bag mama amdnfor the pain try putting a piloow between your legs while lying in your left. Seems to be helping me i hope it helps you as well