When to start babies on cows milk?

There’s a national shortage of formula right now, so if he’s able to switch, do it now before it becomes an emergency

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If your breastfeeding that good for your baby more better then cow milk . I breastfeeding my girls to the age 2 to 3 :grin: at 3 I mix cow milk with my breastfeeding. But I ask my Dr befor do this all . I pump my milk too so my girl drink form cup or bottle :baby_bottle:

Most suggest between 6months to 1yr.

I think a Year is plenty of time for formula or breast but it’s up to you, it’s your baby. You do you and forget about everyone else as long as you and your child are content who gives a toss.

We need to stop letting others opinions influence on how our children are raised, the only thing that matters is that your child is thriving and you are happy! The rest doesn’t matter!

You’re doing great Mumma! :ok_hand::muscle:


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I waited til a year with my son that was just because he was a regularly healthy baby. If you wanna wait, just do what you think is best. Personally, there’s alot of other options if you don’t want to use cow milk also

I never did cows milk we opted for almond milk instead. And technically it’s recommended to wait until 12 months.