When to stop breastfeeding?

Did any mamas stop breastfeeding or pumping at 6 months because they wanted to? My supply is great and I have 900 frozen ounces and I’m going strong even with weight loss but I’m ready to be done. I feel like I should keep going because my body is still producing a small surplus of what my daughter consumes. Thoughts? Did you guys stop because you wanted to? Also this is my last baby.


Woah on the Frozen milk, I wish I had that much milk supply when I was great feeding and just because you’re producing a bunch, you can quit whenever you feel like it.

Your body, your decision

It is 10000% whatever you want to do. As long as your baby is fed, you’re good.

It’s all up to you mommas, but I’d suggest another 3 months. If you’ve gotten 900oz saved up in 6, you’ll get quite a bit more with just another 3. Even if your daughter doesn’t continue to drink it all, you’ll have extras for those baby’s that might need it if you feel you want to donate it

If I had that much I’d stop lol

If you want to stop then stop mama. You are not required to do it just because you’re still producing and you did AMAZING from the sounds of it.

I stopped at 11 months and neither of us was ready

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You do not HAVE to do it. You succeeded further than a lot of women, be proud! :clap:t3:
If you’re ready to stop, then stop because if you’re no longer “enjoying” it or happy about it, what’s the point in being miserable?


If youre ready to stop, then its time to stop! Dont continue bcuz you feel you have to. Bcuz 1, you dont. And 2, youll rssent it.

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I stopped a little shy of 6 months for my second son cause i didn’t want my breasts to be messed up after breastfeeding twice

My last baby #4 is now 10 months, I decided I’d stop when she got her first tooth… that was at 8 months. It’s truly just a personal decision for you to make

My daughter 7mo and I’m still breastfeeding and will continue as long as I can

Some people don’t even make it to six months. You did good. If you feel you need to stop for you, then do so

My daughter ended up being sensitive to my boobie milk but I kept pumping and saving because maybe she might grow out of it… Nope she didnt but I pumped quite a bit, had a 2 full shelves in a stand up freezer. And I also wasnt drinking alcohol or doing drugs, had some breastfeeding safe migrane meds but I ended up donating it all to a family that adopted a little girl and wanted her to be only on breast milk the first year!! It was such a neat experience!

I stopped at 4 months with my daughter because after going back to worm, i couldnt keep up with pumping and my milk supply fell. With my son a EBF or 6 months then once we switched to bottle i started to stickly pump and it got to be too much with a 2 year old and a 6 month old. I just was tirex so i decided to stop. Listen to your body and do what you want.

I pump for breast milk for work and for when the unexpected comes along. I don’t have as much as you but I found with my previous baby (my son) I fell short when I returned to work. This time around, with my daughter, I am producing more so I’ll continue pumping for a year and go with the flow after that. It just depends on you and what you and your baby needs. There’s no wrong answers, as long as you’re doing what’s best for your baby.

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My son didn’t stop until he was 15 months old I let him decide when he was ready… And I had frozen BM in two different freezers to last a full year and I still kept pumping…

You made it 6 months! That’s something to be proud of. If you’re ready, you’re ready. You still have a long way though to wean through, so if you’re ready now, start weaning!


You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone but you. If you are ready to stop and are able to then do it. Plus… You have a decent supply for transitioning baby off your boob :grin:


Do what you want, your baby, your body, your choice, don’t listen to people who act like you must do it how they do it. It is entirely up to YOU NO ONE ELSE, everyone is going to have an opinion lol


You know when you want. 6 months is the newest recommendation for breast feeding. You aren’t a bad mom for wanting to stop. Do whay you need to do for you and baby

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I stopped when my babies started teething and biting me LOL

I stopped at 5 months with 2 under 2 exclusively pumping was stressful

I Also stop at 6 months because I want to, and she turn at great.

If you’re ready you’re ready I didn’t have time and frankly it was annoying being attached to a pump :woman_shrugging:t3:

I did. I was going back to work as a teacher and coaching. It was just easier that time to stop n she didn’t resist. 6 months is awesome!

Maybe look into donating some to the NICUs for hospitals I wish I had thought to do that.


If your just stopping bc you have alot froze I would keep going you can donate it to a local hospital for NICU babies. Or a friend who I about to have baby and may not be able to breastfeed.

I did. He’s the happiest and healthiest kid I know.

Every momma should stop when they are ready. How long other moms went is irrelevant bc every mom has their own reasons why they stop or why they keep going.

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I stopped pumping after a couple months after i had my second child I just couldnt keep up. I felt guilty for a while and even cried a bit but its not for everybody

I stopped at 6 months I was over it

All I can say is great job at the production mumma. Also donate any extra to your local hospital nciu.

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You can stop if you want, my baby is 11 months now and basically m supply dropped drastically after she turned 11 months… my body is ready to be done… and my body knows she don’t need as much… kinda sad but I am getting there…:cry:

Pump and donate if you are still going strong.

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I think I only lasted a month or two and then I had to switch to formula. I wasn’t producing enough milk

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It’s always up to you on when to stop, your body will go for as long as you want it to so if you’re ready to stop now then start giving more bottles and less boob so you can stop.

Stop when YOU want to stop