When to teach babies educational things?

Hey, wanted to ask at what age do you start introducing educational stuff. My daughter is 11 months (corrected) and I’m not sure wether it’s too early or too late to start introducing alphabet & numbers. She watches a lot of programmes on kids Netflix e.g word party but I feel like I should be doing more


It’s never too early to start teaching anything in my opinion


Kids are literally sponges. Whenever you want to start , start. They might not seem like they get it but they’re taking it in


At that age, I would sing my daughter the alphabet while I was changing her. I would also show her how to count the people at the dinner table.


I started reading and introducing a lil fun to my lil such as pictures & books since 4 months old! Its never too early!


Agreed it’s never to early. Little kids are like sponges. They soak up everything.


I started pretty much right away. I started with singing the alphabet everyday when my kids were just newborns.


Now :slight_smile: alphabet numbers colours nursery rhymes do it all!

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Never too early! I started my son at a very young age. He started out watching Super Why on netflix along with Word Party and so on and he knew his entire alphabet before he was 2 and knew the sounds of each letter soon after and started sounding words out too. He is only 3. Make flash cards of colors numbers colors shapes etc and start working with those right away.

We started around that age to. However our eldest has only just gotten the flow of the alphabet at almost four due to hearing problems now corrected. And now she’s learning new stuff daily and taking in new words (that were unheard of before hearing corrected itself) and wanting to learn pronunciation etc

I’ve read kids learn and retain the most information before the age of 4, never too early to start.

Start now. Read together everyday. Have conversations. Skip the screen as much as possible (=when you need a shower).


It’s never too early.

My mom sang my ABCs to me every night, I could sing them myself when I was one years old. And being able to do that made it incredibly easy to read, and I was reading 5th grade books as a 1st grader! Kiddos are sponges and absorb pretty much whatever you do and say. (My attitude is a carbon copy of my mum)

Read read read. Their little brains are like sponges. They take in everything that they hear. Reading is good for their vocabulary :rainbow:


It’s never too early. I read to my son since he was born. He is a sponge! By the time he was 16 months old he knew his alphabet in and out of order and could count to ten. A month or two later he was counting to twenty!

I used alphabet baby shortbread cookies to teach him to count them while also learning his alphabet and it worked better than anything else!

You can sing the alphabet while doing diaper changes and hand washing :slight_smile: same with counting and using your fingers. My daughter is 14 months and is really engaged when we do that. To encourage the development of speech we work on sounds too (make noises like k-k, or rrrr, or ssss…etc) and positively imitate her sounds. It’s also never too early to start reading books :blush:

The leap frog movies are educational, my kids loved them

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It’s never to early. You may only get to read a couple pages in a book or sign half of a song before she wants to do something else but it’s never to early to start.

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Never to early. I use to do flashcards with my daughter around 8 or 9 months. I would do it while she was eating in her hair chair. It was a little less distracting she couldn’t run or play

I started singing ABC’s and stuff as soon as they were born and reading every night it’s never too early

When I nannyed, I did it immediately with the infants I was taking care of.

I talked to them a lot and with whatever toys they were playing with I pointed out colors and shapes. I was also sounding out the alphabet and reading to them constantly.

I tried to turn every situation into a learning experience somehow.

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Never too early. Flash cards, baby einstein, abc’s and 123’s. Its all good.

I read to my son n try to tell him colors n numbers n body parts he’s 16 months old n learned 4 new words past 2 days… Never to early some kids learn at their own pace

We started super early with sign language for my grandson before he could talk. Kids love to learn.

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It’s never too early! Read to them every single day!

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I started when mine was born. It’s never to early. My daughter is 7 months and her lullabies are the abc’s or number songs. I am also working on my second college degree so she does my homework with me. Yes i read it all to her. I really hope she chooses a better path for herself than i did.

I always sung my ABCs when putting my kids to bed…and my daughter could sing them very early…working with my son now…he just turned 1.

It’s never to early. Babies are brilliant and the earlier they’re taught, the more likely it is that they stay that way.

my 3 year old knows her ABC’s, numbers up to 12, and colors. She also remembers some of her books and reads them to herself.

I’ve been reading to my baby since she was in my womb and have continued to every day since she was born. I also have been singing the abcs and counting with her everyday. she’s 6 months old. it’s never too early to start anything educational.

It’s never too early To start! Even just singing songs with her and saying eyes or nose and pointing them out ! They catch on fast!:wink:

Never too early. :slight_smile: you got this mommw!

Its never too early. Babies’ brains are like sponges. Read to them. Sing them the abc’s daily. Count with them every chance you get. My son is 2 he knows the whole alphabet, knows his numbers 1-15 in english and Spanish.

Going down our stairs ill count with him each step. While changing his diaper ill sing the abc’s. Any chance you get take it.

They learn from everything really

I started since day one I know she cant pick up on it right away but it helped cause my daughter will be 2 tomorrow she knows her ABC’s she knows how to count to 15 she knows over 200 words n over a 100 sentences. She learns very quickly n her pediatricians love that I did it cause when they r babies to young toddlers is when they learn things quickly n if u are consistently working with them they pick up on it quicker then trying to teach them as they get older is what my daughters doctor told me. But I would start now

Never too early to learn! My daughter is 1 1/2 and she knows colors and she’s counting to 5. She knows a lot of words. And leaning ABCs. Teach away momma!

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It’s never too early! And it’s definitely not too late! My 2.5 year old knows her ABCs and can recognize some letters, can count to 20 and knows all of her colors! Start by just incorporating it into everything you do with them. When you hand them something say here’s your red cup. When you give them crackers say here’s four crackers 1 2 3 4. They pick it up like nothing!

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I say as soon as they have interest. It wont hurt to start early

We started each of my kids at about 3 months… Im proud to say that all my kids have exceeded my expectations and are amazingly brilliant because of it!

I started introducing number shapes and sign to my son at 6 months. But I read to him and sang to him since before he was born.

Try having her watch baby busy beavers on YouTube it’s a learning show numbers letters and colors my one year old been watching it since she was three monthsold

Especially start with colors. They pick up on those before letters and numbers. And shape sorters for coordination since her age is corrected (my 2nd child was 3 months preemie). Treat her as her physical age and not the corrected age. I did this with my preemie and the assistant they sent out to “help” her physically gave up when my daughter, at a year, was doing shape sorters better than the therapist could!

Since birth I did flash cards held them up letters words and numbers and every night reading a book sing the alphabet whenever and count

Reading books to her is good too!!

Never to early. Start now.

I wouldnt have her watching anything, no screens before 2. Lots of sensory play tho

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Started as soon as they were born.

It’s never too early to start

started right away when born with reading and constantly pointing things out and saying what they were. Also did counting and abc’s. When she was about 2, I started taking her to a teacher’s store we had near us and they had all kinds of learning books for kids that started at a young age and she got to pick out books. They also had all kinds of learning games and activities. she loved to go and we went about once week and all the different books and displays they had really intrigued her. We did that all the way up to kindergarten. Then I work with her in the summers.

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Read books everyday, limit screen time, flash cards are great too! You can look up learning crafts and activities for her age too. Its Never to early to start teaching!

Our son has been able to recognize letters and say them since he was a little over 1 year. He doesn’t know the correct order or how to sing the ABC song yet but he knows every letter. He also knows his shapes, colors and is learning to count. He will be 2 this month. It’s never too early. If they show interest in it be encouraging! I never pushed it on him he just has a natural loves for learning new things. I’ve made little home made sorting games to help him progress!

I got my son toys and movies. When he could hold stuff in his hands. I just help him learn how to use the toys. He loves watching the movies

I’ve worked in Daycare 30+ years we do circle time every day…our Todd’s. come in our room at 12 months they stay until their two n move up to Tykes…in our box at Circle Time we do the Planets Flashcards…Animal Flashcards…the Alphabet…Numbers 1-10…we count in Spanish…we have the 4 season cards…and Feelings cards…mad sad proud frustrated happy embarrassed and our Songs a lot with hand gestures and movement…Good Luck to u…

I taught them them as soon as they were born lol. Yes they wouldn’t know anything or remember, but for instance with my 2 month old ill touch a body part and tell her what it is or ill get something that is a solid color and tell her what color it is. My 3 year old knows her ABC’s and numbers 1-20, all her body parts (proper names like vagina and boobs as well), How to spell her name and knows a few sight words. She is also currently learning to write and is doing well. So I say start teaching as soon as possible and your baby will learn and withhold info whenever she can.

I’m starting my babyboy early he is 3 months old tho already started teaching him his ABC’S and his numbers

I started from birth singing the ABCs and counting things.

My son is 7 months gestationally, but 10 months by his due date. He is hitting all his milestones and advanced in some areas. Only thing he needs help with is oral therapy. He has a really bad oral aversion. I started early. Reading books to the kids as infants, started teaching them numbers, letters, and colors as soon as they could talk. It’s never too early.

You can never start too young, in my opinion!

It’s never to early but at about 3-4 months old that when they start really noticing things

Pbs my daughter love it and has already started talking some

Start asap [as soon as possible ] Young children should be talked too since birth. Colors, shapes, name . You’ll be surprised how fast they learn … You can get work books at the 99cent store. I love color wonder products. They only mark on special paper, not on skin, cloth, walls! Play school ,lots of fun.

My daughters 15 months and we’ve been reading and counting and doing alphabet since she was first born. Now she’s picking up books and pretending to read, she can count to 5, she can say almost 25 words, and she knows her colors. It’s never too early to start, and always talk to her. Explain everything you’re doing, explain what’s going on around them, talk about the food your making them, anything. That’s what has helped the most with my daughter. I spend a lot of time playing reading and talking to her.

As early as possible! Play time is also essential for cognitive development as well as social skills and emotional regulation. It’s never too early. Most importantly have fun! Baby will acquire knowledge for later use enjoy :blush: