When to start babies on cows milk?

My family has been asking me when i am going to introduce cows milk to my 10 month old…i dont feel like i need to do it now or so early…i am in no rush…is there a point to start it now?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. When to start babies on cows milk?

We started right around 11.5-12 months.

They recommend a year. U can slowly introduce before

Cows milk to drink from 1yr. My sons has some every now and again he’s 11 months but have spoke to health visitor bout this as he went off formula.

I had my son on milk fully by 1 year old. Started with skim

Usually at 12 months

I started weaning mine onto reg milk at 11 mos so by 12 they were completely off formula

12 months, but you can start out incorporating it slowly around 11.5 months.

Use in food to introduce

We started when we hit 11 months and then at 11 1/2 months we started cutting out one bottle a day and going from there. By her first birthday we were good to go

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My oldest threw her bottle away at 9 months. Tried to give her another one and she threw it away. She’s been on cows milk ever since. My youngest is lactose intolerant (took a year to figure out) and drinks coconut milk.

As a drink from 1 year. In good and cereal from 6 months

Usually at 12 months

There is no reason to rush. Many people start after 12 months but really it’s up to you. I mean cow milk is cow breast milk obviously so if you would rather continue giving your breast milk that’s fine too


12 months. They’re digestive track can’t handle until around 11 months

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They don’t need cows milk. Age appropriate vitamins and veggies when you can get them in


You wait till their first birthday

1 year. I started my older boys on 3% at a year. My third son I kept him on formula and then formula for toddlers til 1.5 and my daughter she was on formula until 1.5 aswell.

When she’s one, you are right not to rush it as it can bring on an allergy if her body isn’t ready x

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Not until 1 yr is what the drs always told me.

My eldest started at 10mo but that’s because she rejected formula then. She ate 3 full meals plus snack in between so her Dr thought her body was saying no more because it was getting what it needed from the food. She hated milk though so she never drank it really. Of any kind really. My youngest was about 11 months old when we started going 1/4 milk 3/4 formula and then upping the amount of milk by 1/4 every week until it was just milk. She was on plain milk by 1yo

At 12 months and yes babies do need milk and dairy in their diet

Can put cows milk in with cereals when weaning but can’t have it as a drink until 12 months old

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Cow milk is gross, never gave it to either of my kids personally. Hemp milk was what we used.

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I breast fed till my baby was 2

Doctors recommend at 1 yr old

6 months if the milk is used in foods but 12 months for drinking.

I introduced my son to dairy when he was around 11 months. By the time he was 14 months old he no longer needed or wanted his bottles

My son is 10m n bc of this formula shortage I gave him some almond milk n he did okay with it he is lactose so he has to have a special formula n can’t find it anywhere

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Dr all say one year my baby is 11 months and because of the formula shortage and the stress of it I started yesterday.

You Never need to offer milk as a beverage as Long as they have a healthy balanced diet!
My kiddos don’t drink cows milk and neither do I, never have!


Not before they are 1 year old

My dr suggested 9 months that was almost 3 years ago. I was losing my WIC and really didn’t have the mo ey to drop into a bunch of formula for 3 months. He says they’d rather know if there is an allergy when they were younger. He was already on table food. And breast feeding at night.

I started weaning my babies on to milk at 9 months per doctors orders

We started Whole milk in a sippy cup during meals at 10 months to see how he would handle it and switched completely over from formula to whole milk at 1.

1 year minimum but NO rush. I kept my oldest on formula until 18mth but he hates milk and didn’t like it then or now he’s 10, youngest was abit older and he loves cows milk! Don’t rush them off it, unless a gastro doctor/pediatric dietician advises otherwise. Xx

12 months. And you don’t have to do cow milk if you don’t want to, there are alternatives just as good nutrient wise

I gave my son unsweetened almond milk at 12months he’s lactose but his doctors insist of me giving him cows milk

12 months is the recommended for drinking.

1 year was my pediatrician recommendation.

My pediatrician doesn’t recommend cows milk at all. He said it’s terrible for humans in general and no one NEEDS it. We do almond or oat milk.


Not really. I’d talk to your pediatrician. People are very stuck in old ways of parenting even if it’s been proven that those old ways don’t work. Especially if they’re over the age of 50.


I started mixing formula and whole milk at 11 months to transition him. But he was on WIC and formula stops at a year old.

For normal babies, I was told between 9 months to a year but for my premature baby, I was told to wait til a year

Tell your family off. Set some boundaries now or it will just get worse.

What your kids eating is NONE of their business


7 years ago my dr said 8 months for my baby since she was a great eater. She did great. My current baby is almost 5 months old and I’ll probably start around 8 months with her as well if she’s a good eater too, if not I’ll wait a few more months

Doctors recommend 1 year. I gave to all my kids at about 10 months. By then, they were eating cheese and yogurt anyway.
Formula has a lot of nutrients and vitamins that milk doesn’t have but my children ate a balanced diet as babies.

I had to give my daughter vitiam D cause she couldn’t take formalu

Twelve months if that’s the kind of milk you want for your little one

There’s no reason to do it at all. Cows milk is for calves. My dad was an ear nose and throat doctor and believed that cows milk before 5 led to ear infections.


Generally at age 1 it’s recommended to start introducing it to your child. Some wait till age 2. I think it’s more so dependent on how much solid foods your child is eating by age 1 and if you’re still struggling to get them to eat where their diet is mostly solid foods then you should hold off a little bit longer. Dairy itself can be a bit hard on the tummy. It’s high in protein but sometimes our stomachs can’t handle breaking down the protein in milk. So it’s best to start out slowly and gradually increase the amount. Especially if your child is eating pretty much solely solid foods an nit relying so much on the formula. It’s a whole different ball game if you’re breastfeeding. If you’re breastfeeding the longer your child is wanting to do so the better health wise in the long run. But I know there’s many where who also add cows milk into the mix as well while breastfeeding so for that I say it’s up to you an your child to decide when they’re ultimately ready to have cows milk.

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Usually after 1 year. My daughter stayed on go n grow formula for a long time because she was so little.

No point to start it at all s


I started weaning the formula or introduced it around 1 year.

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Cow’s milk is not necessary as long as the child is getting the correct nutrients from other food intake


You don’t need to start baby on cows milk yet. My kids are 9 and 11 so idk if the advice has changed but when they were little it was 1 year old or later.

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Not until they’re one

I don’t think it’s a good idea, we started giving our daughter carton milk when she turned 1 and she started suffering from constipation I’d wait till she’s 18 months at least

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I started transitioning my kids from formula to milk around 11 months or so!

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I waited until one year for both of my kids.

1 year is the recommendation.

I started at 11 months incorporating cow milk mixed with formula and slowly cut back on the formula so it was less of a change on her body. Shes two now and eats anything i give her.

For my kiddos … Our dr recommended at 11 months to slowly start mixing milk into the formula and gradually increase amount of milk while decreasing formula so by the time baby is 1 they are completely off of formula and onto milk.

At 1, my daughter is 20 months and still nurses and refuses cows milk. Her doctor said it’s not necessary. As long as she gets foods that give her the vitamins she needs.

Unfortunately, my 11 month (almost 1 year) old had to get switched to it since we can’t find her formula anywhere. She’s done great with it so far… :slightly_smiling_face:

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My baby refused it at 1 year… hes now almost 15 months and still on Toddler formula…

Depends on your situation. If you’re formula feeding then probably around 1 year you wanna switch. If you’re breastfeeding then never (or whenever you feel comfortable). I never did with any of my kids, only one likes cows milk bc he had it at a friends house. There was never a push from our pediatrician either. Just breast milk and then water in a sippy cup :slightly_smiling_face:

Grew up on a dairy farm. Have had cow’s milk since before I was 1. One ear infection in my lifetime.

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We started at 12-13 mos.

Not until 1 year at least

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We were told to introduce it around 9 months and switch over (from formula) to dairy full time at 1 year

At 1 we started weaning off formula, mixed half formula half lactose-free milk (dairy allergy), now at 14months we’re doing half milk and half Enfamil toddler nutritional mix

If you dont feel it’s necessary, then go that route. You are the parent.

Personally, I’m the odd duck and introduced cows milk around 10.5/11 months, and then at 1 year they are on cows milk fully.


Formula or breastmilk should be their main form of nutrition until 12 months. If they are premie then go by adjusted age.

We switched them at 12 months and took away the bottle at the same time.

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They don’t recommend cows milk until a year old for them to drink, but at 6 months cows milk can be used/mixed with food

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no dont start it now

It’s not necessary until 1 year, but you can slowly introduce it.

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I switch at 6 months and she’s a beautiful 27 year old now , I never had to many issues with sickness or anything with her except regular colds from change of weather

It depends on what you are comfortable with , it’s your baby don’t let anyone push you to do what your not ready to do


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I was told at one years old

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Peds say 12 months is the earliest to introduce whole milk. That’s when daycare centers switch kids from Formula to cows milk as well.

However, you can use cows milk for foods cooked prepared etc, cereal

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I have 5 kids and each one started cow’s milk at different times. There is no rush. You can also try a little bit here and there to test if your child is willing/likes the taste and go from there

Usually at 1 year old.

It really just depends on what your baby can handle, most recommend 12 months but some of their little tummies can’t handle it mine had to drink oat milk until she was 18months and then we slowly started introducing dairy products until she could fully handle cows milk

I have 4 kids and always waited until 12 months

Shouldn’t be on full milk until 12 months but up until that age make babies breakfast with it etc introduce them to the taste and water it doen a bit in a bottle if there thirsty in small bits

No cows milk until 1 year old… I’m sure your pediatrician will tell you that and explain why too…

my kids (50 & 48) started on cows milk when they were 3 months old, That is how it was back in the 70’s And guess what, they did really fine, no problems. But i will say with the formula shortage, people might want to start it again, Just saying


I introduced cows milk to my children at 10 months but I mixed it in with their formula. That way it wasn’t so harsh on their bellies.

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With this formula shortage going on people are saying you can at 6 months so I would just check with your pediatrician for your baby personally before taking on suggestions from other moms.

Usually a year or older. I start my kids transitioning to regular whole milk 1 or 2 weeks before they turn 1.

I did once my daughter turned 1

12 months but alternatives can be introduced earlier

You don’t NEED cows milk. :tipping_hand_woman:t3:


It was about 12 months when the switch was done.

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To get baby used to it yes and to start weaning off formula but should only do if baby eats a lot of food and doesn’t rely on formula for food

I started bottles at 12 months but I used fresh milk in with food before he was 12 months

Do what u feel is best