When to start stage 2 baby food?

When did other mommas start your babies on stage 2 baby foods? My boy has been on the stage 1 food since we was five months to help with constipation.

Anyway he’s 6 months now and sits up on his own. Just wanting advice on when to move him up, thanks!


6 months I started stage 2 with oatmeal

Started stage 2 foods at 6 months with my daughter and she loves everything I give her!:heart:

As soon as mine could sit up propped i feed him he was almost 4 months


I went straight to stage 2 at four months lol didn’t even know there was a stage 1

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You shouldnt start baby food till 6 months it cause stomach and digestion problems later on in life


Have you tried baby led weaning ? You can give baby whatever you eat at 6 months old as long as they can sit up on their own

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6months, did BLW! By 7months they were eating everything from steak to fish to deer meat to pizza to spaghetti to moose meat etc.


My daughter started stage 2 at 5 months she’s now 6 months will be 7 this month and is eating what we eat as well

Stage 2 is the same texture, but bigger containers. The difference is that the stage 2 foods have a bigger variety and introduce more things such as citrus fruits or green foods like spinach. Should be safe to start at 6 months.


Started with veggies about 5 and a half months. She was not a fan at first, and Rice was a no go. She loves her veggies now (even when she makes her gross faces) and loves oatmeal.
Texture is a huge thing. She hated the rice and gagged on it, even when I mixed it with veggies

My son started food at 4 1/2 months and we started stage 2 foods at about 5 1/2 months when he could sit on his own and wanted more foods

At 6 months my children ate the same things we did just in smaller pieces :slight_smile:

At 6 months he ate what we did. We also did BLW

At 6 months we were on stage 2 for my middle and first children. My first loved the little bits but than again she had two teeth at that point and used them (ouch!)

I would keep him where he is for a little longer his belly still sensitive u dont wanna push it just yet. But My daughter we gave her baby food at 6 months but she got ceral spoon fed younger then 6 months n was ok my son on other hand has had difficulty eating since birth he has a protein allergy so right now he cant have much but formula n stuff low in protien but let him get use to eating first then slowly introduce him to different textures etc

YoU sHoUlDnT fEeD tHeM tIl 6 MoNtHs :unamused: biggest crock of shit ive heard most while raising my kiddos. Between 3 n 4 months was stage one. Around 6 months was stage 2. By 9 months they were eating just about everything I was

NOTHING till 6 month’s then never used baby food. I did baby led weaning.


stage 1 is rice. oatmeal and single veges and fruit are 2 which all caused constipation for my daughter. I’d suggest waiting for baby’s tummy to get used to eat stage 1 especially since you started before baby tummy was ready. I say to ask the pediatrician.

When you feel baby is ready. Asking the mom’s in this group will have your child starved until age 3!!!