When to take a pregnancy test?

If I haven’t had my period yet since I just had my baby 2 months ago. Since I won’t know if I miss my period or not. How long after sex do I test? (No I’m not trying to get pregnant but protection failed and I’m alittle nervous)


If your nursing it can take over a year.

12-14 days after unprotected sex :heart:

If you are nursing it could be a year or it could be tomorrow. I advise you to go to Wal-Mart and buy a $1.97 pregnancy test and do it. Better safe than sorry. I understand that their tests are accurate and cheap

Since I breastfed I once went as long as 10 months without one. Be careful is my only advice😋 I’m on #4 haha

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I’m not breastfeeding but thank y’all