When to start solids with baby?

Hi ladies! My 4 month old little guy is showing more and more interest every time we are eating. He will stare hold his hands out or try to grab.
How would you suggest to try him on single food solid pureed food. Formula then food?
And what foods did your little ones really enjoy at first?

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4months is when you really start to introduce foods… Start with mashed potatoes. And give them a rib bone or chicken bone to naw on. They’ll love it also you can start giving water mixed with juice too

Start him on ceral than go to veggies than the fruit he can have juice and water

I didn’t do the baby food for long and learned quickly he wanted whatever we were having. I would just mince it all into extremely small pieces and let him pick it up with his fingers or spoon feed to him.

Mine wasnt crazy over green beans they loved fruit but make sure they eat other stuff to

i plan to start with baby food just for the fact that its easier for them to figure out how to swallow then transition to baby led weaning

Our pediatrician had us start on stage 1 baby food once our daughter could sit up without help. She eventually let us know when she was done with baby food.

Formula first. Food is just for fun at that age and LO will get all the necessary nutrients from formula.

Dr recommended rice. Baby hated it. Loves the oatmeal, but it is a little plain. I always mix it with some type of veggie or fruit (depending on the time of day)
Baby will most likely not be a fan at first, but if you keep trying in now time he will love it.
My daughter had oatmeal mixed with veggies 3 maybe 4 times before loving it!
She hates carrots, and the texture or consistency of some food will make a baby gag

As long as he can sit up (assisted or not) shows interest in food and/or makes a chewing motion with their mouth you are all good!
Look on the back of containers at the store and it’ll help you decide if baby is ready for that food or not

Always offer formula first, then food. Skip the cereal (super binding and can cause constipation) and start stage 1 fruit purees. Single flavors at a time. Wait 3-5 days between flavors to watch for reactions.

But ultimately i would try to wait until closer to 6mos.


Look into baby led weaning. There’s a great group called baby led weaning for beginners. They really go into depth about safely feeding babies. Do NOT start ANY solids (even purees) until at least 6 months, they’re belly isn’t ready for it.
And formula or breast milk 30 minutes before any solids.

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Maybe time for some baby oatmeal. Keep it thinned out and he can have that for breakfast with his bottle (or boob) lol…please dont give a baby bones to chew on as suggested.
4 months is young, but if you talk to the pediatrician and they say it’s all good, then yay.

my pediatrician said baby cereal 2 times a day spoonful my daughter is 4 months