When to potty train boys?

Hello everyone! So my son is 15 months old and I’m due with my 2nd son early August my question is… Is it to early to start trying to potty train? I’m not asking because of purchasing diapers I’m just curious as to if it is to early? And if u think it would be okay what are ways to start this process n how do I go about it? He is very smart he listens very well when we tell him to get his sippy cup or take a drink or when we tell him not to do things he listens very well he is off the charts on everything at the Dr… So If u think its to early to start the potty training then I will wait he is my 1st so I’m new at this. I just want opinions and advice thank u everyone :hugs:


I think every kid is different, but 15 months does sound a little early for a boy. My son is 3 and is still in the process. You could always try it and see if he catches on, but it might just be too stressful for you and him. Try it out!

I would wait to potty train him until after the baby gets here cuz he can go backwards… saying from experience

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Always heard do it in the summer when they turn 2 did 3 kids they were easy some kids are 3 or 4 15 months too young

I’m due in October and I also have a 15 month old. I’ve slowly started, but I’m not fully trying. If I can see she’s trying to go, I’ll take her to the bathroom but if she starts crying to get off, I’ll take her off and start over later

If he is ready then go ahead. If not then I wouldn’t push it…it can cause them to regress.

My mom potty trained all of us before we was walking. No harm in trying and seeing how far it gets

I’m on my 5th, and I’ve never been able to successfully potty train before 2 1/2. Not for lack of trying. But you never know, your kid could be an exception

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I started to potty train my first kid at 20 months and she was fully trained by the time my second baby arrived five months later. It’s worth trying!

I am a mother of 4. 3 girls and 1 boy. My girls were all potty trained by 2 and my son is 3&1/2 and still fights with me about potty training. He knows how to go he just doesn’t want to😢. Bribes don’t even work with this boy!

My kids were potty trained at 18 months. Don’t try to force it but if he shows an interest then you can guide him thru the process.

The best time to start potty training is when they are ready. If he is ready being mindful could go backwards when bub arrives and they can be for attention or just a faze

Is it too soon, no, but I would wait at least until you have the baby. I have heard many times of kids regressing once there‘s a new baby.

Boys usually train later than girls, probably because they don’t care! I would think 2 1/2 would be early for a boy.


I would start trying! Just dont force it or be mean about it because they wont want to.

I felt like my son was ready at around 18 months but was told not to try by his pediatrician because I was pregnant with twins and she said he would surely regress when I brought two babies home. I listened to her and waited to see how he would react. I brought them home and my son loved them from the beginning with no signs of jealousy or regression. Potty trained very quickly. I say this to tell you to go with your instincts, I wouldn’t try to force it but you can introduce the potty and see how it goes. He might surprise you.

Get small kids potty, put in your bath room and have him sit down when you go in to potty. Pretty soon he’ll want his diaper off. Try it, see how he does. If it’s to early. Wait a few months. Try again. Good luck little momma you’ve got this .

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Fear if he’s that attentive absolutly!! I believe children are capable at different ages!! Go for it!!

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I would say you can definitely try, but if he’s resisting, don’t push it as it will make it harder in the long run… also be prepared for regression with it when new baby comes.

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Thank u everyone! I will get some books n do some reading n I won’t rush it but when the time comes wish me luck :blush::smiley: most of u suggested to wait so I will wait to potty train until he is a little older n I will wait until baby is here. Thank u everyone for the great advice!


My son is 1.5 and has no insterest at all. I think you could start trying and if he has interest and wants to go potty, then start potty training. But if he has no interest then don’t make him keep going. I still try here and there with my son to see if he will actually go one of these times, but he just doesn’t have interest yet.

Id be more worried about regression when baby is born rather than it being too early if hes showing interest in using the potty

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My son potty trained at 18 months…I used underwear with him…no pull ups…

Boys and first born tend to be the hardest but if you try to force it too soon it will back fire. It’s best to test the waters and see how he handles underwear and sitting on the potty without pushing too hard, I’ve raised 7 and they all do it in their own time.

Not too early at all my son was potty trained by 16 months. Always let him in the bathroom with you so he’s not afraid of the toilet. Get him a child’s potty and keep it in the room you spend most time in. Buy some underwear and let him wear them around the house, put him on the toilet every 20mins let him sit for a little bit. Make a big deal if he goes. Night time might take a little longer so pull ups for sleeping. If you stay at home with him take 3 days and keep him in underwear and go no where. It’ll be messy but worth it.

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Start it now and make it fun. Then u wont have 2 in diapers I have 3 sons and they are easy to potty train by the time they were a yr old.

Nope my kids are 18 month apart and my first was day potty trained at 19 months fully wit no accidents a month after 2. You just have to be consistent

No it isn’t
Put him on the potty directly after waking in the AM, anytime you go to the toilet, before a bath and when getting out. Same for hubby. He can watch your hubs use the bathroom to see how he goes.
All three of my kids were out of diapers by their second birthday because I did exactly what I wrote here. I praised them when they went and I also gave them hugs when they sat and tried. I never bribed with candy or treats. Do you eat on the toilet?

Good luck and enjoy! It can be fun

My son is 15 months and I have a potty. But all he wants to do is stand inside it so i havent tried to potty train him. I figured if he sees it and sees others using the toilet he will want to do the same eventually.

My aunt would hold her son over the potty when he could hold his head up on his own as soon as he woke up she would sit there with him he potty trained really easy when he got to 2 or 3 I’m gonna ask her to write the process for me cause she’s a great mom and I want training go well for me

My daughter is a year and a month and she has pottied in her baby potty.

I don’t think it’s ever to early. I was potty trained at 13 months by my 2 year old sister. My oldest daughter was potty trained at 17 months. Just depends if he wants to or not. Mom said I was her easiest bc I wanted to so bad.

If he shows signs he is ready I would try. Mine is two I’m due in August as well and we are 95% potty trained. Diapers when we go out on long trips and for bedtime right now. But as soon as he wakes up he wants it off and we go to undies

You can try, but I’ve been told by mom friends that boys usually don’t potty treason until at least 3. My 4 year old is finally potty trained. Hopefully we don’t have too much regression with baby brother being born tomorrow

Try taking him to potty everytime you go while your pregnant and see if he is into it go buy that to see if you should wait