When to pack hospital bags?

Hey all! I know everyone’s bodies are different but I was wondering how fast you moved with your labors? I’m on baby number three and 36weeks, I’ve been contracting off and on for three days; today at the doc they confirmed that I am contracting and I’m 25% thinned and a little under a centimeter dilated… Again this is baby number three but I was induced with my first two so this is the first time I’ve ever dilated or anything on my own, so I’m nervous lol. Should I get ready ready or do you think I still have time?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When to pack hospital bags?

Get that bag ready Asap.
Im 38 wks not contracting yet but i have by bag and baby bag ready

Bags should be packed and already

Definitely pack it. I had to have mine done by 30 weeks just incase as we have early pregnancies in my family

You could go at any time id pack

I would fully pack it asap and that way, in case you for got something you can add as you go.

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My first was 12 hours. My second was 3 days. I was thinned, dilated, was contracting for over a month & water was gone. My 3rd was a few hours & ended in emergency C-section. Every delivery is different.

I always had my bags packed before 36 weeks. I’d add & take away after that though :joy:. I have anxiety though. I was always worried about suddenly going into labor & not being ready. Have it in your car too. My 3rd went from routine Dr appt to “go to the hospital for observation” to “were inducing you” to being rushed to the OR. My bag was at home. I got it the day after he was born. Oddly his bag was in the car :joy:.

My water broke at 5 pm, my contractions were 2.5 minutes apart just under an hour later as I was packing my hospital bag. Off to the hospital we went and she arrived at 9 pm…three weeks early.
Pack NOW! :joy:

Bags should be packed and ready for sure.


Definitely pack bags. But it doesn’t mean you will. I’ve only gone into labor but myself 1 time out of 7 pregnancies. And I still went to 40w. Even with the one I dilated a little for I still had to be induced but it did make it easier to induce like I didn’t need anything for my cervix but still took 12 hours. I’ve had 4 inductions and 2 csections and the 1 that came on their own.

Id have ur bags ready.


It’s time to pack. I’m not saying it’s gonna be today or even Tomorrow but it could happen so being ready is a good idea. My first they stopped my labor and 3 days later I had him. My 2nd I went into labor around 7am and had her by quarter to noon…

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have a bag ready to go and sitting close to your door

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Yes bag should be packed

First 36 hours second 3 weeks slow labour and 12 active 3rd was 3 and half days every pregnancy is definitely different I wouldn’t do induction again 3rd was the worst and definitely last

With my first 2 I had a lil longer labor and difficult deliveries, first by c-section the 3 successful vbacs, each time getting quicker and quicker and less painful with labor and delivery :grin:… With my 4th I was 4 cms dilated for a week with no contractions at 38 weeks (you can dilate upto 4-6 centimeters b4 even getting contractions, the hospital will send you home if your 4-6 centimeters and not in active labor), was due the 22nd but had my daughter Nov 15th. Started having contractions at 12:30pm and had her at 3:10pm so labor & delivery was super fast

I packed my baby girls bag at 30 weeks im about to be 33 weeks and I’ll be packing mine next week

Pack your bags today to have ready to go. Never know how quick labour will come on.

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Pack the bags, mama. Sometimes babies like to come fast once the water breaks. Put the bags in the car and have a bag of snacks waiting in the kitchen lol.

Pack asap. Always be ready :blush:

It never hurts to have everything ready just in case. With each of my pregnancies Ive had all bags packed by 30-32 weeks.

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My first was 4ish hours, 2nd was 13 hours(could’ve gone longer but I had my induction scheduled that day). I started prepping about 32ish weeks. Just bc you never know. I did take some stuff out and put other stuff in.

My 3rd pregnancy was my longest. Went in with false labor at 36 weeks and he stayed put till 39 weeks.

Exciting! Congratulations on the new baby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I would get ready, get a back packed anyway. 36 weeks is still early and hopefully you carry to term, but with contractions already happening it could happen at any time. Have a bag ready.

Be ready all the time

Get ready. My 3rd was VERY fast. Dr didn’t even get gloves on fully. 5oclock saw Dr, diagnosed, irritated uterus. (Was in pain for days) home by 6pm, with sleeping meds and tylenol 3’s. Didn’t take sleeping meds, thankfully. Took t-3 no help, more pain, decided enough is enough… went to hospital, by the time I got there, checked in, etc… I was in full labor… Dr called, baby born at 11:09 pm… Dr arrived just on time… set his things down in my room, washed super quick nurse had to pull gloves up as he was catching baby.

I always pack around 36/37 weeks jus to be safe so I’m ready to go in an emergency

I would definitely pack your bags and start getting ready! I had my son at 36 weeks. Was contracting & dilated to 4cm at 35w 4d, a few days later my son was born at exactly 36 weeks. Every pregnancy is different, so maybe you’ll have this baby without the need to be induced. But definitely get those bags packed and start getting ready for baby!

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Get them bags ready to go you wanna b ready you never know

Pack a bag. Few comfy nighties, couple sets of comfy clothes, underwear, slippers. Toiletries, snacks, pads.

Bubs things - clothes singlets socks nappies. Blanket.

Just have it all ready so when it’s time u can just grab and go