When to start baby on solids?

My baby will be 4 months on the 23. For the last 2 days hes been eating like crazy. He nurses from both sides and then drank 3 oz from a bottle. He has a milk protien intolerance and a sensitive tummy so I worry about starting him on cereal or baby food to soon. My other son I started on baby food at 4 months I purred food for him. I never used the cereal with him. I plan on talking to his doctor at his 4 month check up but figured I see what any other moms input is. Should I start hom on cereal or baby food or just keep nursing him?


Babies cluster feed when they’re getting ready to grow. Just nurse on demand during those times


I would try just a little bit of cereal not the full amount just a splash in the milk

If bottlenot enuff feed him with cereal bottle mix, my son ate bottle mixes w ri e cwreal at 2 weeks, too much formula can nake them vomit so definitely cereal

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He is too little for cereal or baby food
I would keep nursing if it’s too much for you, you could try talking to his pedi about maybe a soy formula
Both my children can’t have cows milk so the baby right now drinks soy isomil since I had to stop pumping and she does great with it


Your babys going through a growth spurt and he needs to cluster feed for his growth and to increase your supply to meet his upcoming demands. Just keep nursing

My girls 4months and were going through the same. Also join a good breastfeeding group.


Growth, I would maybe mix a little in a bowl with some milk and spoon feed it see how he does, I never put cereal or oatmeal in my babys bottles and the drs do not reccomend them having till they are at least 6 months. I think mine was eating baby food before 6 months becuase he already had teeth. Your mom and you know your baby, so all you can do is try. I know with growth spirts they eat more and more.

Current recommendations are that you do not start feed prior to 6 months. Some babies do ok before that. But a lot do not. And starting fokd too early is tied to belly issues and food allergies

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Sounds like he is hitting a growth spurt…keep nursing him on demand.


My pediatrician was perfectly fine with mine eating baby food at 5 months, not aggressive just a little, I fed him 2oz.of baby food 2 times a day. I think it depends on doctors and some moms are so by the book. I did follow instructions from my pediatrician, and at 2 months they wanted me to put cereal in his bottle and I refused.

Skip baby cereal go straight to mushed up real food and ground turkey or chicken burger I did this with my last baby and honestly his gut is way healthier than my other two, I started him with avacado and yam and apple sauce then moved to carrots peas and ground chicken burger it has way more iron than baby cereal

Babies cluster feed…they also nurse for comfort. He is getting everything he needs from you. 4 months is too young for anything but BM or formula

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Just keep nursing. He’s cluster feeding to build your supply up for a growth spurt.

Talk to your pediatrician!!! Nothing but formula or breast milk recommended for babies under 6 months!!!

See your physcian do and see what they say the drs are dfferent with each and every baby because they are different

I would just keep breast feeding and wait to talk to your dr before giving him anything else.

Sounds just like typical growth spurt. Let him nurse to adjust your milk supply. It is not recommended to start solids until 6 months due to stomach sensitivity and if you say he already had an intolerance i would definitely hold off

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I started all mine on cereal at 4 months

Beachnut cereals are safe for babies with protein intolerance. My 3 year old is MSPI milk soy protein intolerant. He was on and still currently on a special prescription formula. Go ahead and start with rice cereal mixed with your milk!!

I would put a little cereal in his Bottle!

Wicked 4 month growth spurt… it’s quite brutal! Feed, feed, feed it will pass you don’t need to do cereal.

My son never been liked cereal unless it was mixed with fruit purées. Cereal is really just a filler and to get their bellies used to solids, it doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value. I started my son on solids at 4 months because he had severe reflux and was always so hungry and his doctor said to try it. We started with puréed bananas because they are easy on sensitive stomachs. And it really helped with his reflux issues and he’s been fine ever since. He’s now 3. But normally it’s not recommended to start until solids until 6 months. So even though it worked out for my baby, I can’t flat out recommend it to anyone else

Sounds like hes about to grow

Stick with breast milk. Dont feed food until he can sit on his own. ( old school). Mom of 5

According the American Academy of pediatrics no food until 6 months of age and baby is sitting on their own unless otherwise told by a doctor.

My baby was eating at 4 months. Never had any problems other than texture, but that’s still an issue

maybe your milk is thinning out producing enough fat it happen to my daughter maybe That why he is hungry so much.

Growing spurt, ask Dr first before doing anything. My kids were like that from time to time.

Growth spurt for sure. My pediatrician just gave us the ok to feed our daughter cereal very thin and puréed veggies. I would ask your Dr. what they think though.

I started my son at 3 months with stage 1 baby food (he was EBF) but needed that extra filling (and I was making more than I could keep up with) he is 3 years old no stomach issues, very healthy… his doctor said it was okay…

It’s a growth spurt. Rice cereal shouldn’t bother a milk issue.

Start him on his cereals