When to start potty training a girl?

My daughter is about to turn 1 and she follows me to the bathroom and wants to flush the toilet and bang on the lid when I’m done… but today she started playing with the toilet paper… should I start potty training her now or should I wait??


My son does the same thing but I don’t take it as a sign to be potty trained. I just think he thinks it’s fun. He’s 15 months. :woman_shrugging:

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I think potty training is more when they tell you themselves that they have to pee and they start acting like they wanna use a potty.

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That’s how I started my potty training journey with my daughter an we are 90% potty trained now

1 is probably too young but when shes a little bit older you can get her her own potty seat to sit on when she follows you into the bathroom

Start now mine was trained at one


Wait. If you start to soon it can cause negative effects and backlash later


put a potty in the bathroom for her to sit on when you are going… kids mimic their role models… soon you will be able to take off the diaper and see if she will leave you a prize :slight_smile:


I started my daughter at about 1 1/2 cuz she seemed interested. she picked it up slowly and was fully trained by 2, but it was hard. Up to you if you have the patience and how you go about it.

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I had a kids potty in the bathroom from the time my daughter was 1. Sometimes she would sit on it, once in a while she"d go. I didn’t push it, it was there when she was ready. She was completely done & using it by 22 months.

I would start now. Started all 4 of mine at 1 and were all fully trained before 2

I’m a believer that once they start moving really well on their own, if the express an interest you start potty training. Kids are getting smarter by the generation and they will learn a lot quicker. I say go for it!!!

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My oldest girl was the easiest. At some point around a yr old I noticed 4 consecutive days in a row where her diaper was still dry in the morning so the next night I put her in underwear and again in the morning, still dry! Helped her sit on the potty that morning to have her try to go and she went! Then I just got her a potty chair and she never wore her diapers again! Before you decide this kid is imaginary…she was always my most difficult child in every in EVERY other regard.

You can get her a realistic potty replica, summer brand and let her just play with it for now. Any time you go to the bathroom if she wants to come she would see a her sized potty. No forcing or pleading or even suggesting. She could take the lead on her potty training.

Still a bit early, she needs to be able to communicate with you when she needs/wants to potty

Ask her? Take her down potty chair section at store show them to her see if she is interested. Let her pick one out of she is interested. Let her practice setting in it all over house. After she gets comfortable in it move it to bathroom. If she is ready ok it not wait. But she was involved and it has been her choice. Teach her toilet sign which is putting your thumb between your first two fingers and say toilet and shake it. While making sign ask if you have to go to toilet.


I have read on here that there is a potty that sounds like flushing. Maybe something like this and let her mimic you when you are on the toilet. Mine was not potty trained at one year, but ya never know. She seems interested.

We put her little potty in the living room and she would play with it and pretend, they she started to use it. She was fully potty trained by 2. We just moved it towards the bathroom as she became more consistent in use.

Have her start sitting after you go for a minute or two then let her flush. Even if she doesn’t actually go she won’t be afraid of the big potty when she is ready!

I think she’s just wanting to play with the toilet. My one year old is all over the toilet I have to always close bathroom doors, but she’s defiantly not ready to be potty trained

I always began by age 1. One if their bday gifts was always a potty chair :slight_smile: 4/5 we’re trained fully both night and day by age two.

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Thank you all… I think I’ll get her a my sized potty and let her start sitting with me when I go