When to take a pregnancy test?

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What’s the earliest you’ve tested positive after unprotected sex and what were your earliest signs when you conceived?

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18days I got a positive test and I just felt it

1 week horrible morning sickness

About 4 days before my period was due and the only symptom was veryyyyyy veiny boobs

I was 2 weeks pregnant when I found out with my daughter I had tender boobs and dizzy spells and a little bit of vomiting, found out when i was 4 weeks pregnant with my son only had a missed period

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3 months with both my boys. No morning sickness just late period

The Dr test a week and a half they told me. I never tested till a couple days before my missed period. Feeling sick and boobs sore before my missed period

Tested after a miss period with this one

Conceived on Valentine’s Day, got a positive test 4 weeks later.

2 weeks 5 days, sore breasts, cramping, tiredness.

My breast were sensitive and I just knew and this was really really early on! I got a first response test I think I was probly 3 weeks pregnant…

2 days before missed period and I new I was pregnant both times

I was 4 weeks and at work. This guy asked for white bread instead of wheat bread for his sandwich. Obviously I said okay. But when I walked into the kitchen I felt SO ANGRY about it and I had no idea why. It was no extra work for me or anything, so I knew it was irrational, and what he asked was reasonable lol.

I knew within a month, I’m a very active person and all I wanted to do was sleep

I tested positive the day off missed period

About 3 weeks, but I knew before.
I had spotting about a week after (in all my years I have never just spotted) and cravings. And I mean, real if i don’t get it i am going to murder someone cravings

About a week and a day after for my first and just shy of 2 weeks for my second. My first I didn’t have any symptoms. Didn’t “feel” pregnant until I started feeling her move. My second I had all symptoms aside from throwing up.

I had no symptoms and had periods til the beginning oif my fifth month.

Smell aversion has always been my first sign. I was on a family cruise and we walked by the hamburger place and I felt sooo sick. Then my current pregnancy coffee suddenly tasted terrible and the smell of cupcakes made me sick. That was all a few days before my missed period.

You wont test positive until after your missed period because well, you’re not technically pregnant until then.

Mine didn’t come back positive until I was 10 weeks along and it was such a faint positive that the dr almost counted it as a neg. I did start eating foods that I don’t normally eat and they weren’t weird foods either still, everyone else knew before I did & that is bc being pg was the last thing on my mind, I was super stressed and contributed everything to that.

I got a positive before my missed period at 11dpo. Although it was super faint but the line was definitely there. No symptoms

Both kids say of missed period . I just felt pregnant

A week and 1 day after my missed period

3 weeks I tested positive, first ultrasound at 4 weeks. My ovulation prediction kit I was using kept testing positive so I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! Currently 22 weeks!

I tested positive on 11 tests with my twins (yes I took ELEVEN tests) about a week before I missed my period … it wasn’t a faint line either it very clearly said I was pregnant lol. My hcg levels were already thru the roof because it was twins & that’s why I popped so early.

the day of my expected period i had a faint positive, 5 days after my expected period the positive symbol was very dark.

I was 3 weeks when I found out, according to ultrasound, so technically only 1 week pregnant. And I had horrible morning sickness for 5-6 days before I tested. My daughter made herself known from the day she implanted.

I got my positive at 3 weeks and I was beyond fatigued, sore breasts and period like cramps.

I got a positive at 6-7 weeks I believe. I tested late because my periods had been pretty irregular for a couple years leading up to it.

1 day after missed period. Was 4wks along. Cigarette adversion is always my 1st sign

3 weeks I’ve gotten positive very clearly positive tests. My hcg levels are always crazily high when pregnant. Never any twins but my hcg levels are like if I was carrying twins

All women are different I tested positive 3 days before my missed period