When to take maternity leave?

Seeking advice and opinions about when to take maternity leave.

Hi! I’m due October 27th, and I was wondering when you took your maternity leave?
I work in daycare, so I’m always standing up from sitting on the floor. It’s really taking a toll on my body and me just not sure I can make it to October 25th which is the last day I said I could work.
The back and hip pain get worse every week, and I feel like I’ll be very ready to be done by October 11th…which is when I’ll be 37 weeks. What made you decide to go on leave when you did?


I’m due november 7th but October 25th will be my last day. Give yourself time to get final things ready and relax. Plus it gives you time in case baby comes a little early

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My boss actually took me off the schedule. I called and yelled at him for it, lol. I worked on my due date

I’d rather tough it out now and have a longer time at home after delivery.


I waited until 40 weeks both times.

I worked the day I went into labor Mine were a little late. I didnt get paid maternity leave other than vacation

You need some time before to rest and prepare for labour x

That’s my due date as well! I plan on working till my water breaks lol I have a desk job but I usually try to move around a good bit but it has started getting harder on my body. I want my maternity leave to last as long as it can into the year since my oldest will have Christmas break & I want to be able to stay home during then as well

My due date was the 29th May and gave normal birth on the 17th May. Best is to give yourself time to rest and taking care of you and baby. :two_hearts:

If you take leave before you are due you will have less time with baby once baby arrives. Ill be working until i go into labor so i can get the full time needed to nurture my baby.


With my first born I worked until the day before she was born, and was induced for preeclampsia. With my second I took leave at 36 weeks because I was high risk and was hospitalized.

My due date was April 17th, I worked til April 1st

My C-section was scheduled for May 10th and I worked until May 8th :neutral_face: I serve tables…

I quit working at 37 weeks. I was dilated to a one already and worked an hour from hospital. But luckily I did because I went into labor that weekend!

I stopped a week before my due date. I found at the end I was super snappy and irritated at work because I couldn’t sleep at night. I was able to catch up on sleep which I’m restful for as I was in labour through the night.

You can get your doctor to sign off on a medical leave so you can start that then switch to mat leave once baby arrives :slight_smile:

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I worked a week past my due date.

I got 15 weeks of sick leave, and 57 weeks of Mat leave paid. 2nd baby I worked untill I was 21 weeks but I was high risk due to having my first at 32 weeks.
Second was born 6 weeks early

I was going to work until I went into labor but ended up starting my maternity leave 9 days before my daughter was born

3 days before my scheduled c section im a warehouse manager

I’m due November 9th. I have a week of vacation schedule 2 weeks prior to that but I want to work until literally the day I have her so I can be off longer after.

Friday was my last day at work. That was 37 weeks for me. I came to realize my body, mind and soul couldn’t keep up with work, 3 kids, all of the appointments for everyone, keeping the home as clean as I can and many other things anymore. Maybe I am wimpy but I also get that way when I am extremely exhausted and in pain constantly because I have major back and hip pain too.

I’m 32wks and my due date is Nov 2nd. I “plan” on working till the day of! (Need the money) I work a desk job but even sitting for a long time is killing me. With my daughter I was able to work until the day I went in to labor (that was also 10yrs ago lol)

I stopped at 36 weeks with my first but that’s cause I had to move back to Dallas to deliver for my daughter was born with a heart condition but if she didn’t I would have kept working

I wanted my entire leave to be with my baby after she was born so I worked until the day before my due date which was my induction date.

I worked in daycare when I was pregnant with my son and worked till the day before I delivered, he was a week late and I was induced. Everyone is different! I wanted more time when he was home so I waited till the very end!

I worked from 1-3 days before I was due w all 4 kids. I work in a restaurant so on me feet all the time.
It is really what YOU are able to do and make work.

You have to do what’s best for you but when I did daycare and was pregnant I was.out on light duty and my daycare said they couldn’t have me work so I started maturnity leave then I think it depends what state you are, where you work, your doctor and you.

I waited until the day before because I only got 6 weeks, and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my baby. I definitely wanted to stop sooner…but was lucky enough to have coworkers that took up my slack.

Could you get a chair? Not a big one but a small stool to sit when on floor level. It may help abit… I’d try and work as long as I could to spend more time at home recovering and bonding x

I booked to have a month off with my first and he was late but at least I relaxed and had time to prepare. My second I worked up to two weeks before but she ended up coming early so had zero time off so for quite a physically demanding job, I’d recommend a month before your due date. Get some time to relax and sort out everything you need. Put meals in the freezer etc.

Listen to your body. If its taking a toll then leave sooner. Or maybe they can accommodate you with something to help?

This is my post: I forgot to add, I will not be returning back to work. My husband has a good job and I’m fortunate enough to be able to stay home with our newborn and 4 year old. We havent decided how long I’ll be staying home for. So I guess it’s not true maternity leave!

I’m due on October 23rd and working until 39 weeks. That way I get my last few days to nest, but still have most time saved for after baby arrives.

I worked in daycare too, went on maternity leave May 9 and my due date was May 20. I would’ve worked up until labor but I didn’t want to risk being sick while giving birth.

Have you tried using a pregnancy support belt? I used that all the time when comes to walking a lot and standing up for long period of time especially while squatting to get stuff from the floor.

I was due on a Monday and worked up until the Friday before. Little Bugger didn’t make his grand appearance until a week later, but I was glad to have that week to rest. Not sure I could’ve sat at my desk for another 40 hours +2 hours a day in the car

I worked the day I went into labor… even though my water had already broken 2 days prior and I just didn’t realize :joy: i worked for 3 days while leaking fluid lol.

I also didn’t have any complications and was still feeling good, so that definitely played a part! And I knew I wanted the most time I could have with baby once he was actually here rather than “wasting” the days beforehand!

I was at work when my water started to leak lol

Most people who worked until their waters broke haven’t said what kind of a job they were doing. Your job would be extremely tiring so you will want a few weeks to put your feet up before the baby comes. Every one is different. A desk job would make it so much easier to stay at work and off your feet. Good luck.

My body ached so much.
Due date was Dec 17th, got taken out of work Nov 29. Had my daughter Dec 4th. Little bugger came 2 weeks early

I worked up until I gave birth. With my last kid my water broke at work. We are all different

I worked in daycare when I was prego with my daughter. I too was high risk. I worked up until the day before she was born and then took maternity leave after she was born. I took it after her birth so it could spend as much time as possible with her before returning to work. We got 6 wks unpaid maternity leave. It was a rough 6 weeks, but she was born at 39 weeks and will be 3 years old in 3 weeks! I love every minute of every day i get with her! :slight_smile:

I wish I could’ve picked mine. My job is demanding and hard but I had co-workers who were awesome and helped me a lot. But one day I went to the doctor and she put me on light duty. I took the note to my boss, thinking that it would be ok. But because it wasn’t work related, they put me on short term disability

I worked right up until I had the baby. I’m an owner of a cleaning business so I consistently have to go in when people don’t show up or just to help out and I worked up until I gave birth. She came a week and a couple of days early, but my feet were super swollen by the end of the pregnancy. My doctor also said that from being so active during my pregnancy it helped lead to a fast labor and delivery. But if you’re uncomfortable take the time off, u gotta do what’s right for you. I’m just very stubborn haha

I’m having my baby Friday. My last day is tomorrow. :woman_shrugging:

I work at a daycare and I worked until my due date. She was born 8 days later.

I did CNA work full-time lifting, transferring etc up until I was 37 weeks with my oldest & 34 weeks with my youngest. However, its up to you & your dr when you need to take leave & when its too much for you to handle

My due dates were on the 20th and I finished out the month before. For example my oldest was due july 21st and I worked until the end of June. I ended up having her on the 9th of july. Same with my second. Due 22 or 23rd of November worked till end of October and had her November 8th

I worked right up until 5 days before my son was born. He was two weeks early and came at 38 weeks but I worked right up until then… I would say work as long as you can to extend your mat leave. The earlier you go off the earlier you go back…

Wear a girdle I was on my feet 8 1/2 hours each day in so much excruciating pain laying in bed for days crying that girdle saved nd got me back to work lol

I worked 12 hours up until I gave birth. But it was a money thing.

Only 1 of mine I took any kinda a leave for. I had hg I spent all of that pregnancy vomiting. Baby 1 water broke when I got home from work. Baby 3 I was scheduled at 7am she was born at 403 am.

My doctor decided when i took my maternity leave …i took mine 9/16 son was born 10/11 i got maternity leave pay for 8 weeks…then took 6 months off after he was born then took a lay off and was home getting unemployment for almost 2 years