When to start babies on solids?

Needing advice on introducing solids to 6-month-old.

My son will be six months in a few days. I’ve started a few solids, but not many. I’m kinda scared being a first-time mom. lol I know all babies are different but did you give yours a sippy cup at this age? What foods would you suggest? And how do you work with both bottle and introducing solids?


If your doing people food join baby led weaning for beginners and beyond on fb

My daughter 8 months and when I know she is ready for a bottle, I’ll sit down with her in her highchair and offer her baby food first, or if you want to you can try apple sauce.

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We let our have a sippy cup with a soft spout and gave her a couple ounces of water to drink with her baby food. We still gave ours the same amount of formula in a day and babyfood was more of an extra for them.

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Zucchini, yellow squash, avocado and peas are all low-risk for allergic reactions. Those are what I started my son on.

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My kids had a sippy cup at 4 months old and thats when i started solids too, my advice is to start with one type of food at a time (allergy purposes) and start with vegetables first. Fruits are sweet and they prefer them. My kids absolutely love vegetables and they were both on them before fruits.


Depending on child 6 mnths may be to soon for solids

I started with carrots and sweet potato, by the second week my little one was eating chicken. Then again I made my own food so I know what he was getting.

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We gave milk in a bottle to our daughters when we started solids. As far as feeding them, we started veggies first, green beans for 3 days then we went on to the next veggie for 3 days and so forth until all solids were introduced, the reason is because of your child is allergic to something you would know in 3 days. And if they baby is allergic you would know it’s that new veggie or fruit because it’s new and you’re not guessing to figure
it out. I hope this helps

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Bottle always before food, they get all the nutrients they need from their milk. Food before one is just for fun :)!

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I started with pears then did carrots. I never did much cereal because they seem to constipate mine. I alternated fruit and veggies. I always gave a food for at least 3 days in a row before going to a new food. After about 10 months I made my own oatmeal for mine with cooked fruits. One meal a day from 6 to 9 ish months. 2 9-12 ish and 3 after was my general schedule. I also made most of my baby foods then fed from the table That powder rice cereal is gross I bought organic rolled oats then put them in the food processor (mini) to grind them then cooked it with fine diced apples to make breakfast cereal. I think I started eggs about 9 or 10 months

Look up baby led weaning. Theres also a group with great tips on starting out called The Beginner’s Guide to Baby Led Weaning. Some people are scared to go that route but it’s been proven there is no more of a choking risk than purees. The benefits are that they learn different textures at an earlier age, and get a chance to practice their motor skills.

I tried the sippy cup but it wasn’t working for my son, so I just started using a regular cup. He seems to like it better, so try the sippy cup and see what works for you. Always give formula or breastmilk first then solids about a half hour later. They don’t eat much during the first few months of trying foods, and their digestive system won’t fully digest the solids either, so they need to get the bulk of their nutrition in liquid form. And don’t be discouraged if baby just spits it out the first little while. We started with sweet potato and avocado, because they were firm for him to grasp, yet mashable when he bit down on it.

Look up baby led weaning. Read the book the Facebook group sucks.
Milk/formula first then solids. No foods off limits except choking hazards and honey.

Important to introduce allergen type foods early

We started at 4m. Purees are your best friend… Btw all foods can be an allergy, it,just depends on your little. Always do one food at a time so you can rule out an allergy if a reaction happens. Food first, then suppliment with milk/formula

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ALWAYS make sure to offer bm/formula Before solids as it’s their primary source of nutrition until age 1 you can offer sips of water from a sippy during meals but its not necessary! We did baby led weaning so my son ate whatever I was eating. This is him at 8 months old having breakfast!

I make his food. They can basically eat anything we do, except for honey. DO NOT GIVE THEM HONEY. Also, minimize the use of salt and sugar, that’s hard on their kidneys. But basically I just  purée everything. The earlier you introduce foods, the less likely they are to develop allergies. My boy LOVES peanut butter in his applesauce.

My son has been eatting baby food since 3months… Hes now 4months(also FTM) He loves sweet potatoes,carrots and buttnernut squash. I give him a fee bites and thsn his bottle in between to wash it down with

I definitely still used a bottle at 6 months. I’d say mix breast milk/formula with a little bit of rice cereal/baby oatmeal and gradually go to purée veggies and fruits. I’d alternate between bottle and food. This is what I did and it worked perfectly. But every parent and child is different🙂

I personally never used baby food with any of my kids. We always introduced soft foods (able to easily squish between your fingers) like beans, carrots, peas, green beans etc. My firstborn’s pedi suggested against using purée because it doesn’t encourage chewing, or in our case gumming. We use nuk sippys with the soft nipple. I don’t have a preference on brand, we just like the cute designs. I was always told to start offering water in a sippy around 4 months. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with starting now. My daughter had no interest in a cup until this month and she’s almost 9 months. My biggest suggestion is to start with what you are comfortable with.

My son started using a munchkin straw cup when he was 6 months. I started with purees but around 8 months looked into baby led weaning and i wish i had started with it at 6 months.

I introduced the sippy cup at 6 months but she didn’t really use it much until she was about 7ish months or so… we did baby led weaning so I pretty much gave her anything I would eat just healthier and blander… soft foods are best at first. You could lightly boil some carrots or steam some brown rice and broccoli. As for the bottle I would give the bottle first and offer the food after that because milk should still be the main source of nutrition until the first birthday… hope that helps :black_heart:

My son never took purées, he wanted finger food. Offer formula/breast milk at his normal feeding times, then at breakfast, lunch, and dinner I would put him in his high chair and give him teeny tiny pieces of food that he wouldn’t choke on. (Small pieces of banana, little pieces of shredded chicken, etc.) and there’s nothing wrong with introducing a sippy, but it might take a while for him to get the hang of it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did sweet potatoes, avocado, banana etc. Be sure to only introduce one food at a time.(we did one new food for 2 or 3 days to be sure there was no reaction). YES! Start the sippy cup now! It will make taking the bottle away easier when you choose to!

Our first we let him keep his bottle till he was one, and we switched to whole milk. And we did his regular bottle schedule and breakfast lunch and dinner at 8, 11, and 6. I did baby cereal and a fruit for breakfast, a veg and fruit for lunch, and a meat and veg at dinner and when he started to eat more he ate a dessert at dinner as well… He did not eat both jars of everything at every meal but he got a couple bits of each. Pears, peas and carrots were favorites for us and all the custard’s!! As far as meats no kid really likes them but try to give them some… Try to only do one food a day though until he’s had more just in case he has a reaction… If you give him a lot to start you won’t know what is causing the reaction.

My first had a sippy cup at 7 months, she never had a bottle cause she was ebf. We introduced cereals first. Then orange veggies (sweet potatoes, winter squash, carrots) then other veggies, after she had tried all the veggies we introduced fruit, again orange first then into others. I made sure I nursed her before feeding her, then about 10 to 15 minutes after nursing (or bottle if you formula feed) I’d offer foods. Until they’re 1 their main source of food needs to be breastmilk or formula. Wait 3 to 4 days between trying new foods so if they have a reaction you know what it’s from. My second is 5 months and has only had rice cereal once, but I plan to stick to that same schedule.

My daughter took a sippy at 6 months. My son is 8 months and not quite good with them. Every baby is different.

Veggies first. And I did water in sippy with permission from pediatrician

I started at four months

Sippy with water and juice at 5 months . Cereal in her bottle at 6 weeks. Soft foods at 5 months . My girl was an eater. Formula ( couldn’t bf) only in her bottle. At 1 she was off the bottle , on 2% milk and eating everything in sight. She’s a very healthy happy girl at the exact weight she’s supposed to be at.

I waited for solids til my daughter was 10 months , never did fruits besides banana it was mostly veggies with breastmilk or a tiny bit of water and blended it .

My darling. I had 4 children and they were all different. I wouldnt worry about a sippy cup yet. I assume you are still breast or bottle feeding. Do what’s comfortable for you. I would definitely start giving him cereal a couple times a day…just a little on a spoon. Dont make it too thick. After a week or so start him on vegetables and then fruit either cooked yourself and pureed or baby food…my daughter in law used to cook her own veggies, puree them and put in ice cube trays…lol. No matter what way you choose to do it your baby will be fine OlI promise Dont worry.

My son is 5 months and just recently introduced to solids! So far, avocado has been his favorite :slightly_smiling_face:

I steam some veggies, throw them in a blender with some breast milk and then portion them into ice cube trays! A little bit of prep but makes it super easy to just grab a frozen cube and thaw it out for him.

My doctor started my daughter on solids at 4 months. We don’t do a soppy cup yet, just the usual bottle of formula. I started with peas, green beans, carrots and sweet potato. They say use the rule of 4: so if you start with peas feed it for four days before going with another food. I just threw her right into everything and she eats half a jar 2-3 times a day