When to start baby on pablum?

When did you start your baby on pablum ?

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4 months, starting on rice cereal due to his insatiable appetite

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Considering I don’t even know what pablum is, I’m gonna just guess & say never?

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2 months. I put it in the last bottle b4 bedtime so they wouldn’t be hungry and get up 4 times a night lol. Then I would mix some in with their formula in a bowl and feed it to them at around 4-5 months.


My doctor suggested after 3 month because my son was eating so much and wouldn’t gain the weight he needed. The “empty calories” is precisely why. When mixed thin with formula or breastmilk they get all they need from that and the cereal strictly helps with helping gain weight. Ridiculous people are saying not to trust you pediatrician. They are the first and only opinion you should take and yes they are caught up on all nutrition.

Never. Waited till 6 months and did baby led weaning

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made my own with a magic bullet blender. pabulum is basically purees. i started my son when he was 3 months. just a little since i noticed formula wasn’t enough. babies sleep through the night when they feel full. only a bit at first.

Three months for both of my kids and I started on baby food at four months