When to stop using the high chair?

When did yall switch from high chair to regular chair? My son is getting too big but my s.o doesn’t want to switch him to a small table I bought he doesn’t think hes ready for it

My son will be 2 in november and he does fine sitting at the small toddler size tables, and regular chairs/tables so long as an adult is next to him. Hes been climbing in the toddler size chairs since he was about a year old. I’d say so long as your little one is able to climb up and down out of the seat iwith little or no assistance it’s perfectly fine to switch.

My daughter is 2 and sits on a booster at the regular table with us


Mine was about 1.5 yrs at a toddler sized table, and we had a booster seat when he turned 2 for the dining table for family meals. He loved sitting in his booster. We still had the highchair just in case though. Do what makes you comfortable, and if husband isn’t comfortable that’s ok as well. Also depends on the size of the child, the weight of the child and if the child is able to sit properly without screwing around in his seat lol.

I had a high chair that turned into a small table and chair. I switched our daughter at about 2 years old and she did fine.

My kids had a high chair till they was walking

I switched my boys at around a year old and had them sit on a booster seat at the table.

When my daughter got too big for her high chair I got her one that hooks to a regular chair. Works just fine


We switched my grandson to a booster at around 18 months, he sits with us at the table. He turned to on the 16th. He enjoys sitting with us.

Take the straps off and the tray and scoot him up to the table

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we took the tray off the highchair and scooted him up to the table. of course heights matter for this solution but perhaps it will spark an idea

My son was in a booster seat since before he was one and always did fine.i have t kids and never owned a high chair, they used a walker for eating till they could sit up on their own and switched to the booster seat at the table.

My boys have been sitting at a small kids table since they were 3

You can not put the tray on his highchair an just push it up to the table you.

Try a booster seat that straps to a regular dining chair. It’s a nice compromise.

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Try it at lunch or as a play table. See how it goes… Good luck. Now if the little guy is at the small table, he’s capable of getting to the door. Make sure it has a high lock.

When she refused to sit in it at maybe 15 or 18 months.

As soon as they were sitting on a high chair it was always right next to us at the table. At about 10-11 months old we would take the tray off and pull the high chair right up to the table. And as soon as they were big enough they joined us at the big table on normal chairs, around 18-20 months. They would sit up on their knees. We never put them at a different table.

I can not believe that you mothers of today can’t figure stuff out. These things that you are asking strangers should be common knowledge


my daughter still sits in a high chair or w us cause shell keep getting up :unamused::joy: but we’ll probably get her a booster… baby brother needs her high chair lol

I have to have my 2 1/2 year old in the high chair still or she’ll get distracted and start getting up and wanting to play instead of eating.

We got one of these that anchors to the table. It’s portable so we can take it our to restaurants or when we visit family. Our daughter enjoys sitting at the table with us.